Lloyd on the iPad 2

We kinda feel sorry for all those poor saps waiting in line for an iPad 2, when all you have to be to get in early is cute, green and Android! Thanks, J!

Android on iPad


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Lloyd sneaks into the iPad 2 launch -- before it's even available for purchase


Now if only Lloyd could cause lines 1/10th the size of those iPad lines, then you guys would have something to talk about.

@JTEastwood you win. people without a sense of humor are fail. this was definitely the doing of some nerd but i'll give him credit: it was pretty damn funny :)

That definitely looks like a white iPad and a front facing camera in the first picture. I didn't know original iPad had either of those options.

The first picture has a gigantic display of what a white iPad 2 looks like. Note how it looks absolutely nothing like the iPad with Lloyd on it. It also lacks a camera in spite of what you may perceive.

I have difficulty telling the difference anyway. Do you mean to tell me the iPad did not have a camera? Crazy!

Does the iPad 1 have a white bezel? Also see the small circle in the top middle on the first picture, that's a camera right?

Looks like the original iPad to me. The bezeling around the device is too thick (not visible on the new version), though I have never seen one on display, so that could just be the thing holding the iPad down.

**NM, I see the camera on the first pic, so the white must be the support unit**

Cool... Those are my pics! Saw the iPad2 sign in the Verizon and thought they had out the new hardware to molest but figured I had to Androidify all the apple crap in the store anyway. Thanks to my son for helping!!

Love some friendly competition. Reminds me of when I was in the Marine Corps and working for an Avionics shop on helicopters. We used to try to steal the Mechs mascot (some wooden Owl they stole from some bar somewhere) and dress it up with all sorts of gadgets and stuff, take pictures and ransom it for beer. Good times indeed!! Go Team Android!!!

Thats funny......but whats even more funny is all the manufacturers like Motorola, Samsung, etc trying to copy the design of the iPad with an OS that copies iOS.


not motorola or anyone else except samsung they tried to copy them whith the app drawer but there are easy fixes for that

Yeah, Android is a 'copy' of iOS...

multiple screens

I'm sure it goes further, but Android is trying to capture the 'magic' of iOS.

Yes, the sheeple will flock in their masses to be shaved of their cash for more crap that is geared toward 7 year olds. If a device is not allowed to have something on the premise that it's not safe for children, then fvck that device and the company that made it.

The only reason that Apple lasted from 98 till 2005 was due to Adobe (photoshop and such). Now, they have all the money in the world to advertise thanks to Adobe (with whom they have broken ties). They will continue to out advertise to you sheeple who like to be told what you can have or see on your expensive a$$ device. If it's not able to do what I tell it, then it's a Brick, right out of the box.


A free thinking individual :)

Right, because the runaway success of iPod, iPhone and iPad had everything to do with Adobe, and Adobe is the reason Apple is now worth billions of dollars - even though none of those devices are associated in any way with Adobe.

VHS outsold beta. Xbox outsold ps3. Mustangs outsell camaros. All of these products from a stat and spec perspective are inferior to the latter. I'm sure I could think of a ton more but you get the point. To say that ios is a better platform is just ignorant. Especially on a tablet against honeycomb. I had an iPhone for a year and laughed at Droid commercials cause I never used 1. That's what most iphoneys are doing. Like when u say "I hate sushi! " and have never tried it!! PS. Its delicious!!!!

Right, because the Xoom is LTE capable. Well... will be. But it has an SD card slot, that doesn't work yet. And it supports Flash... I mean it will. But at $799, at least the Xoom is cheaper... than the highest priced model of the iPad.

But I do love Sushi.

Last time I was at the local VZW store for something, I was 'looking' at the iPads... Changed all their browser home pages to default to androidcentral.com :-)

Childish I know, but it was fun :-)

I-PAD is for girls. Who would want that when there is Android's Honeycomb available with all it's fixings. Android iis taking over the world one machine at a time..

this is really pretty retarded.. ive used both a iOS and android , they have there strong suits.. but in the end nothing works as well or is integrated as well for the average consumer than apple and iOS...

This is kinda childish.. I like both IOS and Android for their own +ves. But I have never seen a post in apple based sites posting about an Apple fanboy changing the homescreen on an Android phone.. Who sounds pathetic here ?

What you're missing is that anyone who thinks this is anything other than immature is one of the brainwashed, I am willing to be if someone went into a store selling XOOMs and changed the wallpaper to an Apple logo you would be in an uproar about "fanbois" and "sheeple".

Well, you see...the problem with your statement is the sheeple do not know how to go about changing anything on a handheld device, let alone Android. They are not used to having the ability to modify anything on a handheld device without Apple patting them on the back and reassuring them, "it's okay, we will allow you to do that".