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A newly leaked render could be showing off the rumored Android-based gaming tablet that may or may not be under development at NVIDIA, with its new Tegra K1 processor inside.

The render comes from the prolific gadget rumor source "evleaks" but aside from the image, name and a "2014" date he doesn't offer up any further information on the tablet. However, the UI does indicate that the tablet could run both Android and PC games, although it's possible the PC games use streaming technology from a nearby desktop.

Earlier this week, rumors hit the Internet that NVIDIA was planning to release an Android-based gaming device with its Tegra K1 chipset inside. NVIDIA has not commented on these specific rumors but an official spokesperson was quoted by the BBC as saying the company has an "awesome new gaming product that is launching soon." In 2013, it launched the NVIDIA Shield, a portable Android-based gaming console with a 5-inch screen that can also play games streamed from a PC.

What do you think of the rumors about NVIDIA launching a gaming-themed tablet?

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Leaked render may show NVIDIA's Android-based Shield gaming tablet


Umm... Yea this is going to be sweet and if it was compatible with a wireless controller that would be even better

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I'm sure it will be. I have the Tegra Note 7 and it has excellent controller integration, far above what is built into Android.

the Nvidia shield does play pc games I believe. or its vice versa I don't remember exactly but I personally would want a built in controller system than a tablet with touchscreen.

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A newly leaked render may be or may not be showing off the rumored Android-based gaming tablet that may or may not be under development at NVIDIA, perhaps with or without its new Tegra K1 processor inside

I demand that I may or may not be broomfondle!

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