Samsung will be taking several steps towards strengthening its U.S. presence with two new facilities to be constructed in 2013. The Korean handset and chip manufacturer already has some notable presence in the Bay Area, and has big plans to expand that in the coming year. The first big move is a 1.1 million square foot building to be constructed in San Jose with its current display and semiconductor business, which will be used for SSI (Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.) R&D and sales teams.

The second step will be moving the current SISA (Samsung Information Systems America) R&D Center to two new 6 story business buildings (and a 6 story parking structure) located in North San Jose. These new buildings will total about 385,000 square feet on 8.5 acres of land. The buildings are set to be finished in 2013, with full occupancy in 2014.

That's some big investment from Samsung, and these changes will surely help bring some operating efficiency to a very large company that currently has divisions spread across multiple countries. You can find a press release with some of the specifics after the break.

Source: Samsung (BusinessWire)

Samsung Continues to Expand Operations in the Bay Area

Adding to its effort to build state-of-the-art, energy-efficient campuses, the company is expanding into innovation centers to enhance its ‘soft’ capabilities

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media, digital convergence technologies and advanced semiconductor solutions, continues to expand its operations in Silicon Valley by investing more resources in its existing R&D centers and establishing new innovation centers.

Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. (SSI) announced plans to build a 1.1 million square foot sales and R&D headquarters on the current site of its semiconductor and display panel businesses, north of downtown San Jose. The building, designed by global architecture firm NBBJ, will be comprised of a 10-story tower, an amenity pavilion and parking garage. The design seeks to encourage interaction among staff, foster connections with the community and provide a space to attract employment in the highly competitive tech market, which is growing at a faster pace than overall employment.

Samsung Information Systems America Inc. (SISA), will relocate its R&D Center from its current facility in North San Jose to an 8.5-acre site and expand to two new 6-story class-A office buildings totaling approximately 385,000 square foot. (each 192,500 sq. ft.) with two 5-6 story parking structures. The new facility will be oriented around a central plaza with views overlooking the adjacent Sunnyvale golf course and will be constructed to LEED Gold standards. The 15-year build-to-suit lease will be located at Cypress Business Park, 625-685 Clyde Avenue in Mountain View, California. Entitlements are in process and anticipated for completion in second quarter of 2013, with targeted occupancy in fourth quarter of 2014.

In addition to these two major planned campuses, Samsung Electronics is expanding its Open Innovation efforts with additional space that will allow for incubating and acquiring new technologies and working with early stage companies.

Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center, located in Menlo Park, a core area in Silicon Valley, was recently established to strengthen Samsung’s ecosystem and promote synergy between the company’s various products and services. Samsung Open Innovation Center, located in Palo Alto, will be a core entity to discover innovative startups in Silicon Valley, provide space, funds and effectively leverage them for innovation of Samsung’s products through equity investments, acquisition and strategic partnership.

Following the establishment of both the Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center and the Open Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, Samsung Electronics plans to set up corresponding organizations at R&D Centers and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology at its Korean headquarters to strengthen its global cooperative network.

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Samsung to expand US operations with two new California facilities


They're probably getting a break from the city, considering it needs it. Surprised they didn't take over the old Solyndra plant. And it looks like they're moving closer towards Google with that new lease

California taxes are worse than New York's...should have gone to Nevada, Texas, South Carolina, Florida or another low tax State. Workers are the same quality and you save a fortune on real estate and taxes.

Guess it's all about location, not cost.

Which tax are we talking about? Because Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon don't even have any sales tax!

Income taxes...sales taxes doesn't effect the business enviroment too much. But Personal and Corporate income taxes do as well as Real Estate taxes.

Actually you save a lot in real state taxes in CA. I take it you don't live in the state or you would know that. Though, income taxes are on the high side. A big reason why they are building it in the are is because there is talent nearby that they can hire. I'm sure they can build it for a small fraction of the cost in the middle of Wyoming, but good luck getting employees to move there.

Take me as an employee!

This is great news though. That's some jobs to add to our country in 2013 and beyond. Thanks Samsung!

I like that phrase, "rotten fruit company" lmao!

That would be funny if Samsung set up shop next door to the rotten fruit company.

I hope the S3 & Note II are garnering more IPhone defectors!!!

Should have built in Austin, Tx. They have a better business climate and lower taxes. Ca lawmakers are anti-business especially CARB(Ca Air Resource Board), who publicly stated that thy didn't care that their regulations were driving business' out of California.

Totally agree. Also, Samsung already had several large chip factories here in Austin. They are the only Samsung chip factories in the world outside Korea. They recently expanded one of their buildings in Austin. Wonder why that story wasn't covered here. Or was it and I just missed it?

Would have been funny is the article started something like " The new facility will be located 2 blocks from Apple headquarters.."
*waves * " hi I'm Samsung and we are your new neighbors" *hands out some key lime pie to it's neighbors * Maybe some apple pie

Considering it's likely no Samsung device (except the GSM GNex) will be getting KLP within the next year, I think it would be more appropriate for Google to hand out this key lime pie.

I live right across the street from the North San Jose project. I've seen the building renditions and so excited to see the finish product!

Great News, Hopefully the US will be able to get those hard to get versions of their great phones. I'm looking for the 64gb int memory of the Note 2 only available in Korea. Those are the phones I would kill for, maybe not kill, maybe I would. After thinking about it I would kill for that bad ass phone.

California taxes are worse than New York's...should have gone to Nevada, Texas, South Carolina, Florida or another low tax State. Workers are the same quality and you save a fortune on real estate and taxes.

Guess it's all about location, not cost.

California taxes are worse than New York's...should have gone to Nevada, Texas, South Carolina, Florida or another low tax State. Workers are the same quality and you save a fortune on real estate and taxes.

Guess it's all about location, not cost.