LG's latest flagship handset continues its tradition of back-mounted keys

LG broke the mold last year with the G2, switching from the tried-and-true side-mounted power and volume keys and putting its buttons on the back. And it worked pretty well, allowing the company to slim down its bezels while keeping the main keys relatively accessible. (Though that said, we were less enamored with the inferior design that featured on the Verizon G2.)

Back buttons quickly became a signature LG feature, arriving on devices like the G Flex and G2 Mini, and they're back on the company's 2014 flagship, the LG G3.

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This time the buttons have a slightly rougher texture, which makes it easier to feel where exactly they are. Besides the physical changes, however, you're looking at familiar functionality across the board. The middle button powers on the phone, while the other two control the volume. Take a screenshot on the LG G3 by holding volume down and power together. And you can also use a long press the volume down key when the phone is off to jump straight into the camera app, or use volume up in the same way to access the QMemo+ note-taking app.


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The LG G3's rear power and volume buttons


My hand always rests on the back of the phone just like that, can't see it being hard to get used to the back buttons either.

as a new G2 owner.....I can say that it isnt hard to get used to them at all.

plus the phone feels so nice in hand without anything on the sides.

Just recently switched to the G2 from an S3. I was worried that the rear mounted buttons would be strange but after a couple days I was used to them. I honestly don't have to use them too much anyway. I use the knock on/off feature for the screen and for volume the pull down in the notification bar.

from my LG G2 via the DeathStar

the rear looks much better on the g3 than the 2. more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with the geomety and curves.

Posted via Android Central App

The Moto X has virtually no side bezels and it keeps to the traditional side location for power and volume. I have no issue with LG putting them on the back, but I dont buy the bezel reduction reasoning.

I agree. Most phones I have taken apart the power button and home button attaches to the back of the motherboard. There is no interference with the screen.

Lol its like everyone forgot about that phone I haven't heard a thing about it since april

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

This phone is going to be perfect. It sounds like it's going to be pretty expensive especially since it seems like most companies are keeping their prices low

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Well I decided the lg g2 was best phone for its price ,and way above, on the market, was about to buy last week, so now I'm waiting for this G3 , but no ones talking Intl. Unlocked version release date, are they just going to carriers first 6 months, and no ones talking price lines.
Come on LG, release dates and prices please, I want to make a decision.

I dont think I have ever wanted a phone more than this one... after being diappointed in both the Samsung gs4 and 5 and the HTC new One m8 (hate the name)... i am all in on lg now... i have both the Optimus g (wifes)and Optimus g pro. And hopefully if i win this phone i can use my optimus g pro to use for development.
Great phone!

It seems like a really great phone, sadly the G2 is so good that I can't really give any good reasons people should get the g3 over it. Design is really similiar, the screen difference won't be noticeable at all, the performance won't greatly differ, battery life should be similar or worse because of the screen. Just to bad the G2 is so great :p

Tbh, I never use the buttons on the back. Knock On totally changed my shartphone behaviour... I use the knock on feature to activate the phone, and I use the drawer to change the volume, and double tap the phone to standby. Only use of the power button is to power the phone on or off, but not for standby.