Galaxy Player 5.0

Seriously, Samsung, you're really not doing yourselves any favors here. We ignored the story about the lawyer not able to tell the difference between a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad 2 from 10 feet away. We weren't there, but we've been in enough dimly lit courtrooms in our day, and eyesight can be a bitch.

But there's no excuse for someone's graphics department -- no doubt by some external company, but still -- to use the iPhone version of Google Maps on the Galaxy Player 5.0 features page. That's like ... using an iPhone version of Google Maps on the Galaxy Player 5.0 features page.

Let's hope when we wake up Tuesday (or Wednesday in Asia) and we see the next Nexus device and Ice Cream Sandwich announced, this has been fixed.

And does that Snickers Bar look suspect to anyone?

Source: Samsung; via @raruler and Daring Fireball


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Le sigh: Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 features page uses iPhone version of Google Maps


I highly doubt it...but, this definitely looks bad in Samsung's case. I have a feeling Samsung is blatantly trying to be like Apple on too many aspects of their phones.

It seems both of you forget who develops maps, GOOGLE not apple. They could never be sued, was it dumb? yes android's version of maps is a bajillion times better.

Well, You might be incorrect there. The app is probably developed by apple, but uses the Google Maps API. I dont think apple would let a third party develop its main applications.

Yeah, I've got a box full of Snickers here and I can verify that the Snickers bar in the picture is suspect.

-I'll sue you
-What for ?
-That blue bar that is so characteristic of iOS apps
-So we are going in court because we have the wrong color ?
-We sued you because you Galaxy tab was glossy black so you better wake up
-You MAD bro LOL

The thing i dont like is when you click on the thing about the lawyers, and the picture they have holding an iPad2 and GT10.1, they opened the app drawer so it would look slightly more like an iPad then if it was just the homescreen

Ha that's not even the half of it. Go to that Samsung page and look under Features, Gmail and you'll see this sentence: "You can also read PDF files, view pictures and enjoy music attachments—strait from your mailbox."

That's right, STRAIT from your mailbox!

There is a face in the Snickers bar, that little hole towards the middle is the mouth, the 2 tiny strands of caramel on each side is a mustache. Yeah that Snickers is definitely suspect.

Whatever marketing company or director they used should be fired. They get paid well so there's no excuse for being lazy or making a big mistake like this. And that hand holding the half eaten snickers, WTF is that?

This specific knowledge is usually below the director's pay grade. And, I'm the only person who knows anything about Android in our graphics department. One by one, the rest get iPhones. It's sort of disappointing how little they understand about the tech they use. But, simple, limited options appeal to the broadest numbers.

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I bet the graphic designer was just iGnorant. They probably own an *phone and think that all Google apps look the same. However, Samsung should have very much quality checked this more than once.
Of course, there is any publicity is good publicity. And one more headline saying Google and Samsung in the paper this week wouldn't hurt.
Btw, when the Droid X ( I think..) came out in the the Verizon ads, it also had a picture of an *phone Google map photoshop'd on its screen.

I'd like to think that the judges in these lawsuits are NOT iPhone user's..
Surely someone other than me can see the flaw in this if they are iFans??