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The Qmadix Xpression Cover gives you a way to protect your Galaxy S3 from damage as well as a way to make it more personalized and unique.

The Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is both a beautiful phone and a phone that feels a bit vulnerable to damage if dropped. The challenge with the Galaxy S3 is to find the right combination of protection without adding too much bulk and inhibiting the style of the device.

Qmadix makes all sorts of tech gadgets and accessories for smartphones.  Their cases are known for being durable, using a  good mix of materials and offering great color combinations.

Qmadix Xpression Cover case 


The Qmadix Xpression Cover case is a one-piece design that covers the back and sides of the Galaxy S3.  

The side edges of the case seem to be rubberized, and the back is made of a very sturdy – but flexible – impact resistant plastic.  The case is finished with a glossy coating on the very back, a matte finish in the middle and some of the rubberized “strips” extending into the back giving it sort of a striped look.


The volume and power buttons are fully covered and the case has built in rubberized buttons to push over the device buttons. Normally, I am not a huge fan of having the buttons covered – usually for both aesthetical and functionality reasons. In this particular case, the button covers work well and the fact that they are a different color from the back of the case gives the phone a nice look.

There are openings on the back for the camera, flash and speaker and on the top and bottom for the charging ports, headphone jack and microphones.

side of case


The Qmadix Xpression Cover case is a very sturdy case. The rubberized edges extend beyond the screen so you can lay the phone on its face and it glass is protected.

The rubberized strip along the side and the impact resistant plastic on the back really seem they would cushion the phone if it were dropped.  Not that I would recommend it, but this is a case where one could “toss” their phone on a table and not have to really worry about scratches, dents or dings.

Attention to detail

The Qmadix Xpression Cover case is very well made and fits the Galaxy S3 beautifully. The openings allow access all the ports and jacks and the button covers line up well.

My only issue with this case is that the cutout for the headphone jack can be problematic for certain headphone plugs. Most of the headphones I use have a straight jack and those go in fine. I have a few that have more of a “right angle” to the jack and I had trouble getting those to go all the way in – the case had too much plastic on the back side of the jack opening to allow the plug to sit flush.

headphone jack

If you use headphones with a traditional straight jack – you should be fine.

The wrap up


The Qmadix Xpression Cover case for the Galaxy S3 is a great case. I like the two-tone design and the bold colors. The plastic/rubber combination seems to provide very good protection.  The attention to detail and fit and finish is also good on this case.

The good

  • Very durable
  • Doesn’t add too much weight to phone
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Good fit and finish

The bad

  • Headphone jack  cutout obstructs some headphones from being used with the phone

The verdict

If you are looking for a case that protects your phone from dents, dings and drops and looks stylish – you should check out the Qmadix Xpression Cover case. It feels good, it is well made and seems durable. If your headphones have a jack that is a right angle, you might have trouble using those particular headphones with this case.

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Reader comments

Qmadix Xpression Cover case for Galaxy S3 review


I find it hard to appreciate. A little bit too plasticky, looking like a cheap toy. Red and black.. fire engine toy ?
But that is my personal preference, I rather make the phone look more elegant than cheap, by using something like VAJACASE:


especially that they tend to produce cases in same style for range of devices, so your tablet and phone can be in sync, wrapped in beautiful leather. Or custom design colors totally to your preference.

For a minute I thought those VAJAJA cases was something straight out of the ninja turtles! lolz - Might be a better case for older people trying to keep there phone looking boring (No Offense, but just calling it how I see it). In all fairness comparing those two cases is like comparing a Buick to a Ferrari. In other words, the Xpression is out their league.

These Xpression covers are more of my style. They've got a good look, cool colors, and I like the double gloss on matte finish. This probably wouldn't be a case for older people though, because it's got a hip look. Know for a fact the guys at the car club will love this case, because it kind of has a exotic automotive surfacing look.

WTF is this Vagagina shit looking case? Looks like a turtle shell! lol.. the Xpression case is very legit, wish I had a GS3 just to rock it anywhere, so dope! Can't complain like other hating ass "TRY DIE HArd" complains below me lol. Like seriously this case is top notch! What's bad about it? OMG IS TOO PLASTIKY -_- lmfao! Anyway all I know in my perspective view is that the Xpression tops that Vagina Case whatever you want to call it. XPRESSION ALL DAY SON! FTW!

I bought this case

I really like it. The price was perfect, the fit is perfect and I think it looks really cool.

I think it took 7-10 days to arrive. I'm too lazy to go figure it out but it didn't take super long to arrive.

The reason I like this case is because I think the styling is super-cool. The back of the case is made of two materials: a blue flexible tpu and a harder clear plastic that lets the white color of my phone show through it.

A few things I found out when the case arrived that I didn't know from the ebay ad:

1. The case fits really well. The holes all line up and are centered as well as being appropriately sized.

2. The clear plastic is not SUPER SUPER clear like some plastics I have seen on other cases. It kind of has a haze to it. This sounds bad but I'll tell you why it is really good. I got a hybrid tpu/acrylic case for my Droid Incredible. I loved that case for about 3 days. Then the super clear acrylic began to get scratched and within the first week it looked like it was 100 years old. My new case isn't like that. You can tell the finish on it isn't going to look horrible as time goes by. It's hard to exaplain I guess.

3. The volume and power buttons are covered on my new case. However, I was happily surprised to learn that the covering over the buttons is very flexible! So it isn't hard to press the buttons; especially compared to other cases I've tried.

4. My new case isn't bulky. It seems perfect. Not too thick; not too thin. It is EXACTLY what I wanted.

5. There aren't any photos of the case from the front. When looking at the case from the front it is completely the blue color and sits above the phone about 1mm.

6. I really like how the Verizon logo and Galaxy S3 logo show through the blue part of the case. It looks like it was all planned to match that way. To me it looks cool.

So what more could I ask for? Great price, styling, protection, functionality, fit, etc. My new case has it all.

I'm not affiliated with the Ebay ad in any way. I just know it is hard to find a good case.

It has everything to do with the Expression. The Expression is selling for $30. and as the reviewer said has some faults.

I posted my valid findings that will be of help to someone interested in a case that costs 1/6th the price and doesn't have the same shortcomings.

Take a pill dude.

Hahahaha! I'm a cheapskate and proud of it. It's not hard to afford a $30. case...but why would I want to when it is so ugly?

It's ok with me if I'm not 'legit'.

Try to relax and enjoy your day.

lol or maybe this case is over your price. Why comment on this review talking crap and having others to buy some other weird cheap cases, what are you a hero to the world?

WORK4CROWN: "Hey look guys im here to the rescue and save you all some money and buy cheap ass cases from ebay, call me SUPER CHEAPASS!" Always for your service!

Why don't you go post pussy shit like that somewhere else buddy, these bad comments are pathetic, you make no sense. If you don't like the product, then don't post your opinions. No one gives a fuck. BYE Now! Stay busy somewhere else. Go grab a bite at a dumbster or something, save some money.

ps. I am relaxed & enjoying my day by seeing all these non sense comments, very entertaining lol !

I agree with Jmcfly69. In a nicer but blunt way this has nothing to do with Xpression covers. Your essay-sized comment is kinda like the Sebakl was talking about that other cheap brand for old people. As I said earlier, and i'm going to be more specific to make my point clear.. comparing those two cases is like comparing a toyota tercel to an Enzo Ferrari.

Life's full of truthful expressions (pun intended), and i've learned that:

1) You get what you pay for
2) You can save money by being cheap, but your still cheap at the end of the day
3) It's not wise to bring a knife to a gun fight or tercel to an Enzo race - lolz

What else is an iPhone good for?

Can't very well shoot pictures of the SGIII with itself now can he?