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Retailer hhgregg this morning announced that along with Barnres & Noble, it, too, will be carrying the Nook Tablet, BN's second generation of its Android-based e-reader. It'll be priced the same -- $249 -- and accessories will be available as well. hhgregg also will be carrying the Android-based Nook Color, which has dropped in price to $199, and Nook Simple Touch at $99.

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storino03 says:

anyone else think the retailer name sounded fake? lol

Just a Guy says:

I would've thought the same had I not been in Memphis, TN the last 2 weeks for work and seen their commercials over and over and over lol. I guess they're a pretty good size electronic chain in the south/southwest part of the country.

rap1 says:

Actually they are an appliance and electronics chain with headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. From what I hear of them from family in the area they have a good reputation. From their website if you drew a line east from Chicago and another from Chicago south you would find their stores almost all in that area. They have over 200 stores.

zrcr says:

They like to focus on customer service and having knowledgeable sale people who can actually help you. They are certainly not a hands-off kind of place like Fry's.

While I'm sure it won't matter on something like a tablet, they are also open to price negotiation on big ticket items like TVs and appliances.

Thig says:

There is one in Macon, Ga, about 1 hour from me. Very nice store, they try to compete with Best Buy in our area.