OUYA today in an e-mail announced that its upcoming Android-based gaming console will be sold by several big-box retailers as well as by OUYA itself. A few we already knew -- Amazon's a new addition to the list. Its unclear whether you'll be able to get one in stories, or if it's online only. Preorders are available now -- Target and Best Buy current have live listings -- and prices are as previously listed: $99 for the system and a single controller, $49 for another controller.

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Cube1701 says:

"Built by gamers, for gamers."

I thought it was designed for people who weren't that bothered about gaming and wanted to play simple games on their TV without needing to spend a few hundred quid on a gaming console.

Going to wait and see how the market for this device develops before purchasing one for personal use.

Amazon is definitely where I would purchase it if/when the time comes.

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youareme7 says:

A new spam bot must have come online, i'm seeing this shit everywhere this morning.

mlacla22 says:

50 bucks for a controller that looks like it will break the first time I throw it across the room when I can't get by level 26 for the thousandth time?

Revenue stream... good for them. For you? Not so much...

Tietherope says:

I'm looking forward to receiving my pre-order in April. It will serve as an upgrade to my Xios DS for XBMC.

Cory S says:

" Its unclear whether you'll be able to get one in stories"

I want the one from the stories!!

dovlek says:


Vizualize says:

Does the controller connect to a nexus 4? I feel like I could accomplish the same thing with a controller and miracast dongle. Might be a little more $ but it would be wireless.

Cube1701 says:

There are a fair few bluetooth controller.s If you root your Nexus 4 you can even use a PS3 controller.

I read somewhere that the controller will work with most Android tablet and phones also. This is so if you want you can just independently buy the controller to game on your tablet on phone.

svinyard says:

50 bucks??? I hate this concept. "Give them a cheap entry point to get them hooked and then F them on all the little things required to make it fun". Great.

crxssi says:

Exactly. I am not excited AT ALL about this product. It will not use your Android account. It will not have Google Play. It will not run your existing games you purchased. Blah.

wewewi says:

It will be uber-easy to root;

I expect to have market access within HOURS of the first units reachin any average to good dev. Really.
Cyanogen will be stable within the first month.

This is ANDROID, guys.

I pray that this will be able to run RetroArch. If it does, it's going to be so awesome. PSX, NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, and more all through one app on my tv.