It's just like being Tony Stark! Minus the women, money, genius, and booze. 

You might have heard about the new free to play Iron Man 3 on-rails shooter coming soon to Android. We caught up with the Gameloft folks here at GDC 2013 to have a go, and it looks fantastic. Players have to tap, swipe, and tilt to avoid obstacles and blow up bad guys.

Android Central at GDC

Along the way, players collect tokens which can be spent on buying bitchin' new Iron Man suits and consumable power-ups.  Even though it largely follows the simple endless runner formula, the awesome graphics and wealth of unlockables guarantees you'll be playing this one for awhile to come.

Keep an eye out for this one in Google Play on April 25. Anyone itching to catch the new movie?

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fine1b01 says:

why is it being shown on an IP** though? :/

Simon Sage says:

This has been a running theme through GDC. I needled every dev I met about an Android version of whatever they were showing on iPad, and most of the time they said the Android version is coming later. Just a little discouraging. Figured Iron Man 3 was a big enough deal to show you guys regardless of the device it was being demoed on. 

mwara244 says:

Thank you simon, this looks awesome, hope it is sandbox play i hate following a chose path

impulse101 says:

Do you ask them why they make it for IOS first when they have 1/3 the amount of users that Android has?

Is this free?

Simon Sage says:

It will be, yeah.

Could not find it on the Play Store? WTF?

JGouse0498 says:

Sneak preview. Game doesn't come out until April 25th. Date is at the end of the article.

deesugar says:

Looks a little too easy, to the point it would be boring.

edwinc8811 says: its Temple Run: Iron Man?
its not an open world where you can fly anywhere?

Simon Sage says:

Nope. Definitely a shift in gears, but I think it's easier to enjoy tiny bites of play with this kind of format. 

Gearu says:

How many Gameloft employees died at their desk during development this time?

jshum says:

Looks like a rip off of Stan Lee's Verticus game for iOS. Another knock-off freemium game from Gameloft. Garbage.

waterbound says:

Looks like another plane game that is redesigned graphically to look like a man..pass