If it runs Android, it must be rooted or at the very least, root must at be attempted. In this case, the Nook Color is the latest to fall victim to such guilty pleasures as you can tell from the above image. Congratulations! Your Nook Color just became a whole lot more useful to you, as long as you don't mind going through the rooting process that is. [XDA via Gizmodo]


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Nook Color rooted -- Turns $250 e-reader into an affordable Android tablet


Probably use it with full android functionality and get any app that's available in the Marlet. I tink the nook color is limited to only a few lame apps that barnes and noble put on it

I was just looking at the thing yesterday, thinking... "If only it had roots!" Thank god we found a way! Is there ever going to be a review for this device?

I wouldn't mind seeing some benchmarks now. Could be awesome, although sideloading apps would be a pain.

You can hack the market onto tablets. I tried picking up one of those $140 Sylvania Android tablets on black friday and even that crappy thing can get the market hacked onto it.

I got one of the Sylvania tabs on Thanksgiving night at toysRus, it's actually not bad, sure it's wifi only, but at least you can root that with universal androot, and then use adb to get a hacked version of the market on there, or just get applanet.net apk on it, but there are plenty of apk's that you can install without being rooted, kindle worked perfect, flash player not so well, but you'll run into these things, my question is does this thing have a recovery or not, lol.

Wouldn't it be interesting to get a Nook Color and read Kindle books on it? Now there's a thought. Not being tied to one bookstore would be a good thing.

I just read up on some of the specs for this nookcolor, it's running on a TI OMAP 3621 A8 Arm processory. It's speculated to run around 800MHz... Is the touch screen copasitive(sp)?

I have to say, this looks pretty nifty. The only thing keeping me from buying one right this very minute is that it's wifi only.

Awesome. My wife is an 8th grade English teacher so her kids always get her B&N gift cards! Since she doesn't like to buy books (when they're free at the library)... I'll be collecting them and hopefully only have to shell out $100 for this. Hopefully that will suffice me until a 10" HTC tab comes out.

I'm new to Android, I've been a blackberry user since i was a young-lad! But, my fascinate is pretty cool, but, it runs a lil slow, and does some pretty funky stuff. I figured it was cuz its a samsung. But, what is this "rooting" What does it do?? And if i "root" my nook color what do i need to do to keep up with everything? is there a certain place i need to go to get angry birds? Will the Market pop up on its own? If i dont like it can i go back to regular Nook Color?? Im sorry im just curious.. GO ANGRY BIRDS!!

Rooting means pushing a software called superuser to the device to allow you to run applications with root privileges, which basically means when you try to do something, your phone won't say, you don't have permission to do that. Think of it as being an administrator rather than just another user. When you root nook color, you can then push the android market to the device, or if you use the one click solution like autonooter, this will be done for you during the rooting process. Having the market will allow it to access and install non B&N apps, like Angry Birds, a different launcher, and Kindle for android. Since the nook is not designed to be a true tablet, and has a custom ROM from B&N at this point, there are some incompatibilities, and some apps won't run. An ironic example of an app that won't run is nook for android. The built in reader app will continue work, but the one from the market that works on other phones won't.

DuDes....dont waste your money on that Nookcolor. I just bought an Archos 101...hacked the Google Market (easy) and now I have everything at my fingetips. And at $299, this thing is a steal. HIGHLY recommended!!!!!