How badly did Android Central Forums member Droid83 want to get to know his new Verizon Galaxy S III? Not even kidney stones were going to stop him.

While laying there in pain and an IV stuck in my right arm, I was able to take pics, text and Facebook, etc., with my left hand. And i'm a righty. Then I was pushed down the aisle by the nurses to the CAT scan room. Keep in mind I'm still multi tasking with the S3. Even check this forum for a quick second. The nurses let me take pics of the CAT scan room.

Sadly, the pic below was the first time I ever use the S3 to take pictures. Been to busy tricking the phone out and never even tested the camera and I had the phone since I got it on the 6th. The phone is not that big. 4.8 inches is perfect. I'm not big. I'm an average dude with average hands & kidney stones. If I can handle the phone given the position I was in, you can do it.

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Now that's some Verizon Galaxy S3 dedication


Not an MRI. An MRI would be much more like a tube. Also, they wouldn't have let him in the room with the phone since it contains metal. That is a CT machine and would have been harmless to his phone.

CAT and MRI are two different technologies. This was a CAT-scann, it's the MRI that uses very powerful magnets.

This is awesome! I had an episode with stones a couple of months ago and ended up in the emergency room...I remembered, while I was laying on the table, that the hospital had wifi and had my wife hand me my phone so I could check in on foursquare.

Hey, Droid83! Take care and get better! I wish you well, and keep on enjoying your Sammy Galaxy S3! :-)

As a person who has had kidney stones on two separate occasions, I know exactly how painful that is.

I was not on my phone, or the web for that matter, very often during my last bout with them.

A ct scanner will not damage a phone or electronics for that matter. Mri on the other hand can. When repairing them i never risk electronics important to me but have had my work laptop sucked into the machine. Odly enough it only restarted it. Dont worry though the techs who use these machines will let you know not to let you bring those items inside.

The link to the full story is missing, but I hope the dude recovers quickly. I also hope he remembered to take the phone's AC charger with him to the hospital. The charger has to be part of every hospital-survival kit.