Galaxy Nexus OEM dock

It seems like we've been waiting forever for the official Samsung Galaxy Nexus desktop dock to arrive, and when we saw it finally appear in stock we had to grab one. It came in today, so that means it's review time! 

When you open the package (which was just a brown cardboard box, nothing fancy here), you notice that it's pretty heavy. It's not ridiculously heavy, but it weighs about twice as much as the phone. Combine that with the rubber base plate, and it's not going to slide around from the weight of a cable. It's pretty sturdy. It's plastic, of course, but it's hard coated plastic and feels very nice. I almost don't want to say this, but it feels nicer than the plastic the phone itself is made out of. It's a solid grayish-black that matches the color of the GNex itself. On appearance, it gets high marks.

The reason we all have been wanting this one is because of the pogo pins. There's three of them, and they line up with the three contacts on the phone to provide a charge. In the dock itself, there's also a small recess so that the power button isn't depressed when you drop the phone in. Around back, there's a 3.5mm line-out jack and a micro USB connector. The micro USB connector only provides power, so you can't transfer files of debug through it. The line-out jack is a standard 3.5mm jack, and it works well with speakers of headphones. You'll need one or the other, because when it enters "Car Mode" by going in the dock, the external speaker is silenced. It's a bit of an annoyance, and one I'm sure could be fixed with a bit of hackery.

When you drop the phone into the dock, it enters Car Mode and everything goes horizontal. We've seen this with other phones when docked, so we weren't really surprised. Everything turns, and you'll have no problem maneuvering through the OS while it's docked. 

Samsung lists this on their website as being for the i515 only, which is the Verizon LTE version. We took a gamble, and it seems to work just fine with the unlocked GSM version as well. We just have to mention that officially, this one is only for the i515. They also want $90 for it. That's a lot of money for a desktop dock. 

So is it worth it? As I mention in the video (after the break), maybe. If you're the type of gadget geek who has to have the best as soon as it's available, then yeah, go on and order it. You'll be pleased with the way it's built and the way it works. If you just need a desktop docking station for your Nexus and the thought of spending $90 on one is a bit much, them you might want to wait and see if a third party comes up with a good solution. Either way, I'm glad I got this one. Hit the jump to see a short video and some more pictures.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus OEM desktop dock review


Yup, big fail!

At least with the old Nexus One dock, the phone stood upright, so you could tap the power button and turn it off, or let it go to clock mode. But you can't even reach the power button on the Samsung.

This would be better for watching videos while its in the dock, but if it wakes up the second you put it in the dock you have to hope there is a time out option.

It times out normally. TBH, other than turn everything sidewats, Car Mode doesn't really do much yet.

Hopefully there's a deskclock of some sort in a future update

So does that mean you have to remove the phone to get the screen to turn back on? I just can't believe that both Samsung and Google would make such an obvious omission including the deskclock.

There is a deskclock app there, just run it or do like I did and set tasker to run the clock app when docked...

Actually I built my own dock from a Samsung fascinate dock, its USB but its basically the same thing, I just have tasker setup to recognize the USB Charging and run the clock app, and also I have an external Bluetooth audio adapter which is connected to some speakers, so it works as an alarm clock, and I can watch videos, music etc on my night stand.

Only problem is my micro USB port on my GSM Gnex is now loose due to the docking repeatedly with the micro USB dock, so soon as the price comes or a 3rd party dock with pogo pins comes around I will definitely get one...

It'll be 90 as well.

Though, the only way to get one for the GSM version (the LTE version is crap) is to go to a Euro distributor (when they get some) and pay roughly $80 for it.

I'm getting mine from Clove UK when they launch

What good is it, you can not hear the speaker while it is in the dock. You have to use either head phones or some ext. speaker set up. That is a failure, the Galaxy S2 dock is much better IMO. Not very well thought out.

Go pound salt Samsung. Last one I buy... At least Moto gives you the cool accessories while not trying to take all your money. My OG droid, i bought two desktops cradles and the car dock for the price of this.

I didn't even spend that much on the droid x dock and car dock combined. The dock has no hdmi output or anything special in general to warrant that kind of money. Sorry Samsung, I'll pass.

Jerry, could you open the dock up and see how Samsung routes the audio through the dock? I'm guessing they're using a propitiatory IC that prevents others from copying the functionality.


If its anything like the Nexus One dock, It routes thru the dock via bluetooth.

As such, it routes nothing if you turn off bluetooth. But I don't see any bluetooth label on the bottom in jerry's photo.

Right, on both counts.

BT works normally (not integrated with the dock)

Sound is routed through the pogo pins -- if you plug in headphones before you put the phone in, you hear the bbbbzzzzzzzzzzzTTTTTTTT sound when it goes in.

yeah no good if cant use for alarm clock in dock mode.
would like to know if gsm version with extended fits in this for future reference.

A $1 NFC tag would fix that problem...

(yes, at $90, it should blow you - but if you are going to spend 90 on it, is 91 plus an ugly sticker really a deal breaker?)

I thought all docks for Android let you set the audio settings so the audio can play on the device itself if you want?

I can't find any settings for car mode, anywhere. Remember, this is designed for the Verizon version and I'm using the GSM version in it, but I don't see any reason why that should make a difference.


Crucial question.... Does it charge in AC mode or USB mode while going through the pogo pins. What I've seen suggests the pogo pins charge as USB which blows

and no matter what case you have, youll have to remove it every time. I will probably just end up getting the standing one that AC sells that just uses the USB plug on the bottom.

And excellent point made by the other commenters about the hidden power button not being able to shut the screen off. Especially since I would only want this as a charging stand next to my bed.

I really liked my old BB Tour charging pod. That was a great charging solution

Like everyone's said...Wow! $90...for that? That's absurd. For that much money, I'd expect it to have two small speakers on the front (especially since it disables the sound on the phone, which is stupid) and one or two spare battery charging slots on the back.

Jerry, does the fact that the external speaker won't work while docked mean that you won't hear phone calls that come through? This would be a major design flaw.

The price is interesting; I ordered the GSM import version from Expansys for "only" $59.99 but then again I haven't received it yet. I checked their website today and it said it should ship in 7 days.

Not that it's worth $90, but the stock 4.0.4 update that leaked out a few weeks ago has options for controlling audio output when docked. I haven't shelled out $90 for this, but I imagine that this fixes the issue.

Now where is the pogo plug car dock? A good car dock is the biggest thing I'm missing from my TBolt.

Have you read the comments? This has been answered about 3 times already. Check comment posted at February 27, 2012 - 18:36

Someone asked earlier but it was never answered. Does the dock work with an extended battery? I have the GSM version so I'm more interested if the GSM extended battery fits with this dock. Thanks.

In Settings-System-Dock I have audio options so I am assuming once docked you can choose how audio is output. On AOKP

it seems to me that with just about any phone cover, the pins will be inaccessible. Even the phone covers that expose the pins may prevent proper/solid contact with the dock pins... has anyone tested that?

$90 bucks and I can't use it as an alarm without external speakers?

I think we've been Samsunged.

$90 bucks and I can't use it as an alarm without external speakers?

I think we've been Samsunged.

Is Verizon Wireless going to sell this atrocity directly? I don't see it selling well when most of their standard docks, that have HDMI BTW, are $59.99! This one doesn't even have that!

This is utter garbage. I paid $55 for my Google Nexus One car dock, and it used Bluetooth and had a damn speaker on the front. I believe the desktop dock for the N1 cost $45.

How in the hell does Samsung think this is worth more than previous Nexus accessories?

I think they released this at this price to prevent people from buying too many of them. What a concept. A company pricing something at a price that guarantees they won't sell many.

Did anyone buy this and want to sell? My i515 Verizon Galaxy Nexus micro USB jack is fried and now I have to swap batteries to keep it running and have 6 months on my contract to go. Can't find one for sale anywhere. Does this have an official part number?