Kyocera Echo

Don't worry, faithful Kyocera Echo owners, your two dual screens are not forgotten about. Sprint has just announced an OTA update that will bring some bug fixes and security enhancements your way. This update addresses the MMS audio issue where the audio would cut out after 8 seconds as well as makes changes to the roaming guard display. In addition they have activated the Commercial Mobile Alert System in this update and implemented some security fixes. If you have an Echo and have yet to receive the update, be sure to check manually for it.

Source: Sprint


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Kyocera Echo receives an update, fixes MMS audio bug and more


This post will have so many comments.... Not one of them from an owner of one of these. If someone does have one, they'll be too embarrassed to admit it...

you 3 posters before me really suck. i'm sure there are plenty of people out there who have this phone and really like it. why rain on their parade?

I'm sorry, but do you think for a second that anyone who bought one of those reads this site? Seriously? (Other than you, that is)

I almost bought one of these off of Craigslist last week. At $75 it seemed like something fun to play with.

Honestly, I almost bought one of these. I love the idea of a dual screen android phone, but it has to be implemented correctly (which is very difficult), also with it being a Kyocera phone, I had no confidence in updates.

If HTC or Samsung make a good dual screen phone, I'd probably buy it.

To be honest, I bought this phone for my son last year. While all the Samsung galaxy people were bitching and moaning about gingerbread updates on this very website, this phone got the update 1st! Really. Before my OG Evo and before my wife's Epic 4G.

My kid is 13, he drops it, kicks it and whatever the hell a teenager does to a phone and it is built like a friggin' brick!

There is something to be said about a full 3.5" screen used in landscape that is a full keyboard and the other is the app/website. All his friends think the thing is pretty awesome, so, "Poke that!"

Plenty of wow! is what my echo gets. Maybe it's not for you, no need to hate just because you wouldn't buy one. Dual screens make for better gaming, watching a movie while surfing the indeed. Not to mention the hard work put in by those wanting root, recovery, themes, font and animation, or splashdcreen changes. Developer Yankee girl and developers just the like hooked this bad boy up for owners wanting more. I hope they make another dualscreen..they did a great job the first time, a second version??? Bring it on! Oh yeah!!!

Wow the Fail Sandwich is still around eh? I thought Sprint was going all in on this thing but yet it is so far hidden at their stores like they don't want to admit they have it. And to think they dissed webOS for that thing... Bet it didn't outsell the Pre.

haters gonna hate, as they say. I got mine free from sprint just before the EOL'd it. Snapdragon 1Ghz, 512 RAM, 1 GB ROM, 267 ppi, those aren't to shabby specs, especially for a free phone running rooted Gingerbread. And the thing really is bulletproof. The only downer is the dual screen mode eats the battery, but that's why they threw in a spare with it's own charging case.

I love my Kyocera Echo, thank you very much, that is... I loved it until Saturday when it prompted me to update. Presumably it was this new update, and it crashed my phone. Since I'm nowhere near a Sprint store and can't get to one until next week, I've been trying everything I can think of. I've got the SD card plugged into my computer right now, not that I know what to look for. This is the first trouble I've had with this phone since I got it. I want my danged phone back up and running!!!