Looks like T-Mobile is starting to push out a minor update to both the Motorola Cliq and the Samsung Behold 2. Motorola had previously confirmed that an update would be coming to the Cliq this week, so it's not the biggest of surprises but it's always nice to have companies follow on their word. The Cliq update started to roll out yesterday, February 18th, so check your system update to see if you got it. The Samsung Behold 2's update should fall between February 18th and February 25th, so be on the look out!

Hit the jump to see what the updates fix. Let us know if you see any performance upgrades after the update!


Motorola CLIQ:

  • Improved battery life
  • New Manage SIM card application
  • Support of .WMA and .WAV media files
  • Removal of the imeem mobile application
  • Improved software performance and stability
  • Improved widget response
  • Decreased ‘force close’ error messages
  • Other various fixes

Samsung Behold 2:

Known issues solved:

  • Bluetooth error: Unable to Pair or Unable to connect device
  • Battery indicator may display more charge than the phone has
  • Holding menu opens keypad, but does not respond, now goes to contacts
  • Phone constantly vibrates
  • Memory Card un-mounts and re-mounts intermittently
  • Music plays automatically when accessing the music player
  • Incoming e-mails do not show the return email address
  • Corporate emails stop syncing


  • Apps added (Evernote, Where's Waldo & Midnight Bowl 2)
  • Music Player auto-play upon launch corrected
  • “About” phone menu added to Settings, Quick List>Settings>About Phone
  • Boot screen animation change (now Samsung logo)
  • Delay reduction for proximity sensor while on a call
  • Battery icon status in notification bar now matches screen lock battery status

Reader comments

Motorola Cliq & Samsung Behold 2 getting minor updates now


Makes me wonder how the Behold II update is going to go. The phone is literally stuffed with bloat as it is and T-Mobile wants to add more apps? Ugh.

Hope to hear some good results from Behold II owners who might have gotten the update thus far.

no update on my cliq here as of mid friday morning... kinda excited.. i keep going to settings and refreshing the update button.. and each time it says NOPE!! NOT YET!!... ugh... i'll take this little update, but i REALLY want 2.1... i also have a hero for work.. so it's a race to see which of my phones get's it first!

LOL L2read. It says this update is not sporting 2.1. Not if we update we can't get 2.1. We already knew this was only a smal patch prepping for the Q2 release of the 2.1 update.

WOOOOO. About time! Official update version: 1.3.18en.US (25.5mb)
Right now the release notes link is not working.

Finally got my update.

Updated last night around 9:30 PM (EST). Sans the SIM Card App; I am not seeing much of any differenct in how my CLIQ functioned prior to the update vs. how it is functioning now. My CLIQ is only a couple of weeks old, so may have had some of the new functionality built-in out of the box. None-the-less, the update went well. I also suspect this had upgrades to the software that are not apparant to the end user in terms of getting the devise ready for 2.1.

It is much like Blackberry (RIM) releasing a number of OS betas prior to the "official" release. Sometimes the newest beta has no visual changes, but more internal to the software and codes.

By-the-way, I am just a couple of weeks off Blackberry (used them for 10 years) and am very pleased with the CLIQ. I like having the physical keyboard and wanted a devise that had that. The fit and finish of the CLIQ is excellent and the devise is operating, without question, up to my expectations. Very glad I switched to a new platform and off Blackberry!

i still havent gotten the update!!! whats going on!? i really hope this update fixes all the bugs and the awful battery life for the cliq, its a really nice phone just not "realible" in my opinion.

Why did Behold II come out with older version (1.5) of Droid? Does anyone know when it will get newer version. My real estate programs don't work with 1.5

I got the update for the behold 2 and I'm actually quite upset about the fact that i HAVE to press end call for it to just display anything. So used to pressing the back button to see what time it is. Haven't tried the proximity sensor yet. It no longer says what percentage its charging at either. What I wish they would correct is the flash on the video camera. The first behold had it, why not this one?? Its the ultimate flash light. also going into camera mode is super slow.