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Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2 getting 4.3 + Gear support 'in the coming weeks;' Gear update for Galaxy S4 Active, S4 Mini and Mega 'in the coming months'

Following the emergence of a leaked update timetable on Friday, Samsung has confirmed that the "premium suite" update pack for the Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 will be arriving on U.S. devices "in the coming weeks." The update includes Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Samsung's new KNOX enterprise security layer. According to today's press release some devices will start receiving the update today — and although no specific devices or carriers are mentioned, the leaked timetable points to today being the day for the Verizon Galaxy S4.

Elsewhere, international Galaxy S4s started receiving their Android 4.3 updates a couple of weeks back, and these also included Galaxy Gear and KNOX support.

Samsung also tells us the U.S. Galaxy S4 Active, S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega will receive similar updates "in the months ahead."

Press Release

Samsung Expands Galaxy Gear Compatibility to Iconic Galaxy Smartphones

Premium Suite software package includes Android update,new functionality and KNOX support

Dallas, TX – October 28, 2013 – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) announced today that the Samsung Galaxy S® 4, Galaxy Note® II and Galaxy S® III will receive the Premium Suite software update in the coming weeks that makes the devices compatible with Samsung Galaxy Gear. Premium Suite timing and features vary by carrier and product, with updates beginning today.

Galaxy Gear extends the Galaxy smartphone experience to your wrist and enhances everyday moments with real time updates for quick and convenient access. Now, owners of the latest Galaxy smartphones will be able to stay connected with discreet notifications and tap into the exceptional features of Galaxy Gear, such as hands-free calling, music control and S Voice™ access.

In addition to Galaxy Gear compatibility, Samsung’s Premium Suite will bring Android 4.3 and additional features to these premiere smartphones. The update brings the flagship experiences introduced on the Galaxy S 4 to the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III including updated Easy Mode, Multi Window™, advanced camera options, and additional features with new functionality.

All of the smartphones receiving the update are SAFE™ (Samsung for Enterprise), giving users the confidence that their device is suitable for use in the workplace. Additionally, the devices will be ready for KNOX™, Samsung’s comprehensive solution that enhances Android security from the hardware layer to the application layer and allows users to safely and efficiently separate work and personal data on a single device.

The Galaxy S® 4 mini and Galaxy Mega™ will also receive an update in the coming months to be compatible with Galaxy Gear.

Timing for Premium Suite and features in software updates will vary by wireless carrier and product. For the most up to date information on update timing and availability by product and carrier, please check with your carrier and visit


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'Premium suite' with Android 4.3 + Galaxy Gear support headed to U.S. Samsung phones


So who wants to bet their carrier will be last to update?

On topic, nice to see the updates to the Note 2 and SGS3 coming pretty fast.

Yup. The leaked timetable of today was only for the GS4, there are a lot of other devices still to come (and until Verizon actually releases an update, it's never safe to assume when they will be out).

Sprint actually is pretty good with timely upgrades... Verizon is by far the worst. The leaked timetable corroborates this.

That timetable can't be true because I have the s4 on Verizon and no update yet nor work on exactly when.

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Yet T-Mobile is last on each one...Verizon is worse cause u guys make it that way... They use to be real bad I admit ... Horrible! But they have been better and most people don't give them any credit on here ...
It's just norm for folks to say Verizon will be last not paying any mind to when they do stuff first, second, or third... But when they are last .. OH hell look it's Verizon ... It's gonna take longer for them to earn respect from this community but... Being on Verizon for 7+ yrs ... I see a difference

Posted via Android Central App

Your right Sprint so far is always the first one to get the premium update for all of the supported devices. Than Follow by T-Mo,At&t and Sadly Verizon.

Figue.. Sprint has been the first with updates as of the past 2 years.. The GS4 on Verizon will be the first to get 4.3.. Sprint will be 2nd..
Please stfu

So my international unlocked GT-I9300 isn't first in line? US phones will get an update before unlocked Euro models? What sort of mean unnatural trick is this???

I find it funny the mega is in the later group as it can be argued a handset of that size can benefit the most from the extra time spent in the pocket the galaxy gear is supposed to provide.

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I find it funny, that Samsung offers updates (which is good though) for pocket size phones, but havent said anything about Note 10.1 phone model!? Note 10.1 is carried in a bag and it is definitely a device that needs gear. I cant hear when it is ringing in my bag or when I get sms...

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I find it funny that the Gear is so light on features. A Pebble does more for half the price.

I also find it funny that people use 10" phones. No, not funny, mindboggling.


No, really, why? The watches take two hands to do just about everything. Is taking our phones out of our pockets really that big of a deal? I'd much rather have something like Glass than a watch.

hmmmm for when I'm at my desk at work (my phone stays in the locker) or when I'm in bed and my phone is on charge etc...I like the idea.

Just my opinion.

I know at my job they do not want us on our phones all the time. A smartwatch will make it easier to check info without the need to bring out the phone.

Your post pretty much sums up why the return rate is so high. People buy it thinking it will help them do more than they could with just their phone. They soon find out that it is just an expensive toy, and doesn't really provide much benefit at all. Did I mention that it is expensive? I can spend less than $20 on a watch that is way more useful to me.

No thanks.

'I can spend less than $20 on a watch that is way more useful to me.

No thanks.'

Thanks for your opinion...but me buying a nexus watch doesn't have anything to do with it being useful for you, its for me.

Yeah, why didn't they have support for all of those phones before the Gear came out? Maybe they would've sold more.

+1... But I think we ought to flip that... They sold plenty of all phones listed... So maybe that's why... Had it been s real need I think they would have ....Sammy is on top and they know it... I personally hate that attitude so ... I left em for now..

The watch should have dropped with a decent price($150-200) all phones updated.. Uniform!

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These are probably dates that Samsung releases the update to the carriers. Then the carriers have to go through it with a fine tooth comb, and add their bloatware to it. My AT&T S3 will see it in 6 months.

S3 for Vz will see a botched update just like the last one and by the time we get an update that actually works will be late January or February

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I'll be the odd duck and say I have no interest in these updates. My Verizon Note 2, still running original release stock software of 4.1.1 (and rooted) still runs like a top and I have no want or need for anything in these updates. If it ain't broke.... :)

Yeah but the new s pen features...

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

What?! Two updates for my AT&T SGS3 in a year?! And we get to skip 4.2! Looking forward to it.

Until the Gear is made to support all messaging apps through bluetooth and Samsung stops intentionally locking it out this watch will continue to be complete crap. The pebble and Sony smart watch2 are both better products. Lastly whose great idea was it to make a watch where the battery life is 1 day. C'MON!!!