Nexus 7 - it's breaksclusive!

Folks seem to have lost their minds a little bit over the 32-gigabyte Nexus 7 -- which remains unannounced, though Staples (always them, right?) apparently has no qualms about selling them early. So in the spirit of utter ridiculousness, here's some breakslclusive hands-on in-the-wild first-look oh-my-god-it's-full-of-stars video of the 32-gigabyte Nexus 7, courtesy of John1029 in our forums.

As should surprise no one, it's a Nexus 7. With 32 gigabytes of storage. (Actually, more like 27.5.) And that's it. It's running Android 4.1.1 out of the box, which also should surprise no one, since Android 4.1.2 just pushed over air, and these would devices would have been flashed before then. No big deal. At all. In fact, it's not even a deal. It's a non-deal.

Still, this is a decent enough walkthrough, and all snark aside, it's great to see our readers get the goods. Hit the break for the full video.

Source: Nexus 7 forums


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Hands-on breaksclusive video with a 32-gigabyte Nexus 7


Still, this is a decent enough walkthrough, and all snark aside, it's great to see our readers get the. ?

Did you forget to finish the sentence or was "the" suppose to be "one"?

Who edits the editor?

At 7 a.m. on a Sunday? The editor edits the editor. Deal with it.

And I'll kindly ask you to keep your punctuation inside your quotation marks. I don't know what kind of outfit you think we run here, but such wild-west grammar won't be tolerated.

Question marks and exclaimation points go outside the quote unless they are part of the quote itself. (Yes, even in the USA)

Hey everyone, cut Phihl some slack. Phihl is just trying keep us all informed. I, for one, can overlook an occasional mistake that Phihl makes.

Just changes amount of storage. Meh. Push before holidays. Expect to see that 8GB for thanksgiving special $99 . Asus and Google accomplished what they wanted - hype surrounding quad core 7 inch and with good reason. Here comes thanksgiving/Christmas rush

Make one with wireless data and a rear facing camera......will complete the nexus!

Did they fix the screen separation issues with the early ones? I returned mine because of it, and took a refund. Decided to wait for a 3g or 4g one.

I haven't noticed any issues with screen separation. I didn't own a nexus 7 before this 32gb version, so really don't know if there is anything different between the 8gb,16, or this 32gb version.
I will say that this 32gb Nexus 7 is very solid as far as build quality goes.

Yea if the 8 gb is 99 bucks I'll try to pick one up. I 32 for 250 if that's the price is a great deal though. I that would mean the 16gb tab will drop to 199 so it's a win for people all around

I agree, $250.00 is a great deal for a 32gb tablet of any size. I've been on the fence about buying one, and the only reason has been the lack of on-board storage or sd card slot.

I can do without the camera since I don't think I've actually used the ones on my Ipad or thinkpad tablets.

i spent £170 on the 8gb i regret it so much now cant even enjoy large games like horn as that alone takes 3gb and less then 6gb is available...if i had knew that a 32gb verson for £199 was coming out this soon i would have waited.

For those regretting their earlier purchase of the 8Gb/16Gb, list them now for sale while you still can (locally that is, ebayers wise-up pretty quickly). There are tons of the "great unwashed" who have no idea a lager, cheaper unit is coming and you can likely get the bulk of your money back.
I, for one, was lucky enough to hear the 32Gb rumors before my return window on the 16Gb I purchased expired, so back to the store it went for a full refund.
Might have to make a trip to my local Staples today...

you really think its amazing you have an exclusive over a device thats only difference is it has 32gb? wow . Its awesome to have 32gb and all but thats the only difference. Its to bad they didnt put a micro sd card in there..

I think that's the Big reason that people want to switch out or jump on this then any other model because of not having the Micro-SD slot. I do understand that Google Nexus line is and was created for Development but to the Masses it is great 200 tablet that they can afford. That's why The Fire was such a big hit.

I think Google needs to watch it though, Like someone else stated they don't want to piss off the Manufacturers(Samsung) With bringing Cheaper tabs to the market with great specs. That maybe why they partner up with them on the past 2 Nexus Phones and why the Rumored Nexus 10 is by Samsung. Yes I know how the Nexus Program works and it is bid on but Companies are known to give out information to the other to ensure they win the bid.

At the end if a great product is released and a great price then everyone will be happy and some would have wanted more.

I think this is more of, someone got one(32gig model) before the release date for an unannounced tablet. Staples is probably kicking themselves for this

Unless they are panning to take my speaker blown 16gb Nexus 7 and give me a 32gb one in return ... I really can't do cartwheels over this announcement.

I am going to Staples on Thursday and try to buy a 32 gb. I called my local Staples and they said I could buy on the 25th.

I tried about 30 minutes ago. Seems Staples has caught on. While they did have one at the store, it rang up for $9,999.99 and explicitly said in their computer not to sell it. :-/ Looks like I'll have to wait out the week anyways

i just got mine on friday :D i work at staples and we just got three in and on my brake i bought one good thing i waited lol i cant imagine having a 16GB i have music movies and apps on there only 11Gigs left. i love the nexus 7 its almost perfect for me. i even got it on my 10% discount