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What's this? A giant chart comparing the spanking new iPad 2 against the Android Honeycomb tablets, the HP TouchPad and the BlackBerry Playbook? Sold! Do note that a few of the Android specs are still up in the air, but you'll get the gist of it. Android Honeycomb tablets are far superior over anything else known in this universe. Right? RIGHT?

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iPad 2 versus Honeycomb (and others)!


Incorrect. iFixit did a teardown. Guess what, 1 battery. The reason people were speculating it had 2 batteries (and that's all they were doing) is due to how power works. Power is Current times Voltage. The XOOM has a 3250MAh battery at something like 7.4V giving it 24.1WH (the only meaningful power measurement.) A phone with 3250MAh at something like 3V would get less than half the power out of it.

We're both correct. Other tablets have 3.7V batteries. 2x batteries in series = 7.4V. It has 2x 3.7V 3250mah batteries in series netting 7.4V @ 3250mah = 24.1WH.

I'd rather compare apples to apples hence the 6500mah rating.

Ah, looks like you are indeed correct. However, for apples to apples, I'd go WH to WH, rather than MAh to Equivelent MAh.

Missing the most important information imo:

Is there a WiFi-only version?

How much is the WiFi-only version?

When is the WiFi-only version available?

Wifi versions with no GPS, and its safe to assume that the Xoom's wifi verison will probably also not have GPS, but here's hoping that it does.

Regardless, I have an iPad, and I would trade it for a Xoom over an iPad 2 in a heartbeat.

Sorry, but this comment really cracks me up. The "only thing," as if there is a "thing" that is more important. :)

if the pricing the Pad got is true, then Pad instawins, especially since the size is very much in the middle.

The overall volume of the iPad is less (23.6 in^3) than the zoom (32.3). Valid argument for how it actually feels in the hands, though.

As expected, the iPad2 is underwhelming at best.. they got another core, a visual refresh, and some cameras, and as best I can tell thats it, I bet it still has 256MB of RAM and I also bet that there will still be checkerboarding in Safari with the new iPad2.

FYI, the Galaxy Tab has Bluetooth 3.0 and not 2.1 as stated, even my old Galaxy S i9000 has version 3.

mmmm, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 is looking very good in this comparison, even against the Xoom.

- It weights 1 gram less than the iPad 2.
- It has an 8 Mp. camera (bigger than anything).
- It has the same (or almost the same) processor and GPU as the iPad 2, as Samsung also probably build the A5 for Apple.
- It has Bluetooth 3.0 against 2.1 from everybody.
- It has a 16Gb version (something the Xoom doesn't).
- It has the biggest battery of them all.

Now, let's hope the price is right.


in the UK the wifi only xoom is going to be £60 (~$100) cheaper than the 32gb wifi ipad and only £10 (~$14) more expensive than the 16gb wifi ipad.

Honeycomb tablets are better than the iPad 2.

But the iPad has better apps and apps are what make a tablet.
Therefore, the iPad 2 is better than Honeycomb tablets.

But in 1 or 2 years, Honeycomb tablets will dominate because they will actually have developed apps to go along with the great software.

More like by the end of the year. Sure it won't be 60,000 but it will have most of the premier titles. Plus the processor will be heavily utilized by game devs, and docs to go works very good as of now, even though its not optimized for tablets, yet.

Before you judge the iPad 2 check out the video posted on I love android but the iPad 2 looks sick as hell. Yea, I know apple is a beast when it comes to advertising and one has to consider the source of the video but I have yet to see an official video or commercial that actually shows the xoom's potential. I've seen both commercials for the xoom but they really don't show much of what it can do. Apple always has commercials and videos on their website that goes in detail about what you can do with their products. I went to to see if they had official videos but all they had was a flash website that diagrammed features. I want to see it in action!

Isn't the Xoom battery 2 3,250mAh joined together in the same package, giving 6,500mAh. That is how they get the battery life.

Keep hating. ipad 2 just killed all the useless honeycomb tablets. the old ipad now starts at 399, adding more fuel to the fire.

So now iPad is closer to the price of similarly specced Android tablets?

iPad 2 just put in some of the basic features that even some pre-Honeycomb tablets were already sporting but forgot some of the really good features that those tablets have already.

why do the apple fanboys always flock to the android news websites, dont they have to pray to their so called god (steve jobs) atleast 28 times a day ? where do they find the time to troll?

I'm sure they say the same on TiBb, seems there is a slurry of good pads coming out, for Android, Blackberry and IOS. And these kind of blogs is encouraging it. To be honest, I'm going to skip these choices for next year.

After watching the Apple videos, I think "Wow, the Ipad 2 is really nice and innovative." But then I realize it's running iOS and not Honeycomb.

OMG... I need an iPad 2...


As soon as I found out you can't connect mic's to record in Garageband, it was over for me. Back to my laptop, which gets that job done with a USB audio interface...

Pass on all of them. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer will have almost all the same specs as the Xoom, except a slightly lower resolution, but lighter in weight and a wifi only version for $499. Cheaper than all of the above listed tablets plus a keyboard to boot. Win.

It still seems like it should vary by informed preferences (and when not informed people just go to aple, Not trolling, just pointing out an observation) To choose which is best for you.

Personally, if the (hacked) Nook had GPS, it would be the perfect tablet for me.

That's my biggest peeve about apple fans. Most of them blindly follow apple's products without doing any research on the products. I know a guy who owns a macbook and he plans on getting an iphone just because apple makes it and he's given no time in actually checking out his options.

Also the nook color is a serious diamond in the rough for advanced users haha

I remember when the original ipad was released and all the fanboys here dissed it and tablets saying they aren't needed. As soon as Honeycomb and the Xoom and others were released these same fanboys started going gaga over them, damn hypocrites. You are even worse than the so called Apple fanboys you always talk about. Android tablets will fail just like every other Android device except phones from PMP's to TV's to laptops, etc. The only reason why they selling with phones is because they carriers can push their bloatware on it and use them for 2 for 1 deals and soon 3 for 1 deals.

I hate to admit it, but Apple matched most of the winning features on the best Honeycomb tablets announced so far. The consumers won't care that the ipad2 is still behind the curve because of the lack of flash. Pricing is what is going to be the killer in this market. $499 is the price point that is going to be the winner. Motorola really needs to try and price it right.

Most of us here, including me would not buy an ipad2 (great hardware, but the OS just sucks). Pricing and marketing is what is going to define who comes out ahead

Just wait till the Quad Core Android devices hit and the first Xoom drops in price by $200. Then think what the pricing will be like by Christmas. Then compare it to Apples prices which never drop.

Apple products always look good on the day their announced. Prices stand still while the cost of production drops and they don't pass on the savings in production cost to the consumer.

The xoom is the superior product by far but without a better price no one will know it. If you went into a Starbucks with it people would come up and probably say "is that the new ipad? " apple knows how to market and will alwaysa win till someone else figures it out. The flash thing, while great, will only go so far.

what annoyed me the most while reading about the iPad2 on Engadget, was how insanely biased Josh Topolsky is with his obvious favoritism toward all things apple. it should just be called iNgadget (note the lowercase i). Yes this site is android land, but that's the point of this site. Engadget should strive for unbiased reporting of all gadgets, but that's not the case.

anyway - ipad2 has some nice improvements. Hopefully it's good enough to make android manufacturers drop some prices.

I know I'm in the minority here, but as a former Web Os user I'm really thinking strongly about the HP TouchPad.

I've currently got the HTC Evo, and really do like it, and my former Palm Pre now feels small in my hands, but I still feel the Web Os is a more "elegant" OS. One might claim the enormous quantity of Apps on Android, and I wouldn't argue that point, but when I consider what I need / want a tablet for, I really don't need 1,000's of apps. Most of what I need is Web based. So Flash is definitely needed.. Sorry Steve :-)

TBH as an android user and fan we need to give credit where credit is due. Other competitors might be offering better specs, functionality etc but we gotta congratulate Apple on how they market their products and their keynotes (which are the first impressions the public get and how the product gets further advertised by bloggers who attend the keynote)

Apple wasnt the first with a touch screen phone, nor were they the first with LED flash, cut & paste, video calling, the list is very long but the way they marketed it was fantastic. All other companies need to take lessons from this. After watching the Galaxy S2 keynote (I currently have the i9000) i was very disappointed with how they marketed the phone with the 4 cheesy stories and vids which were so called scenarios for the phone.They also dont have any good presenters like Steve Jobs. Alot of these other companies have very capable engineers, leaders in the tech industry, pioneers etc but hardly any of these guys have the people skills that make the speech seem interesting. Although I must admit google also does this very well but it tends to be the OEMs that advertise the product.

Same thing with Motorola. They have a great product in the xoom but the adverts were all taking the piss out of Apple rather than advertise what the xoom can do. For avid followers and geeks this would have seemed a good marketing technique but for the average user, they dont know what operating system is running on their phone, how many cores it has, what the gpu is like. All they care about is what does the product do and how well does it do it. They just want something that works for them.

I honestly believe there isnt much to the ipad 2 in terms of specs. The new galaxy tab covers almost all bases and bests the ipad 2 in others so it will be down to familiarity and the number of apps. Honeycomb only lacks behind since Xoom was just released and the ipad has been around for over a year. Its price is more than the new hip product from Apple which currently has more apps which will probably be its downfall.

Give it 2-3 months when more tablets have been released and the market will kind of even out. Most of the popular android apps will get ported to honeycomb and apparently google has made this easier with fragments than moving an app from iphone to ipad.

Here's hoping the Galaxy tab has a good screen with vibrant colours since Samsung are one of the best screen makers. Also hoping they have a good price point since most of their parts will be made by themselves bar the Tegra 2 processor. Xoom seems slightly washed out compare to the ipad but its aspect ratio of 16:10 is much better for watching movies compared to the ipad which has letterboxing when you play vids.

Apart from specs of the ipad 2 the only other major feature was imovie and garageband. Google has its own version of iMovie for Honeycomb and im guessing (or hoping) that alot of the useful ipad apps will find themselves on Honeycomb since alot of android tablets will flood the market soon and it will be a good idea for developers to jump on the android bandwagon early to make their apps household names on tha android platform since there wont be much competition early on.

ATM though i'd prefer the ipad because of the apps and the price. I dont really care who makes it, as long as im getting the most for my money and it fulfills my needs. At the end of the day thats all an average consumer thinks about when buying a product unless they have shares in the company :)

I have to agree that what it does is my reason for buying anything. Having said that, I've gotten real use to having Flash on a phone that does anything I need it to (HTC EVO). I can't imagine buying a tablet that doesn't have Flash. I'll be sitting on the fence on the tablet issue for a bit and see what happens in the future (quad core and apps).

All these tablets are trying to beat the iPad though iPad gets right have great features and cheap price, if you want a great features from Android fine but you will pay $800 for it aka Xoom.


I love android. I had an HTC Hero, than Desire, now Desire HD. But if time comes to buy a tablet, I will buy an ipad.
Still love android better on phones.

Don't you guys care about: a home page with widgets,adobe flash, Java,file manager,Hi-res camera,1080 recording with LED flash,unlimited storage via SD card slot,1 GiG RAM,HDMI out without (buying) and adapter? I want the full web experience not half ass. no wonder the iPad is so cheap.

I feel that the only reason that the ipad2 has the specs that it does is because of competing android tablets becoming so powerful. The thing is though that even with the upgraded hardware the software still makes it just an oversized ipod touch where android tabs are evolving the software along with the hardware.

A good example is that now there's no real competition for ipod. Zunes are still around but unfortunately some stores offer little to no options past the ipod so apple really hasn't needed to upgrade the hardware that much.

There are two things that keep me from getting an iPad.

No Flash support
Must use iTunes

With as much exposure to those devices as I have had, I'm quite familiar with them. However, I like the niceties of Android in general (like being able to save files, seriously) and I gave the Xoom a serious chance, but I won't nerd-rage about why that didn't work out.

At the end of the day the experience is more important than the spec sheet.

that's weird because if you wanted an iPad that has file system access with iFile, can execute flash with Frash and not have to use iTunes as an installer (still chained for activation and firmware unless you use Xcode.) until the new tiny umbrella could have one.

there are people who want an out of the box user experience where they don't have to change or modify stuff.

you usually see them in line at the genius bar

There is some truth to that.

I'm generally not one who is afraid of tweaking their devices, but here's where I stand: If I am going to be spending this kind of money to what amounts to a luxury device, I am not going to wrestle with it for the most basic functionality.

Adding more advanced functionality is one thing, but trying to fight the very nature of the device is not my cup of tea. It always turns into a game of cat and mouse.

Ok, anybody who's read my many posts knows that Roland Stone is no Apple fanboy. But dang it, I was tempted today. Not by the hardware but by iPad2 GARAGEBAND, and iPad2 GOTOMYPC. I could really use both of those. iPad is so far ahead of any Android tablet or Android phone when it comes to advanced musical apps, and I am getting SICK of that! I know that Honeycomb and Gingerbread are supposed to have improved audio capabilities but I haven't heard a peep about any developer exploiting those new capabilities. Seriously, how long do you think Android loyalists will have to wait before we see an app even half as powerful as Garageband? Its sad. Really sad. Almost sad enough to make me switch. GOTOMYPC - well I suppose that might make its way to Android later this year if we're lucky. But meanwhile my Apple based colleagues are laughing at me. I'm not happy about this!

there should be a column that indicates which devices have core logic to operate axi bus that is 64 bit AND unified....separate address busses for reads and writes.

I don't know if this is the right forum for this but I am still honestly not sure why anyone would own a tablet in the first place. To me it just seems like an oversized phone that doesn't make calls. It seems like you would get more for your money with a netbook. I'm not trying to hate but I'm really not sure what the point is. For those that have tablets, I would love to know what you use them for that you couldn't already do with your phone. Just curious because I am a big techno-geek and am naturally drawn to the newest and greatest and would love to have a reason to buy a tablet but right now I just can't see it.

media consumption, light graphics tasks, perfect for people who buy laptops for email, and web browsing and a calendar but are too stupid to use more than two fingers on a full size qwerty they are less self conscious poking at a flat piece of glas.

remote access, presentations, reading anything.

if you don't know a lick of code, or have no skill at developing something that people use (no not power points or spread sheets....real development) like application, database, or systems configuration, maintenance or management....there is no reason why you need a NOS on a desktop or laptop the way they are now.

most of the reason why windows is so problematic is because they think everyone needs access to management consoles and system settings.

Let me preface my ramblings: I'm an Android fan.
I used BB and Apple for years, still have BB through work. I think Android is an amazing OS with great upside and once Honeycomb tablets start mass distribution we will most likely make great(er) inroads. On the handset side we still need to pull it all together and offer much more polished products, we're still lacking in certain areas (of course just my opinion).
We can scream at the top of our lungs and spout specs 'til we're blue in the face, Apple products are still the standard bearers. Look up at the chart, we're comparing tablets to the recently released ipad2. What did we compare our tablets to before that? What made the tablet a viable piece of hardware? What do we compare our handsets to?
Due to brand recognition and market penetration less technical people will always compare everything to Apple products because they simply work and work rather well in their minds. Truth be told, while limited in functionality, they do core functions rather well. Those same people may occasionally stumble on Engadget or here and hopefully get hooked and learn more then become geeks to an extent, some of here now have taken that road. We're still not the masses, we don't drive the market, though it has gotten better.
Here's to the future, where Android will be what everything else is compared to and we occupy that first slot in charts.

When reading through the comments I notice so many people here, who are even more religious than the Apple fanbois we used to laugh at. Somehow I get the feeling that the competition going up is just not as positive for us users, as it actually could be.
We laugh about the iPad2, copying the specs etc. Still most here must compare our honeycomb tablets to it? Why do we do that, probably because we are (currently) not the state of the art. Steve was right about the App part, a tablet is only as good as its' Apps are. I had an iPad now for quite a while and also compared it to my brothers Samsung Galaxy. Still we found us more and more using only the iPad. Most important Apps are simply not available for it. Some Apps on the iPad are just so brilliant that even my father who never saw himself dropping the real "Economist" for a virtual one, did so. It is just amazing how good it is. Same goes for Newspapers, in Switzerland not available for Android.

I will buy the iPad2, wait for some really decent Honeycomb apps and sell it to buy a decent Android based tablet. But right now, Apple once more did it. It has been mentioned many times already, the big mass is not geeks, it is an average user who simply wants to start right away and have it easy.

I'm surprised not to see more interest in the PlayBook. It's the lightest, will have the security that comes with BES, and will hopefully run both BB apps and Android apps.

Why no love for it?

Apple's competitive prices, options (storage), early Wifi model release, marketing and name beats any other tablet out there. Sure the OS isn't capable of everything but that won't be the deciding factor. Honeycomb has a great start with xoom but will need more exposure and apps to beat apple. Just look at how well HTC Desire and Galaxy S did with exposure. My tech-illiterate friends often ask me "Is your HTC any good?" There will be a time the same will be said for Android Tablets if google and manufacturers keep up the good work. Personally I'm not a fan of tablets. I'll take an AMD Fusion laptop over a tablet anyday.

I have to admit that the iPad 2 has pretty decent hardware and I imagine gives a solid user experience, but there's a reason I probably won't every buy it: Steve Jobs. I know it sounds ridiculous to dislike a product because of its spokesman, but that Apple keynote reminded me of exactly why I returned my iPhone 4 after having it for a week. Selling a product is one thing, but deliberately misquoting the Samsung VP regarding sales figures on the Galaxy Tab and therefore badmouthing a company from which you get your chipsets, calling anyone else making a device after them a copycat, and just being all around nasty makes me want to avoid ever buying an Apple product again. Say what you will about Android being "fragmented" or "decentralized", but it works and doesn't have some rude, snarky asshole promoting it.

I think it is funny that most of you are so focused on the HW specs. I mean it is the experience you get using your device that is important, not so much single core/dual core 1GHz or 1.5GHz. Having owned both iOS and Android devices (Currently with an Android phone) I can say that I prefer iOS devices and I am just waiting for the iPhone 5 to come out this summer. I think Android OS makes great HW look bad, even with the best single core processor out there it is still laggy and slow. Only thing I am going to miss from Android are widgets and a few aps.

So for these tablets I would without a doubt choose the iPad 2 just because I know that the experience will be great.

I do hope Google get there act together and start working on the user experience instead of just focusing on new feature. So Google please polish what you already have instead of leaving things in late beta. If you do that I would probably consider Android devices again.

I don't love Apple products and I do not hate Android so just hold of on the fanboy comments. I am merely stating my honest opinion.

Some of the information in this image is incorrect. Please remove the image and re-apply with correct data.

If it wasn't for lack of a rear camera, and that it's not expected until September, I'd probably get the TouchPad. Android is great, and beats the crap out of iOS with one hand tied behind its back, but the multitasking can use some improvements, and WebOS cards seem to be that improvement.

I'm hoping Motorola gives us a launch date on the wifi only Xoom before the eleventh.

The xoom looks interesting.

Currently have an HTC desire hd and love it.
I had an iPhone 3G and my wife uses an iPhone 4.

I can have my phone exactly how I want it not how Steve Jobs says I should have it.

I don't need to jail break it to make it do what I want.

I can use flash websites.

What put me off apple for good was the advertising for the iPad 1. from the "What is iPad" commercial "all the worlds websites in you hands" (I guess they arent making any claim that they will actually open or be useful) ;)

Also this article assuming its true

Finally when the beatles music was released on itunes the box set was way more expensive for Australians $259 than the yanks $149 (or there abouts) and our dollar was parity at the time.

So no iPad 2 for me ;)