We get our first official look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 live at IFA in Berlin!

So, its official. We're live in Berlin at Samsung Unpacked where the next generation Galaxy Note has just been announced. The 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 is a definite bump on last years original, and we know there's a lot of you guys out there that have been waiting on this one. We've had a little time to play with the device and see what's what. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 2.The Note 2 has a 5.5 inch HD SuperAMOLED 16:9 display at 1280x720, a 1.6GHz Exynos quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16, 32 or 64GB of storage. Powering the whole show is a pretty sizeable 3100mAh battery, and we also get NFC and Samsung's latest Touchwix Nature UX based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. At only 9.4mm thick and weighing in at 180g the Note 2 doesn't feel as large in the hand as its massive screen would possibly lead you to believe. The overall design of the Note 2 lends very much from the smaller Galaxy S 3, which in turn sets it apart from the 2011 Galaxy Note. 

The Note 2 will be available in a choice of two colors, Marble White and Titanium Grey, and is pegged for a Q4 2012 launch date. There is also support for 4G LTE as well as 3G/HSPA+.

It feels pretty good in the hand, but lets not forget that this is a big phone. A really big phone. As with the original, you aren't likely to be one handing the Note 2 all that often. The key component once again is the inclusion of the S-Pen. For the Note 2, the S-Pen has been redesigned a little. It's now taller and thicker, has a textured button on the side and a rubber tip on the end now which creates a subtly different interaction with the screen from its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The tagline for the Note 2 is "Be Creative," and as such there is a big push towards creation and productivity software with the Note 2. The first generation of S-Pen apps such as S-Planner and S-Note are still present, but have been tweaked and given some additional features. The S-Planner application now has Facebook integration, providing the ability to manage Facebook events within the S-Planner app itself.  

A really interesting feature in the Note 2, is what Samsung is calling Air View. In its simplest form, Air View allows you to interact with the Note 2, without the S-Pen having to actually touch the display. In the gallery for example, hovering over folders will preview the content within without having to open the folder. When watching a video, the pen can be held over the video timeline and will show a preview frame from that particular point. Email contents and attachments can also be viewed in the same way. 


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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hands-on


But the screen is the same as the Note 1. I wanted something as good or better than the OneX. I have both. I don't get it.

I wish it was even bigger... Look we get it's a "phablet" but the Galaxy S3 is 4.8" and so this should have been at least an inch bigger. It's meant to fit the niche between a 4.8" phone and a 7" tablet etc.

Especially when you design the phone with an S-Pen stylus in mind, more screen real estate is better.

Sorry... but as someone who went to the OG Note FROM a One X... I have to say that the screens aren't really that different. Yes, different tech and all that... but I fully believe that in every day useage that the only advantage the One X has over the Note and SAMOLED is brightness. Indoors playing video and whatnot, I have not had a single complaint and have actually enjoyed my Note much more. Especially since I don't have the heat issues the LCD would have.

They "stopped" selling it within the last 2 weeks. The rumors of todays announcement over the last few weeks should have gotten the marketing manager @ Tmobile fired for even thinking of introducing the older note just a month ago..

Sammy would be wise to let every carrier have it, just like with the galaxy 3.. Force Crapples hand to do the same.

Considering that within months of release it was evident that the Note was a hit. Heck, I even thought nobody would want it until I played with one and realized that it was the PERFECT business phone for me. Sold my One X for a brand new unlocked i717 with case and box. Now, I may even turn around and trade this for an S3 and open a line to get the Note 2 and use it in lieu of a 7" tablet with the specs it is touting.

yeah right you think so huh then why did it take t mo a year to get the 1st note???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Wow. What a phone! I bet Samsung never expected the note to go over this well. I remember everyone saying that it'd just be a specialty phone for a niche market.

Everyone hated the idea of the original Dell Mini 5(The Streak), but strangely everyone has really taken to the note. I'm really intrigued by the size of the note. After having used the SIII for a while, I'm really thinking about picking this device up.

One of my old bosses had a streak because he was employed by Dell. It wasn't the screen size that killed it. It was the design. The way it was shaped made it so hard to use, plus the aspect ratio seemed... weird. In he end, I hated even playing with the Streak while my Note is just so much better designed.

Wow. An s3 with a slightly bigger screen and a pen. Way to innovate Samsung.

Think I'll just wait for the next iPhone.

Crapple crashes more often than Android. But I wouldn't anticipate you have the capacity to research things. Steve Jobs is dead, so your brain can no longer receive it's instruction from the mother ship.

You, sir, are the best thing that ever happened to Android. Please continue exposing your shit mentality and the sheer ineptitude of your preferred brand's fanbase. We are eager for more.

Gentlemen: Exhibit A.

Honestly if you don't have anything constructive to say, find your way out of here. Not all Apple fans are as arrogant, and egotistical as you portray them to be. The note 2 looks awesome, deal with it!

Yep, a bigger version of the best phone in the world, giving people who like bigger phones a great choice.

You can go back to dreaming about your next "innovative" 4 inch 16:9 iPhone.

Wow, this site is being over-run by iTards. Can't they just live in Apple's little walled garden of paradise and stay away from here?

Just as soon as you fagdroids stop whining and complaining like little bitches.

Glad I will never own an android pos.

I'm sorry. I don't see the necessity to insult the gay community by the use of the term "fagdroids." You wanna debate which OS is better-fine. But don't insult the gay community, millions of whom are iPhone users and probably would have agreed with you up until this point (or the other millions of android users who are homosexuals, and don't care too much to have this debate).

The term "fag" derives from a french word, meaning "bundle of sticks." And what do you do with a bundle of sticks-you light them on fire. The term was coined for homosexuals at a time when they were burned alived. Also note, many suspect that the term started being used for cigarettes in England as a comparison between the burning of the skin and the burning of the paper that a cigarette is rolled in.

Whether you're gay/straight/etc-the term "fag" is offensive. Please refrain from such use.

For the record, I use an HTC One S... only I don't care to argue on specs. Picking a phone is a personal experience, and what I like might not be what the next person likes. I accepted that, and I'm cool with it. My best friends all have iPhones, but we never partake in this argument.

BRAVO! BRAVO! Well said. I also don't see any logical reason to be so abusive to another human being because they like or don't like a certain OS or device. There are so many really meaningful things in this world to get upset about. Get angry because we're not feeding, clothing and giving shelter to those who need it most. Get angry because extremists are killing innocent people all over the world. Get angry because a dictator is killing everyone in his country who wants to change the government. Get angry when politicians stand in line to lie after lie at their national convention (despite every word they spew is being fact-checked and dis-proven). Opinions are like assholes; everyone's got one. You can disagree with someone's opinion and still be civil to that person.

Personally, I've chosen Android devices for my own use. What you choose to use is your business. I may point out what I see are advantages of my devices, but I'll do it respectfully. And I expect the same from someone who wants to point out what they feel are the advantages of their devices. Respect. Give it if you want to receive it.

I said all that to say this...CUT THE CRAP!!!

Haha, this tool says that it's just a bigger Galaxy sIII with a stylus so no innovation. Where is your big iPhone douchebag... oh yeah Apple won't make one yet because they don't want to confuse their sheep. IT would be too crazy to try to introduce something like that to them. Christ... they can't even use numbers anymore because it was too confusing...

Thats funny coming from an iSheep... the Iphone has been the same basic design for 4 models now... and the 5th is going to just be taller. A whole lot of innovation there.

You have personally seen the new iPhone? Nope.

Look up the word "causality" in the dictionary.

Also, look up "speculate".

Also, Apple is unlikely to change screen sizes. It's called fragmentation, but you already knew that word thanks to your "so called" os.

Maybe you cannot support your argument of having actually seen the new iPhone?

I actually made it past the third grade. I learned to use "Sorry, I ...". I learned how to use punctuation.

My argument still holds it weight, the past 4 generations of Iphone have been the same basic design. You were criticizing the Note 2 of being the same device as the SIII, but larger and with a stylus. According to you the 5th generation Iphone is going to be the same basic design as the previous as well. So I don't really get what your driving for... besides earning the title of "Supreme Troll".

It's actually the sixth generation. The fifth generation is the iPhone 4s.

So, your argument lacks factual support.

My argument is that android fans attack Apple when the article clearly has nothing to do with Apple. Just saying.

Once again I have to apologize. I must have lost count because they keep copying and pasting the same product.

Must be a great thing carrying around a 5.5 inch device in your purse right next to your tampons.


More innovation that being found guilty for copying apple and having to pay 1 billion dollars.

I guess when Samsung has to come up with its own ideas, who will be bragging then?

Apple is a fad for pretentious losers...that's what the company has become. I feel sorry for the people I see in public with apple products what a waste of money for what you get.

Lol that's right Joe! I don't know how long I want to entertain this iloser though...let's see is it worth my time??? Probably not. Regardless, he/she is just in denial of how awesome and free spirited android is :D

My theory is that Steve Jobs died a week before they announced the 4S. When they announced the phone and got they poor feedback... then they said he was dead... then people forgot about the crappy phone and bought one in his memory. Great marketing. I am sure Steve though of it himself.

Your user name is a misspelling....was it on purpose? Or was it because your iphone screen is so small you messed up! :D

I assumed that Androidsucks was taken given the fact how many people think that android is an awful operating system.

I can also see my screen clearly. How's that pentile display? ;)

Don't have pentile....I have choices...you apparently are a glutton for punishment being the apple fanboy you are. What's that? The new iphone has a 4 inch screen and 4g?! Amazing 2 year old accomplishment apple.! :D

Congratulations. You have the choice to buy a phone running software two versions ago. When's the next update? One year from now?

How's that fragmentation working out for you?

I'm doing just fine on ICS ....I can have widgets...simple widgets. Those must be mythical folklore from where you come from...on a more sane note: I was going to continue this forever. But for the sake of the android readers who would prefer to actually read comments pertaining to this article I will stop. Have a miserable life itroll :D (also it's getting a little cramped in here lol)

It's so awful that it's got 50% of the mobile market share, compared to Apple's 31%, making it the most popular smartphone OS in the USA. So, try again...

"My argument is that Android fans attack Apple when the article clearly has nothing to do with Apple."

You're right; some Android fans, or "fagdroids" as you put it, do attack Apple in articles that clearly have nothing to do with Apple. So, what do you do? You create an account and play internet gangster on an Android fansite? Unless you're being paid by Apple, or are related to Steve Jobs, or anyone high up in the company, why do you care if someone mentions the name Apple? It's a company that makes phones and tablets. Period. All these internet wars over companies, phones, tablets, and operating systems are rediculous. Use what you want to use and what works for you. If you're so much better than the subscribers at this site, then prove it by doing something more constructive with your time than being a troll. I have many friends that use iPhones and iPads, and I don't think any less of them. I'm sure you have friends or family that use Android phones, and I'm sure you wouldn't think any less of them. Just saying.

You are blinded, and in extreme denial if you don't believe the recent leaks are anything but real. The leaks that just about every credible Apple blog has revealed are legit, deal with it.

You clever, clever man. I am impressed by your genius and truly believe that it takes a higher intelligence to be an Apple fan. I bow to your superior intellect.

And hey, just for record: NOTHING Apple EVER announce in a million years will EVER top the best Android phones on offer. That's because with a fanbase like you they don't need to offer something better.

4 models? iPHone was redesined twice, iPhone 3G changed to plastic back and iPhone 4 changed to class back with metal surroundings, only thing that didnt change is front. There no iOS device that had same visual design that keeped it's original design.

wow, the new iphone has a bigger screen, slight re-design, LTE and free navigation. leading the cutting edge!!

1) Nice name. Tell me, what exactly are you doing on an Android fansite? If trolling is your hobby I really wish I had as much free time as you to seriously read through all this just to make uneducated comments!

2) Korean Galaxy S3 with a bigger screen and a stylus. Galaxy S3 came in two major variants, Dual core with 2gb ram and LTE and quad core with 1gb ram sans LTE. The Korean variant combined the two to form a quad core LTE superphone. This is the world's chance to sample this.

3) Sucks, not sukz, sucks. If you are going to troll in my language, pick a screen name that is properly spelled in at least one real language. Thank you.

4) Pen is not the proper term, though it is what Samsung calls it. It is an Active Digitizer Stylus with 1:1 recognition with several options seen for years with Wacom tablets and the like. This happens to be something that Apple has yet to produce on their own despite so many smartphone styluses made by third party companies that work by mimicking the size and shape of a finger with only so-so results.

4) 1.2 inches is not "Slightly bigger". Ask anyone with a small penis.

Verizon won't see this bad boy that's for sure. Enjoy the Lg Vu that looks great for Verizon. Plus they are also waiting on that exclusive with HTC on the 1080p note 2 competitor. Be happy

HTC sucks. The screen doesn't make the phone. Functionality does. Samsung has them beat hands-down. When HTC improves in that area, then they may have a fighting chance...otherwise, their bloated sense-filled phones will continue to eat samsung's dust.

I've had quite literally the opposite experience with the HTC One X. Sense has been super lightweight, fast and a genuine improvement over stock android. I've been an AOKP fan for a while, and even with all the awesome features in AOKP, I'm debating on going back to a Sense ROM on my One X to get those features. The only feature I've seen in the S3 that is appealing that the One X doesn't have is pop-up-play, but that's more of a gimmick and certainly something I could live without. I much more enjoy having an FM Radio than I would pop-up-play.

Touchwiz blows. The icons look like crap and the launcher is garbage. The widgets are obtrusive but don't offer any added functionality. I used to have a touchwiz phone and I couldn't get that crap off of there fast enough, but here I am wanting to go back to Sense.

100% agree. I am rocking a Galaxy Note and I can never go back to a small screen because of it, BUT my first love was always HTC. They had great hardware build, the inclusion of beats is excellent, the new camera is awesome, and they just plain know how to make phones. Samsung always feels generic to me and makes me feel like an indifferent apple fan sometimes, but HTC really dropped the boat and was too slow to get out the HTC oneX. It's almost like there was a gap on their product releases that allowed Samsung to take the lead for me because the specs were superior. I will be seriously looking at an HTC phone next time around, but can't go back to a small screen so they better come up with something to answer the Note just like LG and other companies have done.

With that said I will also say that Sense is by far the ONLY UI I have ever enjoyed on a phone above stock. Touchwiz is a joke and those who still support it never touched a sense rom'd phone.

Quad-Core LTE version please!

One can dream right? anyways that phone looks HUGE! I might even buy one off contract if it comes to Verizon.

Wasn't the resolution of the last note higher? No AMOLED plus? Meh. Not overly impressed. Will have to wait to get my hands on it to pass any reap judgement though.

For me, it's going to be about the camera quality and editing software. Lots of nice editing potential, and my phone has become my everyday point-n-shoot.

This. So much this. The only good camera is the one you have with you. With the S-pen making photo-editing so easy, I hope they took advantage of it, and not just in an "instagram" kind of way.

Can't wait to get this one in my hands. It is so big.

(that's what she said?)

Looks like no CDMA radio...doesnt bode well for Sprint nor Verizon unless they are launching nation-wide their VoLTE.

There will be an announcement... the only reason Verizon would decide not to carry this is if the iPad mini is in Vz's future as an LTE device....
It's hard for U.S. carriers to ignore a business device that has sold over 10 million units since its origination. It will slighty overlap in it's direct competition with the GS 3but it's core group should be business users with users who want a larger screen at the tail end of the margin. Depending on what Apple has up it's sleeve for screen productivity with it's mini (if it even exists which if it doesn't is a poor decision,on apple's part after the likes of the Kindle and Nexus 7) this should see wide carrier adoption across the U.S. Verizon might lag behind if Samsung is selling them the new Galaxy Nexus and/or Apple's mini is a Vz LTE exclusive.

It will be available in October in "major European, Asian, and Middle East markets." This doesn't sound good for people in the US.

Here's what Samsung says about a U.S. release: "Samsung Mobile is planning a U.S. version of Galaxy Note II, which will be available later in 2012. Exact timing and retail channel availability is not being announced at this time."

How does the new pen with rubberized tip (?) feel on the screen - more paperlike? On the original Note, it was like...umm...writing on glass not surprisingly.

it is rubberized, not plastic tip like the original.it is similar to the S -Pen in the Note 10.1, which is quite amazing. Slightly longer and thinner

While too big for my needs, this is one powerhouse device. I couldn't help but notice though that the Note 2 really would have benefited from having on screen buttons. The experience seems like it would be much smoother if you didn't have to keep juggling the pen to hit the physical home button.

Other than that, nice job Samsung. Sony should take note on the inclusion of JB out of the box.

I can only say WOW!!!! This thing is amazing. I had for a brief time the Gnote 1, but found it a bit laggy at time regardless of UI used, and battery life was less than stellar.

I now own a SG3, and I think it's by far the best phone I have ever owned, but I still miss the capabilities of the Note. Note2 will be on my list of future phones...or maybe by then it will be the Note3

Hopefully Samsung will market this the same way as the SGS3, all carriers at the same time. The specs are top notch, love the way it looks like my SGS3, must have one. The S-pen has tons more uses then as on the first Note. This is a great office device to go along with the SGS3, NFC will work great between the two devices. Great work Samsung.

I have a feeling that's what will happen, especially after the phenomenal response they got from releasing the S III at the same time on the major carriers. However, we're still waiting for the 64GB S III. Perhaps, the plan is to release 64GB devices at the same time they release the Note 2. That would be a helluva marketing coup.

Newsflash !

The JellyBean ROMS we HAVE BEEN RUNNING FOR A MONTH now on the Galaxy Note 1 already support this through BLN... :-) Get a Note 1 Root & Rom it and save yourself a ton of money.. This is an *update* phone at best.. it should be called the "Note 1a" we are already running G-Note 1's as strong and with as many features as this thing will have whenever it hits U.S. Shores..

And don't be shocked if AT&T gets another 6 month exclusive before T-Mobile gets it..

Forget it VZW.. You get the LG Vu.

Good Luck with that.

Anyone have an idea if Sprint will carry this phone? That would be most cool, especially since this is a bit more convenient than the Galaxy Note 10.1 due to the 3G/LTE connection. I think Samsung has a winner with this one.

Interesting. Samsung still have that single button (potential legal bug) though some US flavours wont have. The refinements to the S Pen and related Apps are good. The Note 2 will sell, but which users will it take away from competitors?

Samsung are firing on all cylinders at IFA. Even if some of them don't fly, they will grow market share in several areas. Is a mega growth plan like this right now?

Intresting comments posted here.

As a current and "Extremely Happy" Note *1* Owner already running an incredible Hybrid 4.1.1 Jellybean ROM right now.. I can tell you Sammy Cut Corners on this one..

Our current Note's have an *800 by 1280* SuperAmoled HD Screen.
Your New? Note 2 screen is *720 by 1280* SuperAmoled HD....

Current Jellybean ROM's have "On Screen Capacitive" buttons which allows for 100% S-Pen usage.. ( No Fat Home Button To Finger Push and No More On Screen Finger Prints...)

VZW & Sprint will not see this *GSM-Tech* phone.

And the Note 1's Digitizers already support "Hover Technology" it works like a charm in TWRP ( For those of you that know what a Custom Recovery is..)

Where is the 32nm Exynos 5250? capable of running at 2,000 mhz? with it's high IPS? that's what CPU should have been installed in this Flagship phone not a bumped 1.4 quad..

And would it not Shock the U.S. if ATT obtains ANOTHER 6 MONTH EXCLUSIVE.....?

Stay Tuned.

@RaiderWill, please tell me more about the Hybrid 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM and where I can get it. I am very interested!

Hey NoNo...

I already sent you a personal message like an hour ago! :-)

check your PM on this site.... Chat with you later...

non pentile matrix so even though its lower resolution will mean sharper
not just a bump of the dual core in the note 1..this is the new quad core built on 32nm that is on the s3 but even faster
much larger battery
better camera and all the zero shutter snap etc
finally as much as i root and use custom roms etc that is a niche thing and majority of android owners do not root so yes even though with root you can get most of these functionalities, out of the box the note 2 is a great upgrade.
as for exclusivity i think the s3 launch may suggest that this time it may be different.

Hey Raider,

I think this is more a cost cutting, margin enhancing, release rather than a true next-gen release. Sammy did this with the Galaxy 10.1 to the Galaxy 2 10.1. Some nice refinements to the packaging and some new features, but not a serious internal spec bump. Most of these companies are all about the margins, and this is a natural progression, especially considering the short design cycle. 6 months is not that much time to revamp a platform.

My brand new note still seems quite fresh though especially as the note 2 has a lower over all DPI and resolution. Yet still is better in every way except those points.

Oh Great One...

If they only knew how to tweak the 4.1.1 Hybrid JellyBean Rom for the G-Note 1....

They just don't have a clue. :-)

So the Dell Streak 5 was "laughably oversized" and failed and now we have these devices coming. Why pussyfoot around? Just put cell radios, an ear piece, and mic on the GTab 7 and call it a day. As long as they keep making 4-4.25" inch phones for white collar professionals, they can make 10" phones.

Did Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have LED Notification indicator like Galaxy S 3?
Please help to answer, eager to know that. THANKS!