Best overall


The LG G6 was one of the most underrated phones of last year, and in the case of the G7, we've got another really solid phone that'll likely be overlooked thanks to competition from Samsung and Apple.

Although its design may not be pushing any boundaries, the G7 is a great-looking phone. Its glass back comes in a variety of striking colors, the display is bright and vibrant, and the while there is a notch, it doesn't get in the way of day-to-day use.

Add that together with rock-solid battery life, a fantastic pair of dual cameras with LG's iconic wide-angle secondary lens, and a powerful Quad DAC for the 3.5mm headphone jack, and you end up with a great, all-around handset.

Bottom line: Get the G7 if you want a wide-angle camera on your phone and best-in-class audio features.

One more thing: The G7 has the best external speakers we've used on any phone. Hands-down.

Why the LG G7 is the best

The G7 is a much tamer phone compared to past LG releases like the G5 and G Flex 2, but that's not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

When it comes to basic smartphone needs, the G7 is more than capable for whatever you throw at it. The Snapdragon 845 processor paired with 4GB RAM is more than powerful for any task, the 3,000 mAh battery offers surprisingly great endurance, and the 6.1-inch 3120 x 1440 LCD display is sharp, colorful, and extremely bright.

If you're an audiophile, the G7 is one of the only phones you should consider getting in 2018.

While all of this is great, there are two areas where the G7 truly shines — its cameras and audio package.

The main rear camera on the G7 is fine, but the real magic lies with its secondary wide-angle lens. LG's the best in the business when it comes to wide-angle cameras on smartphones, and the G7 is one of your only options in 2018 if you want a flagship phone with this feature.

On the audio side of things, LG brings over its Quad DAC and 3.5mm headphone jack from the V30. No changes have been made to this setup, but even so, it still offers one of the best wired listening experiences you can get on a smartphone. If you prefer listening to your tunes externally, the speaker system on the G7 is out-of-this-world good. Not only is it loud, it packs a tremendous amount of bass and punch that's powerful enough to replace a small Bluetooth speaker. Yeah, it's that good.

Best if you're on AT&T

LG V35

Unlike last year, LG's big G-series phone isn't being sold on AT&T. Instead of the G7, AT&T customers are given the LG V35.

The V35 is a mashup of the V30's design and display with the G7's internals. This means no notch, a Super AMOLED panel, and blazing-fast speed from the Snapdragon 845.

It's an odd stepping stone between the G7 and upcoming V40, but even so, AT&T customers should definitely give it a look.

Bottom line: If you want an LG phone and are on AT&T, get the V35.

One more thing: The V35 is also available at Project Fi!

Best for less


LG's successor to the disappointing G5 is an incredible feat of engineering. Glass front and back, with metal sides and an extra tall 2880x1440 display, the phone is all about simplicity and versatility. Adding to its pedigree is a system of dual 13-megapixel cameras — a standard 71mm lens and a 125mm wide-angle lens — which still take really solid photos in almost any lighting condition.

Then there are the other additions that anyone can appreciate: IP68 waterproofing, a larger 3,300mAh battery, a Quad DAC in some regions, and wireless charging in the U.S.

Bottom line: The LG G6 is no longer the new hotness, but it's still a decent mid-tier phone with some exciting features.

One more thing: With the Oreo update rolling out and prices cut to around $380 in some cases, the G6 offers a tremendous amount of value a little over a year since it was released.

Updated July 2018: We've updated this post add the G7 and V35 to the list!