Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Flip Case

It's expensive, but highly functional — so long as you can keep the window clean

The Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Flip Case is an expensive way to protect your phone. But, damn, does it ever look nice. We first got a glimpse of this guy at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and it's now available for purchase, along with the phone.

For the newcomers out there, this is a case that replaces the back cover of your Galaxy S5. It has the same rubber gasket as the stock back, so you retain the IP67 rating for dust and moisture — an important thing to look for with any Galaxy S5 accessory, but admittedly less of a concern with Samsung's own products. The inside of the back cover is nearly identical to the back it's replacing. But the external look and feel are completely changed, replaced by a leather-like cover. It looks great. It feels great. (And if you're like us and putting a black cover on a white phone, the contrast is quite striking.)

The design of this case can't be understated.

Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Case

Again, it's expensive, but it's really well done, from the stitching to the edges where the camera pokes through, to the roundabout way it makes room for the 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port and the phone's front home button. The case's corners take away a bit of the roundness of the phone, but that's not a huge deal.

The spine of the case is nicely rounded and has little markings for the volume up and down buttons. And that brings us to the highlight of this accessory — the fact that it's extremely functional. There's the transparent window on the front that measures at 4.5 square inches. Hit the power button and you get a peek at the time and date — and any relevant notifications. And from there you can open up the camera app and take pictures without having to open the case. One quirk with that, however, is that the images are shot at a 1:1 aspect ratio and 2,976 x 2,976 resolution. That fits the case's window quite nicely but looks weird later. You can choose focal points while you're shooting, though, and whether you want to use flash.

The only real options for the S-View Case on the software side are to show weather information and pedometer stats if you've got that turned on in S Health.

Phone call comes in? Answer or reject it by swiping on the window — no having to open the case first. Nice. But you'll want to keep some sort of cleaning cloth handy, though, as the window tends to gunk up pretty easily, either from whatever's floating around your pockets, or from fingerprints, quickly turning an otherwise stunning accessory into something that doesn't look nearly so pristine.

And, yes, the display turns on when you open the flip cover. That's it, really. No slots for credit cards. No wireless charging — yet, as a Qi version of this case is still expected. Just a solid, stylish flip cover, available in a number of colors, including black, white, green, pink and rose gold.

The case will run you around $50 retail — currently has it on sale.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Flip Case


The back looks more like a note 3 to me. Nice case though, I've always like the idea behind being able to protect your screen and still use it.

Posted via Android Central App

Cool. Little things like this definitely set Samsung's high end devices from the rest.

Posted via Android Central App

Little things like this makes it seem inferior to other devices like the One m8 for its Dot View case
Posted via Android Central App

Must be a preference thing, but I think the dot view case is ugly. If I bought the M8, I'd never put a case on it, it's too damn pretty to cover up.

Really? The dot view is a hit with the cool factor, but sorely lacking.

Posted via Android Central App

Picked up this case for my girlfriends Galaxy s5 and she loves it. Works really well and has some nice added functionally while also looking great.

Posted via Android Central App

I have one of these for my Note 3. Can confirm that it has some great functionality. Also can confirm that the plastic window is impossible to keep clean - it picks up all lint within a 5 foot radius, smudges very easily, and will scratch if you so much as breathe in it's direction.

Use caution... after some use the screen gets dirty and if you talk while having the cover on you can end up scratching the screen. I have it on my note 3 and noticed tiny little scratches where the clear part is. the other part is perfect.

Looks promising. I wonder how well it will handle a drop, if it will stay closed to protect the device, and remain intact, rather than breaking away from the S5. It looks like it would add to the inconvenience of dealing with the USB cover, so if I get the S5, I will wait for the availability of wireless charging before buying this accessory.

I had been using one until today when I clumsily dropped my phone. The case opened during the fall and fell sort of screen first on the bottom right corner. Screen didn't break, but I do have a nice ding on the fake metal trim.

I considered myself lucky and bought a case that protects all four corners. I might check out one of the folio cases with a clip to keep the cover closed when not open too.

Posted via Android Central App

I played with it in the Verizon store today and wasn't impressed at all. But then I've never been a fan of flip cases.

Defeats the purpose of their nice dimpled non-slip back though. :(
I didn't like the big window, it looks ugly. But appearently, the one with the smaller window they made before for the s4 didn't sell as well as the big window one for the Note 3. So they're making the big window ones only. :(

I love my S - View case on my S4 and flip case on tab pro 8.4 but I hate it on the S5 cause it's square. Maybe there will be a rounded third party out there should I ever buy the S5.

Posted via Android Central App

Does the front cover stay closed without magnet?
Are you allowed to bend back the front cover so that you can use phone with one hand and will front cover close back flat afterwards?

I prefer the leather cases over at They're just as stylish and you can at least use them as a wallet at far cheaper cost. 50 dollars is way too much for a case

Got this case from China. YES it is OEM and I paid 14.99. Yes it takes 1-1/2 - to 2 weeks, but for this kind of price difference it's amazing. I just placed my order for a second case. I got the turquoise blue case, have the white one also. Love these cases,