Nexus 4

If you're already got your Nexus 4 (or if you've recently had one ship) and are eagerly awaiting some CyanogenMod 10.1 love with Android 4.2, the first nightly build has been released. As a quick reminder, nightly builds are the bleeding edge, aren't the same as "stable" builds, and likely have a bug or three. But they're damn cool, too. Have at it at the link below.

Download: CM10.1 for mako; source: +CyanogenMod

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HAAS599 says:

You've changed your avatar! I like it

Oskiee says:

Annnddd this is why i bought one yesterday. Waiting for the latest software? Not any more!

butters619 says:

I moved back over to CM10 on my One X yesterday (hadn't been on CM in a few months) and my god it has come along beautifully. Loving it.

...and this is why I love Android, AOSP, etc. I got it on my creaky HTC Inspire 4G (CodefireX) yesterday.

NlBO says:

Cant wait gonna have to order my n4 after christmas though =(

willinthe985 says:

Maybe my nexus will come in my the time a M-build is out. Been rocking an M as my DD on my captivate very successfully.