MIUI ROM for the Nexus One

Here's a neat twist for folks using the Nexus One or Desire, MIUI -- a "from-source" ROM from a Chinese group that takes the best things from vanilla Froyo (Android 2.2), TouchWiz, and of all things, Apple's iOS and bastardizes them into something tha really shows some promise.  It's full of features you wouldn't expect, like dedicated SMS and dialer buttons on the lock screen that unlock the phone and takes you right to the app, working FM radio, a built in screenshot function, and a launcher with an adjustable bottom bar, notification shade controls, and home screen changes much like we see on the new TouchWiz.

It's also full of bugs, and a good portion of the ROM is in Chinese.  The developer is quick to point out that this is not ready for prime time by any means, and they never intended for it to be localized in other areas.  But (and it's a big but) if you like to tinker you should give it a look, because someone else has shown interest in the ROM ... a fellow who goes by the handle Cyanogen.  Hit the break to see a video demo of the ROM and some screenshots from my own Nexus.  For more info, and downloads, hit the source link. [MIUI via XDA-Developers] Thanks teleknEsis!

YouTube link for mobile viewing

build info  Add and delete widgets

editing homescreens  folders

lock screen  notification shade

add widgets  release notes

CYanogen's response

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uansari1 says:

Looks like crap.

steve19137 says:

that would be a launcher i download. looks like the best of ios and android. im really liking the folders and they way the icons reflect the contents. i would love to see a localization.

gbishop18 says:

I installed this last night on my incredible and it was pretty cool but like they said," full of bugs". very nice UI and some really cool features

natehoch96 says:

looks sick.. i wouldnt mind the bugs but the chinese is a deal breaker... for now...

StuRoid says:

you mean you wouldn't learn chinese so you could use this rom?
psssh what kind of part-time hacker are you ;p hehe

Agreed. That is one sexy UI! I'll wait for an American port before I give it a try. Definitely love whats in all the screenshots.

kiall says:

You will be waiting a very, very long time for that ..

Not only will the dev's have to translate the ROM to American, but someone will have to invent (is invent the right word?) the American language.

Maybe you meant English? are you really dumb enough to not know the name of the language you speak!

E_man says:

Wow, I've been thinking we needed this. I use iOS products alot, and I keep thinking if I really want to get rid of touchwiz, with all the things it does right. Something like this seems to get it right. Wouldn't mind CM taking some ideas for 6.2 or whatever.

Not sure about the wooden styling though, hopefully, that's themeable.

alexnaoumi says:

tha lockscreen would be sick to have!

keith.randy says:

If they fix the bugs in this rom and get it up and running for a person speaking English to understand, I'll definitely root my Nexus and get this rom on my phone.

JagoX says:

Man that is *awesome*! The UI is super smooth too...is that how smooth Froyo is in general? Or did they do their own performance tweaks as well?

Very cool - editing the Homescreen feature looks like fun!

houserhythm says:

The amount of work put into this is just amazing. Looks like something a big manufacturer would come up with.
I know CM isn't child's play either, but it's mostly functional mods, while this is a completely rewritten UI that changes the way you use your phone entirely.

Kudos to these guys and I'd definitely give it a spin if it was available in a language that I understand.

JeffDenver says:

While I dont think it looks like crap, I am definitely not a fan of iOS-style buttons. The whole appeal of Android, to me, is the fact that it looks more like a computer desktop and less like a phone keypad. Rows if square icons are not pretty to me.

Jonneh says:

Haha, Chinese OS but Japanese music for the video.

Anyway, it looks great to me! I like it.

jordanetodd says:

just installed it on my evo last night, and there don't seem to be many bugs, just little ones like the poppup sms force closing, and lack of 4g. I'm really happy with it, so I think I'll keep it until cyanogen does something with it.

Icculus760 says:

Looks like Federico may have some competition on his hands for best android launcher. Course with him rewriting the source code, maybe he's already one step ahead?

jelly roll says:

to bad this will just be a rom forever, Steve Jobs has a patent on his toothbrush

madbohem says:

It is definitely a cool rom. It seems inspired by everything and then some. I have been using this rom for a few weeks and wrote about it here. MIUI Thoughts

jdharm#AC says:

Awesome ROM. I just downloaded it in English from http://miui.us and the bootanimation is pretty sick! It runs real smooth and looks nothing like an iPhone like people are saying.