Red Nexus 5

It looks like the red Nexus 5 may hit Google Play on Feb. 4, according to this week's internal Sprint Playbook.

The headline pretty much says it all — "2/4/14: Google Nexus 5 in red available in Google play stores." Still nothing official, of course, and things have changed before. But we did recently see the red Nexus 5 out of the box, So stay tuned.

So, who's buying?

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Red Nexus 5 appears slated for Feb. 4


Red, white, green, or yellow Nexus 5 sucks monkey balls period.

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Coming from the idiot whose comments are a personification of pure stupidity. Perfect example right here.

Nexus 5...enough said

Wow. Do you have any other insults to say besides "sucks monkey balls", "useless", or "crappy"? For god's sake, you've been using the same boring old sayings for years.

You forgot to say

"Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period"

Samsung fanboys hold you to a higher standard lol

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ummm why? is it because you're jealous of stock android that doesn't lag after installing many apps while you have laggy ol' touchwiz and you regret buying note 3 so you try to make nexus 5 users angry? also nexus 5 doesnt have a mouth so it can't suck anything.

To be fair, it is not set in stone but it makes a lot of sense to drop Nexus Phones (not tablets)

That's true but man that's still a bummer. I'm hoping that this isn't the case. Hopefully things are clarified for better understanding...

Nexus 5...enough said

The guy who wrote the tweet (he is also a tech writer so it just wasnt a random tweet from "some russian guy") said it best. With the GPe, the line is no longer useful.

Except for those that want a phone for $12 including tax.

I'm just hoping future GPe devices aren't exclusive to Samsung if that happens... We haven't seen any HTC or other manufacturer deals with Google yet...

If this happens, I would like to see to GPE devices:
HTC One (continue making this GPE)
Samsung Note series

I would get the HTC One at the drop of a hat, although a GPE Note would be nice.

Nexus 5...enough said

Would a GPe Note really make sense, though? I know that most of the GPe phones have some small amount of OEM customization (Beats Audio for the One, S-View case compatibility for the GS4, etc), but allowing for a reasonable amount of use for the Note stylus would require some pretty significant feature addition.


If you take the S-Pen stuff out of the Note is is jsut a big phone (like the mega, the G2 pro, the whatever)

Now a Mega GPe would fit the bill ....

Not necessarily. The only thing that would need to be done is just add the support needed for the phone to recognize the stylus. Then the apps in the Google Play Store that offer S-Pen functionality could do the rest.

Nexus 5...enough said

fairly decent point, but I like the way the s-pen apps all interconnect. If they did it a suite in the PS, then ok. One by one, not so much

You realize they don't need to make a cross licensing deal with Google in order to make a GPE, right?

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I love affordable phones. The Nexus devices are the only I can afford.

And in December 2009 this blogger doubted the Original Nexus One. He claimed it was fabricated by Apple!

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no one gets them 100% right, and supposedly this guy is way more right than wrong. That and he was fed the information from a Google employee (supposedly) that the N1 was bogus.

Supposedly fed this information. Judging by your name, its 100 percent in your mind the nexus line will be a goner.

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I own a nexus and no it is not 100% certain in my mind.

Nexus Phones have always been far from a complete phone but with the N5 they were getting close.

I think this, like Motorola, did not pan out financially and with GPe devices they can abandon the experiment instead of paying for everyones phone at a loss.

Not if Google play editions are 600 dollars. The nexus line offers an affordable off contract phone. Contracts really are for suckers now if you ask me. If they want Google play editions to become popular, price needs to be lower if you want to pay upfront.

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If there are no alternatives, and you want to stay off contract, then you pay what is asked. Your saving money in the long run right? Isn't that argument against contracts?

The Nexus 5 is still a $500 phone, Google is picking up the rest. As they have proven with Motorola, the losses can only go so far. Either they need the price to go up to make some of the margin back or they need to end it.

Same thing is going to happen with Tmo. They are both unsustainable business models.

For consumers who are on the market for a phone to use on prepaid (since more people are tired of signing contracts), the Nexus 5 is one of the best phones you can buy. Lg claims the retail price of the nexus 5 starts at $449, so you are correct in assessing that the media is a $500 phone. However, since Google's Android gives direct access to ask of its apps and services, Google probably makes enough money from the advertising on the devices through those apps to cover a $100 subsidy

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Eh. I don't mind the nexus 5 low volume nor the back camera. 4.4.2 fixes the camera and since I'm rooted, I installed this zip from XDA that massively and I mean massively increases the volume of the device. They might lack or decrease something in value for the low price but its fairly unnoticeable. They might have their downsides but every phone does not just the nexus. A reason the nexus line is popular is because first plain android (with Google bloatware), inexpensive and since they are running the newest android and processor, very good deal if you don't want an unlocked LG G2 or something, and the nexus isn't exactly for a profit but for enthusiasts, developers and people that don't like carrier bloatware which South Korea just banned (although Google bloatware). Plus since Google derives profits primarily from ads, what better way then getting a Google phone!

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Low volume, bad camera, blah blah blah....

Sure those things are fine for tech heads. For the normal consumer they are not.

You say the Nexus is only for tech heads? Why should google care to cater to you and foot your bill? They are not in business to pay for your phone.

Yea devices that are upwards of 500 plus! Nexus line isn't going anywhere. Remember don't believe everything you read in the internet.

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Where are you getting, from this article, that the Nexus phones will be dropped? There's nothing about that in this article. If they're coming out with Google color Nexus phones it seems to me they're doing the opposite of getting ready to drop the line.

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As much as I love Android Central, this is not the only place for news.

It is a well known rumor and colors that were planned months ago do not have any bearing on what could happen months from now (a year or so at least)

What I hate about this rumor is, GPe devices cost sooooo much more than Nexus (Nexi?) Devices.

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The other half? What are you smoking, dude? A worst case scenario is that Google subsidized a very small portion and merely passed the savings onto the consumers. Phones don't cost $600+ to make, lol.

no but they cost 500$ to sell at a profit once you factor everything in besides manufacturing.

Google ate the profit by selling them at $299

This is correct. Nexus devices were never meant to generate cash, just be frontrunners for developers that were cheap to get without a contract so they could be used on multiple carriers.

Now that they can do GPe devices, it makes more sense to let the manufacturers just keep doing what theyre doing and offer an additional version that is stock android.

No viable reason to continue the Nexus series, sadly.

I'm still not buying the Nexus drop. It could happen; however the 'info' comes from a guy that's never really gotten anything right, and I'm not sure why Google would quit the lineup.

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How likely is it that the nexus line will be no more. That sucks for consumers.

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Also, glad I held off on getting my Nexus 5. I'll be getting that red one right at launch. Been loving this LG G2 in the meantime though, and my red HTC One. What's one more?

Not neccessarily, I have two lines. I would keep the G2 on one and the Nexus 5 on the other.

I personally like the stock experience better, having the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 in the past. I like getting the new updates first. And i kinda like the look and feel of the Nexus 5 a bit more.

I do enjoy my rearkeys and KnockOn, and the camera software, and camera hardware, and IR Blaster, and... dammit I might actually like this G2 better :p

Personally, I wouldn't move from the G2 to the Nexus 5, unless you seriously care about timely updates.

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At least it looks like Sprint is ready this time. Man that was a hassle getting my SIM card... You would not believe how rude some employees can be when they think they know what they are talking about but are actually wrong as far as those SIM (or UICC) cards.

My experience was quite different. I went into my sprint center and it took some time. They tried two different SIM cards, the second one worked. Great customer service!

Nexus 5...enough said

As a Sprint technician at a retail store, I completely agree. Some of us know what's going on and what we're doing. But some employees don't know anything other than iPhones and Galaxys.

It took me like a year to explain that the SIM card in these new phones is for LTE when all my coworkers were telling customers they are for international use only and there phone would work domestically just fine without one.

Cant fix stupid.

Wow that is some poor training. Wait I take that back, that is some poor hiring. I assume that everyone gets the same training.

Or they keep hiring wannabe techs who haven't been in the business...ever. As a corporate Sprint Tech I've been doing this 18 years, 10 of it with Sprint. 8 of it with various others going all the way back to analog days.

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Yea man I've been doing it for a long time as well. Only with Sprint the last couple of years. I love it but you know exactly what I'm talking about. I wish there were more knowledgeable people in our field.

Same basic formal training... As in how to use the sales systems, how to sell, and basic device know-how.

The issue is they just want people good at selling these days, not actual knowledgeable phone people. Theyd rather have a smooth talking person than a nerd.

Luckly I fit both sides of the coin :p

+1 and good on you. Luckily the only corporate store near me (20ish miles) is small and everyone knows what they are doing. On the phone it is hit or miss, and the one I went to out of town was just a joke...I knew more..

Red for February! I'll stick with my black N5.

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I am interested to find out is the red nexus will have the soft rubbery feel of the black, or the slick plastic feel of the white... If it is like the black, I'm jumping all over one asap.

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I'd really like the red one, but I already have the white one :( Too bad they didn't come out with a yellow one, too.

And lose money like Motorola?

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This will go great with my just switched $25/mo unsubsidized Sprint plan. Especially with LTE launching in the 3 major cities around me this month.

Red Nexus along side valentine's day makes sense. I already have the black one though.

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I have a black Nexus 5, and I picked it over the white one because of the soft touch sides. I could totally see myself replacing the back for a red one or a white one. Red and black would look nice, I just don't like the color being on the earpiece grill

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