Galaxy Nexus

The other night on the Android Central podcast a great idea was born. Someone, and forgive me for not remembering who, wanted to know how our phones are set-up. I promised to kick off a series from the various AC staff members showing just what software we have running on our devices. I trade back and forth between the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or the T-Mobile Galaxy S II (dat cam!), but both are set up the exact same way. One is just more TouchWizzy than the other. Hit the jump and I'll break it down.


Galaxy Nexus

I hate to disappoint everyone who expects me to be running some sort of exotic ROM that prints money, but I run basic stock AOSP. It is properly rooted, and has Busybox installed, but other that that there are very few changes from what you get when you build the code as-is. I need to know what works on stock Android, I like stock Android, but I like to build things myself. Currently I'm just running AOSP 4.0.4 with the kernel and ROM fingerprint from the latest OTA. Sometimes I build my own kernel, and will eventually again, but this just works. I'm too busy to fool with things that don't just work, so I use what the developers in Mountain View wrote for me to use.

Galaxy Nexus

The biggest thing I miss while running vanilla is pull down toggles. Luckily, Elixir 2 takes care of that for me. From left to right: Wifi toggle, Bluetooth toggle, rotation toggle, lock screen toggle, and a flashlight toggle. Simple, but exactly what I need.

My home screens

Galaxy Nexus  Galaxy Nexus

My home screens are probably tamer than many of you folks are used to, but I have a system and I stick with it. You'll understand when you get old. I'm using the stock launcher and have all five screens in use. I almost never have to open my app drawer. Above (left to right) you'll see Pure Calendar Widget (agenda), and a couple app icons. On the next page you're got Astrid Task/To-do list widget, and three other app icons. You don't get to see what's blurred out, because you couldn't handle the awesomeness. For reals.

Android Central

Here's my main (center) screen, and it has the stuff I'm using all the time. You'll see the apps that populate those folders a little further down the page, and the widgets are TeslaLED flashlight, and Vlingo. When I'm by myself I like to pretend I'm on deck of the Discovery One telling HAL to text my wife or call Phil, and I use the heck out of Vlingo. While people are looking, not so much.

Galaxy Nexus  Galaxy Nexus

Next up and you've got the Audio Manager Pro widget, the Google Play Music widget, and a couple folders with apps I use fairly regularly. Tunes are a must, so Google Play Music gets a spot and Audio Manager Pro is a great way to make Android silent with one click, and the widget looked cool. On the next page you've got a couple Pulse widgets (Crackberry and Buzzfeed) and my Google bookmarks. I use Currents instead of Pulse on my tablet, but I like the widget so I use Pulse on my phone. Y U NO MAKE WIDGET GOOGLE?

My apps

Galaxy NexusGalaxy Nexus

I'm not the biggest app guy, but I have enough installed that I'm not going to go through them all. I'll just point out some of my favorites and we'll go from there. You don't get to see the blacked out apps, sorry. (Not really -- beta testing and reviewing new apps is great). You'll see a lot of camera apps, it's a work in progress I have going on to tell you guys my pick of the very best. It takes time to test every one of them, but look for it soon. ConnectBot is a great terminal client, with built in SSH login. If you need a terminal, try it. Yes, I still use Flash. Yes I love Pizza

Galaxy NexusGalaxy Nexus

More camera apps, and a couple must-have utilities here. Light Flow keeps that damn blinking light off when I need it off. Multiple phones + Google Voice + LED = a disco on your dresser at night if someone calls. I hate disco. Yes, I have Lookout installed. you would too if you got unsolicited apk files in your mail to test. It's even found something a time or two. Be smart. 

Galaxy NexusGalaxy Nexus

Again with the camera apps, and a couple familiar faces I'll bet a good many of you guys have installed as well. ROM Manager is a nice shortcut for doing stuff in recovery, Schemer has been fun to fool with and Wifi File Explorer Pro is probably the best damn app ever invented if you're too lazy to go looking for USB cables all the time. 

And that's how I roll. I've got a few Android phones laying around that I like to mess with, but for the phone I keep in my pocket and use every day this is what works for me. You'll see the rest of us showing our stuff here on the blog, but we want to see yours as well. Take a moment, head to the Android Central lounge and show off your stuff. While you're there, hit the News Tip button for any you think need to be here on the blog, and we'll get with the member who posted it. It's bound to be more fun when we all do it together!


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Samsung Galaxy Nexus my way: Jerry Hildenbrand


Love me some DoodleGod.

I use the small(2x1) audio manager pro widget to show volume levels and have a profile widget on either side of it. One for normal and one for silent.

I'm also not a fan of total wildness. I like being able to be functional with a small tweak of beauty. I put this up a few days back.

Galaxy S2 with ICS and GO Launcher. My favorite launcher because I can put folders in the app drawer. Anyways this ROM runs neat on the AT&T variant (ShoStock2).

For those waiting for the "official" release from AT&T all I'll say is it's a worthy upgrade. The GUI is much faster on ICS over GB.

Nice vid, I like the way you made Touch Wiz less touchy. I dont really like it lol. Its not sexy or entertaining but yours is nice. well done.

great recommendation thanks. Kies Air is terrible in comparison.

I'll make some cool recommendations too if ya want...just search them in the market for details: Qloud (your own personal multimedia cloud), Smart App Protector (better security), and RealSilent (stops the annoying feature of "silence doesn't mute the media volume").

I prefer MoreQuicklyPanel over Elixir2. The former has more options to choose from and is ICS themed so it looks completely natural on the pull-down menu.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Jerry! It is good to know that some of the top Android guys are running! I am checking some of these apps out for sure!

I'm sorry, but where did you get the icons for the pull-down toggles you have in your menu in the screenshot above? Elixer2's standard shortcut icons are kind of corny looking, but yours look much better. Not as good as the widgetzoid 2.x icons, though. Thanks.

i only use the elixir widget app and to edit the icons press the play button at the top of the editor screen. a pop up menu comes down and there should be an option to customize icons. go into this and press the play button again and select get icons from the web and there are sets available to d/l. then once you got them press the activate button.
alternatively if you got custom icons you want to use long press the icon you wanna change and set image.

Thanks for pointing me to Elixir. I then uninstalled Widgetsoid and Profile Scheduler and fresh network. All their work can be done in this one app. But the flashlight feature required me to download teslaLED. :(

And how is Wifi File Explorer better than Airdroid?? Can someone explain?

This is a really great idea. I love seeing how others use their droid, and what apps they have. Thanks for sharing!

You aren't doing a Camera app comparison if you aren't using Vignette....

hands down, best.... camera app.... EVAR!!

ok maybe not but it has a ton of options and features.... it would be PERFECT if not for how slow it saves pics...

This is GREAT! This is more what I had in mind back when you guys did the "Favorite Apps" lists back around the holidays. Those lists seemed to be mostly things that everyone already uses anyway. Thanks for digging a little deeper and giving us some insight into how you really manage your device. I look forward to seeing more of these!!