Lenovo K920 packs in a 6-inch QHD display with extremely slim bezels

With a display size of just 6 inches, Lenovo's K920 could be considered either a monster of a phone or a very diminutive tablet. Packing in a QHD screen, the same display resolution that is debuting on LG G3's 5.5-inch smartphone, the device is stylishly compact with slim bezels and a metal body with little, if any, compromises.

The K920 is the ultimate convergence device as it also packs in dual SIM cards so you can use it as a phone. A 16-megapixel rear camera and front-facing 5-megapixel selfie cam make it a good photography companion given the big, high resolution screen will make it fun to show off photos.

Lenovo K920 has a stylish body with advanced specs, making it a great phablet with little, if any, compromises

The K920 packs in 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage to power Android 4.4 on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 processor, the same chip that is inside many of today's hottest devices like the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

It's unclear if Lenovo will bring this high-powered phablet to the U.S. market. The company is still in the process of acquiring Motorola Mobility's hardware business from Google.

Given that the Galaxy Note 3 is among the most popular phablets in the world today, would you consider Lenovo's K920 over Samsung's rumored Galaxy Note 4 this fall?

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Lenovo's K920 brings serious competition to Samsung's Galaxy Note 4


"...would you consider Lenovo's K920 over Samsung's rumored Galaxy Note 4 this fall?"

How can we answer this when the Galaxy Note 4 is just that, RUMORED? We know literally nothing for sure about the Note 4.

I do see your point, but I can answer no. I am waiting for the Note 4. If for some reason I do NoT get the N4, don't think it will be the Lenovo.

They should have said the Note 3 as a comparison . I hope the Note 4 doesn't get any bigger than the Note 3.
I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

True enough about not knowing the details on the Note 4. However, if they just use the same guts as the S5, I would choose the lenovo. If they decide to use the 805, I would get the Note 4, even with all of Samsung's bloat.

Edit: Not that it matters really as I am in the USA and on Verizon, so probably won't see this phone.

And the rumors are nothing. They say 5.7" screen, QHD, and maybe bends on the side...we know nothing else.

True but there are a decent amount of confirmed facts that have been released as reported here: http://galaxynote4review.com

The same site also talks about some of the features it will have which seem pretty awesome to me!

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This would make me care less about any phone I probably ever had

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With a title like "Lenovo's K920 brings serious competition to Samsung's Galaxy Note 4" i thought there would be some mention of multitasking features yet to be seen from the Note lineup. A Stylus or some similar feature. But this is just a phone with a large screen and high resolution. Where is the competition. A Note is more then just a phone with a larger screen.

Yep, what everyone here said. Not in the same class. Compare this to the g pro or the Maxx, not the note 4.

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Exactly. The headline is misleading. This is not a competitor to the Note series. I was expecting a Wacom screen and a stylus. I was really hoping Samsung finally had some competition in that area. This is just another phablet.

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So your buying this instead... 1+ really is just a figment of imagination

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Will have to see what Note 4 looks like before I answer that, but I'd like to have an opportunity to get away from Samsung and all that damned bloatware.

Need more info! Battery & SD? Hopefully it'll be a lot cheaper than whatever the note 4 will cost

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The battery is supposed to be pretty huge. Not sure about the SD card... Lenovo's recent flagships haven't had expandable memory.

There's no Note 4 to compare this to and besides there's not pen so it compares more with the Mega with better specs.

From my Note 2 to you

16mp is overkill? Surely you jest.

And your blog sucks.

Don't go for the click bait people, it has nothing to do with the article or comment

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Maybe they are going for a retro look, since you mentioned old school.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

This has the potential to be an incredible device. I want one.
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"Just 6 inches" in reference to a phone screen size...wow. Hopefully we don't get to the point where 5" phones get the scraps and only 6"+ ones get the "flagship" innards.

Impressive specs and thin bezels coming from a Chinese company. And it doesn't look half bad. But then again, these won't be sold in the US anyway.

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No spen no Note competition. The spen makes the note what it is, otherwise it's just a larger galaxy s devive.

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{I'm sorry Mr. CHUONG H NGUYEN but this has got to be the dumbest article ever to grace the pages of Android Central. - IS THIS AN ADVERTISEMENT? }

I'm confused at how you can compete with something that doesn't exist but if you wanna play that game...
The Galaxy Note 5 Will Blow Every Phone EVER Made Or Will EVER Be Made Out The Water!
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K920? is that the product street name? if so it sucks. needs a name with some marketing sizzle.

Actually, K920 is the model number, just like SM-N910 is for Note 4. The marketing name is Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro,

That thing looks beastly!! After using the Lumia 1520, any device with a screen less than 6 inches is too small to me. A 6 inch QHD display and that design definitely have this device on my radar.

However, I won't get my hopes up. Lenovo's phones rarely (if ever) make it Stateside. Still, a great looking device nonetheless.

There are tons of Lenovo phones in the US. They just happen to be marked Motorola...

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Eh. All Motorola's that were made before the buyout were still made buy Moto. But I see what you did there :)

This read more like an advertisement than a news story.

My AC App signature lacks a witty comment.

The phone looks great.. Too big for me but ive had a note before so i get the love for a large phone. The specs look nice but that UI alone will keep my money in my pocket... Its hideous!!!!
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I wanted a phablet when flagships were not as large as I wanted. The phablets of today are really just tablets with telephony. I'll stick with my HTC One.

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How is it that the K920 that has the SD 801, could be considered a phone to give the N4 a run for the money? I bet the N4 will have either the 805, 810, or the Exynos Octocore, spen, QHD screen, wireless charging options, split screen, finger print crap, 16MP cam with OIS, and a slew of other features.

Plus, that camera bulge is hideous.

Lenovo have produced a few highly worthy devices recently.... and then only sold them in China. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for this device to represent a serious threat to anything in the western world because no-one in the west is probably ever going to see one. I'm sure it makes some sort of sense to someone.

Sounds great actually. If it supports all the US bands for TMo and ATT and came in a Google Play edition I would buy. I would buy the GPe Z Ultra if it had a decent camera.

Yes, I'm seriously interested - if waterproofed like Sony's Z2. Size: check. Metal body: check. Good camera and resolution: check. SD card expandable: check.

Uhh...no wacom support...not a competitor for a note. There just isn't a competitor in the space

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Can we all agree there is no competition to the Note series when there is no active digitizer?

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Nope, better processor, and, more than likely, better Ram. Combine that with the strides Samsung has made as far the stylus is concerned, and the answer is a no-brainer. Having said THAT, as soon as BB's phablet comes out, I'm deep sixing my relationship with the Note family also. OS 10.3 on a 6 inch screen? I'm there.

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lol this thing is already wrecked by a device that is only rumored.

The arrival of the Note 3 made it clear that the Notes are now the flagship phone by Samsung instead of the S, and I hope this continues.

Lenovo has no quality control much less for assurance. I work in IT and the number of defective laptops and desktop I come across is ridiculous - most are dead on arrival. Why would they even think of making a phone? Well, go ahead, but that device is not going to be far off from their computers.