Hangouts v2 Hangouts v2

New information revealed about SMS integration, statuses and sharing options

Google announced at an event this week that new features would be coming in the latest version of Hangouts, and now we have a better idea of when and specifically what we'll be getting. First up is SMS and MMS integration — Google says you'll be able to receive text messages in Hangouts, and you can even import existing conversations when you make the move. SMS support also extends to group texts and emoji support between Android and iPhone.

You will also be able to send animated GIFs in Hangouts, including Auto Awesome animated photos made through Google+. Even further, you can now set status indicators showing what device you're currently using, whether or not you're in a call and what your mood is (if you're into that kinda thing). You'll also be able to share your granular location on a map (shown above).

Google says there are also several subtle improvements to the way Hangouts works, including the ability to share photos from Google Drive, faster ways to start chats and under-the-hood performance jumps. The Nexus 5 will be the first device to have access to the latest version of Hangouts and all of its new features, but rest assured that you'll get the update on any device running Android 4.0 and above in the coming weeks.

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So MMS is a definite then?

brendilon says:

Looks like it is, which is a bit of a shock.
And before someone says "Hangouts already did MMS..." No, it didn't. What Hangouts, iMessage, BBM and others do (or did before now) is picture sharing with other users on that platform, it doesn't use the MMS protocol which allows you to send pictures to anyone who has texting.

This Hangouts updte is way more interesting than pretty much anything on KK from a user perspective.

mrtouchedme says:

That's not totally true, BBM on legacy devices has been able to send or receive SMS/MMS for years. To any contact you added to it.

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brendilon says:

True. There are so few legacy BB users, I didn't bother to mention the detail.

mrtouchedme says:

Then why mention BBM at all? 2/3rds of the active users are on legacy devices.

Not arguing, just pointing that out. Unlike you I want them all to succeed. I very much want to try hangouts, but still haven't found anyone that uses it. I'm looking forward to the SMS integration for that reason. Any idea how many active users on Hangouts? I can't seem to find any numbers, other than active G+ users, which is combining all their services. Just curious.

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I'm real pumped on group texts being supported. That would have been a deal breaker for me.

Group messaging over MMS was a feature of Android 4.3 (or was it 4.2 maybe?) so it's not a surprise it works here too.

Now all we need is the first Nexus 5 to be delivered and rip the .apk so that we can all have it!

brendilon says:

Jerry tried that, it's not compatible.

ilhe1s says:


brendilon says:

The APK for Hangouts on the Nexus 5 is coded for Android KitKat. That version of the APK is not compatible with anything before Android 4.4.
There will (eventually) be an APK for <4.4 that we can use.

lightyear420 says:

Great, so as soon as my N4 gets 4.4 I'll be all set :)

MajorTankz says:

Says who? Almost anything from the Nexus 4 could be ported to 4.1 devices when it came out. Even the new camera from 4.3 GPE devices worked perfectly fine with anything else Jelly Bean.

djak250 says:

I think it has to do with the new api calls. KitKat has a totally new intent for how it receives sms's, if I recall correctly. Which to me, means that when The KitKat hangouts tries to call that intent, JellyBean and below would have no clue what it's talking about.

Leak for v2 absolutely works on my GS3 running Paranoid Android 4.3!! When I loaded the apk it said I needed to update Google services to 4.0 and a link to the playstore to update it with a date of 10/31/13. I have tested SMS/MMS along with emojis wit a co-worker who has an iPhone 5. I sent my location to another friend who has the older version of hangouts and that worked as well!


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Josh Kendall says:

Not true. Its already up. Here is the link

clevin says:

So now Google even want to handle your text? Is there any private info Google doesn't want to handle for you?

@T-Mobile GN3

icebike says:

Yeah, that's the only down side.
But on the UPSIDE of the down side, its a hell of a lot easier for police to get a hold of your sms texts from the Carriers than from Google, and you don't even have to be involved in any illegal activity for them to do so. Just sending a sms from a bar near the time when someone got hurt can put your message history under subpoena.

Its Still unclear whether the text actually goes via Carrier SMS when both parties have Google Hangouts. Is this known for sure yet? Simply keeping your SMSs out of the hands of carriers has some advantage.

XMPP (protocol underlying Hangouts/Gtalk) supports end to end encryption, (not that google has committed to it), and is being looked at as the replacement for secure mail. See the ArsTechnica story on Darkmail Alliance.

I thought when GTalk became Hangouts they moved away from XMPP.

icebike says:

I don't see that in actual practice, because I still receive messages in Hangouts from people using Jabber, and I can respond to them that way.

There may be a gateway involved that I don't know about somewhere.

XMPP is an amazingly capable standard for everything from simple text, to full motion video.

Are they just supposed to say, "OK, we're done. Everything else is personal data, so we won't touch that"?


Anything sent over SMS protocols will still most likely be handled by your carrier, the Hangouts app will just serve as an interface.

I'm also pretty sure that you'll be able to still use the default messaging app on your phone for SMS if you so desire. (Maybe not on Nexus devices).

And besides, this is less about "Google wanting to handle" SMS for you, it's about Google delivering a much sought after feature.

Your carrier keeps all your information long enough... Look at this old NBC article about how long your carrier keeps your information.

SebasCvdB says:

Are you kidding me? This whole privacy thing is getting tiring... If people are so paranoid buy a cheap ass flip phone...

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bm13084 says:

I... Do... Um... Who do you think made "Messaging" before?

ohaaron says:

A little disappointed. The Google+ crew said it would roll out in the next few days. :(

brendilon says:

Technically it is... to Nexus 5 purchasers.

icebike says:

"but rest assured that you'll get the update on any device running Android 4.0"

Next few days is a pretty open ended definition. Too many people think it means 3.

htowngator says:

APK will be available right away when first person gets N5

Turboboxer says:

Someone already does!!!!

NickSaul says:

So if you get a Nexus 5, please post the APK.

olues says:

Works only on 4.4+

jkochelek says:

"The Nexus 5 will be the first device to have access to the latest version of Hangouts and all of its new features, but rest assured that you'll get the update on any device running Android 4.0 and above in the coming weeks."

brendilon says:

The APK for Hangouts on the Nexus 5 is specific to KitKat, it can't be used on a JB device. That will be a different APK.

SebasCvdB says:

Running it on 4.1.2 Galaxy S3 works great

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BoB16731 says:

Should the apk be In the code being pushed?

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no, it's not aosp. Hangouts would be considered a google app.

Greg Morgan1 says:

I want it naow!!

yodatom10 says:

Phil, We know you most likely have a review unit... and we know you want to play the role of hero *waves hand*

Countdown to sideload... 3...2...

demontooth says:

Why talk about it the other day if it's not going to be released. It's so vague coming weeks could be a year.

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Do we know if it will support google voices SMS?

brendilon says:

GVoice SMS is SMS, so there's no reason why it shouldn't.

ddot196 says:

This update is what I am most excited about. Cannot wait!

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Last Ride says:

Question: What happens when someone texts your Google Voice number? Will this allow me to get MMS on my Voice number, or will I have to wait until further merging occurs?

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jonesdavide says:

No mention of Google Voice integration?

brendilon says:

Google Voice uses SMS, so this will work.

canito63 says:

Now all we need GV integration!!!

Jnorton2724 says:

Thank you Google. I love hangouts even more now. Can't wait for the update.

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bergeronjc says:

Is that guy trying to find a place with a magnifying glass and a loaf of bread?

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lightyear420 says:

eggs and toast

I'm pretty sure the "magnifying glass" is a skillet with an egg in it...

shaycay says:

i wonder if this will make my already slow app even slower....

zackmack7 says:

SMS and MMS ...+1
Emoji support between android and iOS.. +10000

shahr says:


From the Hangouts V2 pictures that you've posted,it shows it can also make the regular phone calls (not just the Video calls). Is that the fact?? (Is that GV??)

Theot says:

I still hate hangouts. I think its a dumb name and I still can't tell if somebody is on or not like I could in talk. I realize if their pic is grayed out they are off but I can't tell between that and no pic. Sorry Google but when I get my nexus I will be rooting and uninstalling hangouts and installing gtalk with the apk I extracted a few months ago before you screwed it up with hangouts.

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bleached says:

An indicator was added in the last update so there is no reason to use Talk now. Hangouts is much nicer to use, especially since you can get pictures and it has the sidebar.

etnpnys says:

Does anybody know if we can send an SMS from a tablet? Like MightyText or MySMS?

regression says:

I am anxiously waiting to hear about this from Google....

I'm very interested in that too. Would love to quit using Mightytext

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I'm sad. I won't be able to enjoy any of this on my HTC Evo 4g. It's still stuck on Gingerbread. At least my OG Nexus 7 still works (barely).

lightyear420 says:

Dude, your phone is 3 years old. Time for an upgrade if you want new firmware versions.

SeigaGen says:

Something tells me Google is planning on releasing all of this today.

brendilon says:

Something tells me you're going to be very disappointed.

Taz89 says:

So looks like Google will be keeping kit kat and apps like hangouts exclusive for the nexus 5 for a few weeks... #fail

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Explain how that's a fail. Sounds like, you're just impatient, lol.

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brendilon says:

or a troll.

havesomejoe says:

So I'm guessing the indicator for what device you are using is how you will decide where your message will go? Still very confused on how you can send an SMS to someone who has hangouts logged in on their browser but not on their phone.

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sprint4lyfe says:

When you are in hangouts there is a drop down menu to pick hangouts or SMS for the contact you are talking to.

jerethi says:

So does anyone read this to mean that we will be able to send SMS and MMS messages from a tablet though Hangouts?

Posted via my Galaxy SIII

SebasCvdB says:

If your tablet has regular service yes.. Wifi only? No..

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wturner859 says:

The update date on the play store page just changed to oct 31...

wturner859 says:

this is it...confirmed real deal.

flimsy888 says:

I feel this may be a virus....

wturner859 says:

no seriously... i swear to god... check here on xda...

Oh shipping woes...

Posted via my SGS3 waiting on my black Nexus 5 32gb...

NastyNeil says:

Only thing I don't like is that it forces mobile data to send MMS and not Wi-Fi. Other than that I like it a lot.

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Telperion says:

MMS has always required mobile data, as it goes over the cellular network. Picture sharing, etc, however can be WiFi as far as I understand.

rkopsie says:

MMS works non WiFi for me.. Sprint Galaxy S4 even with data shut off still works.. no one can figure out my phone it is hilarious

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javierlp says:

So now you'll have your txt backed up automatically, right?

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SebasCvdB says:

Running new Hangouts on Galaxy S3 Stock 4.1.2 the only problem is when sending a picture that it just kinda restarts everything (refreshes homescreen) but nothing that will disturb your work flow really. Sms works great.

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bm13084 says:

Wish it could tell if someone is using hangouts and send via that instead of number automatically like (sorry gross!) iMessage or whatever it's called.

vulcZ says:

Call me crazy, but what is the point of MMS right now? Last time anybody tried sending me a video through text, it took her nearly 5 minutes to send, and me another 5 minutes to receive. Not only that, it looked like trash. I can share media with this same person using Hangouts 100x's faster.

MetalMike901 says:

I'm ready if you are Google! Bring it!

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

rkopsie says:

they need to incorporate Facebook with this so our contacts can have pictures associated with yhem

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