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Gameloft has been teasing a spin-off of their World of Warcraft clone for Android, Order & Chaos, for a few weeks now, and today took off the the wraps. It turns out Heroes of Order & Chaos will be a lane defense game (or MOBA), similar to Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends, and others in that sphere.

For those unfamiliar, you pick one of many flavorful, unique heroes, and use them to defend your headquarters against waves of mindless drones coming to do destroy your towers through three seperate lanes of attack. Not only do players have to defend, but they have to push into the opposing team's area and take out their base in order to win. 6 free heroes will be available on a shifting rotation, though you'll be able to pay through in-app purchases for permanent access. 

I'm just starting to get into Dota 2, and am finding the gameplay really great; it's actually pretty surprising that we haven't seen more games like it on Android yet, and I'm pretty confident Gameloft will do a good job with adapting the experience for mobile. Any LoL or Dota fans out there? Would you be willing to weather a gauntlet of microtransactions to play it on Android? At least you're already used to it from PC, right? We can expect Heroes of Order & Chaos to hit Google Play on October 11. 

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Gameloft's new Order & Chaos spin-off will be lane defense


I personally play LoL. Played HoN and DOTA2 but I still keep playing LoL just because it is so simple and I've been playing it longer. I do think eventually this game may become like HoN and DOTA2 where everyone is free and they make money off of skins and such. Hopefully this will b playable on small-ish phones (4" or so).

I've been playing Dota since high school, and it's still entertaining as hell to play.I can't wait to be able to play this type of game on my android. : )!

I used to play DOTA (Played it for almost 2 years) and I would have no problem playing this game. Hopefully it's not Tablet exclusive or something.