Samsung Galaxy S5

So you've got your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S5. Congratulations! But now that you've got your phone, it's time for a little Galaxy S5 help. And you've come to the right place.

When it comes to smartphones — and in this case, when it comes to setting up your Galaxy S5 in particular — there are a few things we always recommend doing.

And with that, we present the first five things you should do once you've got your Samsung Galaxy S5.

For more, swing by our complete Galaxy S5 help page!

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dwd3885 says:

love the S5 coverage. Getting the phone tonight. Can't wait to read the review.

jayjay234 says:

Can't wait to get it!!!!

rmkilc says:

Hmm, my list only has 3 items.

1. Sell it.
2. Buy a Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 with all that cash.
3. Enjoy life.

ArclightX says:

I was going to suggest throw it in the garbage then light the garbage on fire but I can get behind your path..

NoNexus says:

Why go from a Rolls Royce to a Yugo?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Qwkslvrmz says:

Ouch, that's a low blow.. Lol
It's not that bad!!

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NoNexus says:

Nah the 5 is not that bad or that great, and I own a 7 but there is no need for the Nexus crap in every thread

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

vividrich says:

I own both the current N's and completely agree with you on the last point; I mean I'm never gonna buy an S5 but I still like reading about it and keeping up with what they're doing....

jeddo45 says:

Kinda hard to say that seeing the fact that every time you comment, you come off as not liking The Nexus line...

Nexus 5...enough said

ScottJ says:

Bingo. The Nexus crap on every thread is his troll ass.

ConTejas says:

NoNexus is a troll? You don't say? "It" cracks me up here and there though.

OT looking forward to checking the GS5 out, 9/10 chances it won't replace my N5 though and I'll do exactly what rmkilc laid out.


Right? Nexus users starting to sound like Apple fanboys on every thread/article. Why can't we all enjoy the phone that best suits our needs/income?


**Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!**

metle_geek says:

Dude the Germans never bombed pearl harbor that was the Japanese we actually didn't go to war with the nail until Hitler declared war on us and we entered the European theater to help Britain learn your history the Germans navy never made it that far possibly a u boat or two but never a battle ship the British navy sank them

ScottJ says:

It's from a of the greatest comedies of all time. I'll let you figure out which movie.

Omar Diaz says:

Get the hell out of this forum if your not interested on the gs5 you idiot..go to another blog about nexus junk phones..

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rmkilc says:

Wow, people really get uptight when it comes to TouchWhiz, bloatware and plastic physical home buttons. That was MY list. If someone handed me a free GS5, that's what I would do.

Closingracer says:

physical buttons > Digital on screen buttons but that my opinion .... Touchwiz is much better then sense imo and i want plastic over metal

rmkilc says:

I prefer on-screen buttons. They go away when watching a video, so no real estate is wasted. The screen can be bigger, so it extends where physical buttons would be (I realize not all manufacturers actually do this- see HTC M8 vs M7). On-screen buttons can adapt to any future changes that may happen to Android. On-screen button layouts can be modified by the user. On-screen buttons make a lot of sense, just like on-screen keyboards. They are there when they need to be, and gone when they don't need to be. They adapt to what's relevant.

I also prefer plastic over metal.

Closingracer says:

I had the nexus 5 and while i liked the phone the battery life and No wifi calling on T-mobile was a deal breaker for me so which i got the Note 3. Oh screen vs physical isn't a Deal breaker but i prefer Psychical buttons because when i had the nexus 5 the Buttons wouldn't go away watching videos depending on where i watched the video. Youtube and Netflix worked fine but didn't if it was an embedded video on a website that wasn't a youtube video where you can choose to watch it on youtube. I also actually like the Menu button over recent apps button ( why i prefer the note 3 over the Galaxy s5 lol)

rmkilc says:

The menu button has been obsolete since 2011. Definitely time to let go.

Closingracer says:

Meh I still use it and will use it till they stop making phones with it ( probably the note 4 lol)

BoB16731 says:

Troll less ffs I love nexus I have the 5 and the nexus 7 but dam leave that shit at the door

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Troll fail.

grunt0300 says:

I like Samsung phones, but the 5 seems too big. It's more like a mini tablet.

RusticKey says:

The S5? Too big?
Lad, do you even Note 3.

My device went through hell to send this message.

pedopoker says:

I agree, but you're exaggerating, 4.7" IS THE BEST!

It is the same size as the S3.

joebob2000 says:

Regarding item #1:
Does the S5 have as crappy of a lock system as all the Galaxy phones that came before it? I am still using my S3 because I can't decide if upgrading and continuing to deal with this hell is worth it. Locking the phone immediately when a call ends? FFS no. Locking the phone in dock mode? FFS no. Not allowing the phone to go to swipe-unlock for a set period when a strong lock is set up? FFS no. Come on. Locking your phone is important (and full device encryption + wipe support) but they make it so damn hard to LIVE with the lock that it just makes me want to snap the thing in half.

So, there you go, if these things are fixed that would be good to know. No one reports on "features" like this, but I wont buy another Galaxy until i can be confident it works any better than all the other ones i've had.

danaconda says:

This is exactly why I left after the GS3. I don't know how this is the first I've ever read of anyone actually complaining about it besides myself. Oh, you want to use voice dial to call someone while driving? Nah, the screen is locked. Is your phone also encrypted? I guess you have to use an 8 digit alphanumeric password to unlock to be able to call someone while driving...

Hopefully that's fixed now.

Duncan1982 says:

To those purchasing enjoy, its not for me this one and instead i have jumped ship and ordered the Xperia Z2.

But its not that bad and I'm sure to those that have purchased or are going to will enjoy what is a Good phone :-)

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ki11ak3nn says:

Where did you order your Z2 from?

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cayala0501 says:

Hopefully your Z2 doesn't overheat

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ddot196 says:

Only when shooting in 4k. And even other phones that now have this ability clearly warn you to not shoot for long durations because of this. Simple really.

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Omar Diaz says:

Waiting on mine coming in tomorrow. .I loved it when I played with it at best buy..I'm sure it's gonna be phone of the year! GS5 Rocks!

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tdizzel says:

The title says first 5 things, but neither unboxing or turning on the power made the list. How odd

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra


samurai65 says:

How about root and be rid of TouchWiz? That'd be my number one. :D

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NoNexus says:

Then you would be a huge fail

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

ScottJ says:

You are setting some sort of record for nonsensical posts today.

Are you ok? Did you suffer a stroke?

BoB16731 says:

I picked up a note 3 TW has matured tremendously

Nexus 5 Nexus 7 HTC One Galaxy Note 3

bespinct says:

Why root to get rid of TouchWiz? Most of what people dislike can be configured away and there are many home screen replacement options. All without the instability of custom ROMs.

I'm looking forward to playing with my wife's S5 lwhen it's delivered to my office. Who knows, maybe she'll be getting a used G2 instead.

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RusticKey says:

Why would you. Other than the stupid S-Health, TouchWiz has gotten far better in the recent years.

My device went through hell to send this message.

TouchWiz is way better now.

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This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

GrooveRite says:

Thank you Phil for settling that argument!

DWR_31 says:

First thing to do is put it back in the box and wait for the G3(LG).

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, K00949438Yd FRAMILY!

This. ^^^

LG G2 > other phones

GrooveRite says:

If it comes with sd card slot and removable battery, I'll take it!! I really like the G2 but no slot and removable deal for me.

Joel E says:

"This damned thing"
"the biggest sin"
"Tell your phone to shut the hell up"
"No. this isn't another joke about Samsung phones being plastic (that in itself is a joke, ya know)"
Lol Phil, please stop doing coverage for Samsung products, you let your personal disdain seep into almost all your articles on them.
Got love for you but I really hope you let someone else do the full S5 review.

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U mad???

LG G2 > other phones

Joel E says:

Nope ^_^
Would just like my preferred tech site to have unbiased, impersonal,reviews about a device I'm going to buy.
You'd feel the same if every other sentence had a jab at your beloved G2.

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Phew. For a second there I was afraid I'd only written four sentences. Turns out I wrote a few more than that and you picked a few colorful lines to get mad at.
I like the GS5, actually, even if I don't like everything it does.
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Joel E says:

I'll use your article on how to turn on developer options on the S5 as an example. Done just right. No "color" needed, just simple how-to.
And here you have the title of this article as the first 5 things you NEED to do... but Neither of those 5 things NEED to be done.
Had you titled this: "here are the first 5 things that I did with MY S5" then I would've just kept quiet, shake my head and smiled.

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troyboytn says:

I will have to agree with Joel. Let Jerry or Alex do the full review of the S5 please. I would rather hear of the specs and features of a phone.....not someones biased opinion against it and the company that makes it in every other sentence.

Warrenisit says:

I think Phil calls it like he sees it. If something is annoying and bothersome he says it. Just so happens most others agree with his statements. If he hadn't been honest with how bad the camera was on the new HTC One I might have bought it. These annoyances he points out here are things I want to hear about cause I despise an inconvenient and needy device.

Another thought... I think this is the number one Android site because of the personalization of some of these articles. If you want pure specs/features you don't need Android Central for that.

Lmao. I can still like the phone and hate all of its annoying sounds, right?

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Joel E says:

Time and place my friend, time and place.
There's a time and place to just give a straight forward run down/explanation, and a time to put opinions and flair into the the message.
Samsung products get almost none of the former here, especially by Phil.
that's my viewpoint though, completely cool to disagree. I respect yours.
Read any article on the M7/M8 here and you'll see that they struggle to write anything negative, then read an article about the S4/S5, you'll see what I'm talking about.

It's not illegal...and by all means write however you want (yay America :-) just shouldn't be easy to guess exactly what a writer feels about a topic that may not need feeling.

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You mean like where we've said the M8 is big and slippery? The camera is good but finicky? And Dot View Case is neat, but functionally a mess once you open it?

Like those things?

LiveFaith says:

Joel is generally correct IMO. Just a feeling I have gotten for the past several months too. Just sayin', that's all.

hitsmanj says:

Spot on, they even did a piece on it about a month ago ( and the disdain starts at the top.

markbc says:

I wouldn't expect anything more from Phil..
He just doesn't get Samsung..

Even the theme of the article suggests nothing different. The vanguard AC article about the newest premier phone tells us:
- use a lock screen
- kill touch sounds
- sign in to your Samsung account
- add a mSD card
- remove the plastic.

The notes and comments in this article were not very useful. Might have worked for Reader's Digest, but unexpected for Android Central..

Even the mainstream media, non-reformed print journalists (some of whom are even apple fan-folks) have delivered more. . . much more. . .

Frankly, Alex & Jerry would not push anything like this forward.
Please let them do the real review(s). . .

I know, right? How dare I do a post that might help folks new to smartphones, new to Samsung smartphones, and new to the Galaxy S5. How dare I.

Gator352 says:

This isn't a review. It's more of a how to style article which I appreciate. Besides its a good read. Also, you can either use your finger or a scroll wheel to pass the article right up to something more your speed.

Posted via the porcelain throne.

goldfndr says:

Phil told us to add an SD card. Not an mSD card (whatever that is).
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sladyrko says:

I will buy it tomorrow because my contract is over and It will be in a good price.. And I will sell it and buy me something different.. But I will give it a try for a couple minutes to see how it is.. Who know I may like it and keep it.. :-)))))

dizzle16 says:

i just read something that sums up this phone perfectly for me. if apple released it, it would be called the apple galaxy S4s. Theres nothing game changing about this phone except the fingerprint scanner, and i dont know how ive lived this long without one of those.

I don't think it's quite that simple. But at the same time, so what if it's iterative? Why reinvent the wheel?

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dizzle16 says:

Because the price tag and the bar they themselves set. Iteration is to be expected in the industry, heck it's the modus operandi, I just had higher expectations. I find the moto x, 6 months later, a better buy. The galaxy s5 is big, bright, and looks much the same as the s4. Cast a vote and see how many s4 owners are purchasing a s5 immediately versus those who will wait. Btw I don't favor any one company particularly. They all bring something nice to the table. Given a choice right now I'd spend my hard earned $ on a m8 of i HAD TO. But I don't, so I want to see what Motorola offers later in the year.
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Taz89 says:

Which flagship this year hasn't been iterative? M8,z2? You can argue the s5 added more over the s4 than the m8 did over the m7

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

sdmark says:

I respectively are my 5

1. Decide to break warranty
2. Root
3. Install custom recovery
4. Install custom ROM
5. Have fun!

Gator352 says:

Then why buy it? You can do that with any phone.

Posted via the porcelain throne.

TheDu9du says:

3.1 disable haptic feedback...
...for some weird reason I find it tackier than plastic on the phone.

I'm the opposite. But to each his own. :)

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cokemanpac says:

Add return to it lol

All jokes aside I got to play with one today before we drop it tomorrow. Here are my take always.

1. The white one looks like a fake chinese worked phone(if you have seen one you'll think the same)

2. Its pretty smooth but lags when switching app.

3. Button layout is stupid.

4. Setting menu is retarteeddddddd

5. Camera is awesome

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rbarnes65 says:

Just now, after 3 months, took the plastic off of my camera lens! Hahahaha!

Galaxy S4

How do you think I learned that one? Lol.

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fotyc says:

Me too! Never knew it was there! lol

The Stig CA says:

That plastic over the camera lens reminds me of a complaint a friend had about his car. He said how shabby the blue door sills were looking after about 3 years (they were tearing). I told him, the stuff that is tearing is the blue plastic film you are supposed to remove after buying the car which is there only to protect the brushed aluminum door sills.

His response, "but I like the blue."

Ignorance is bliss.

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rbarnes65 says:

It was looking pretty shabby with that film over my camera lens. It looks brand new now!

Galaxy S4

QatarHero says:

Looks nice but I will stick with my Galaxy Note 3.

Posted from my Beastly Note 3 via Android Central App

B Posey says:

Typing from a T-Mobile Galaxy S5. First off this thing is AWESOME! And it came out the box with just under 12gigs of useable space. That's right, the T-Mobile version of S5 only uses a little over 4.4gigs of memory to operate. I actually dropped nova launcher (and I love nova!) because touch wiz is pretty damn nice. BRAVO SAMMY!!
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If you don't like Samsung and their products then fine but condescending everything they do is utter bollocks. They're still gonna make lots of profit off this phone so they still win in the end.

orcdl says:

Hic, i'm saving money to get that :((

kresk says:

I got to play with this phone at work today and it does feel really nice. Especially compared to the GS4. The waterproofing is definitely sick and 2800 battery is a respectable size. I like the weight and as weird as that back plate may or may not seem to some. I'm sold on it. Wait until you guys test it out. I think you'll all be pleasantly surprised by the texture and feel. The multitask button is a huge plus as well. The only thing I am not really in to is the chrome sides. Now I've been a Nexus guy since the NS , but I can still appreciate technology and that's just what this phone is, a nice piece of technology.

trivor says:


How is the signal strength?
My GS3 was the worst phone I have ever had. Does the S5 have better radios/antennas get better signals than S4/S3? How about some objective measures vs Moto X, G2, M7/M8, etc?

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DroidOn says:

I've always prefered to use the app Smart App Protector to password lock individual apps rather than the whole phone itself. That way I don't need to enter a password every time I turn my phone on. I find that just too annoying.

Posted via Android Central App

I would add to this to go through bloatware apps in the Applications Manager that you dont want and "Uninstall" them. While it doesnt completly remove it, it does reduce that app's storage footprint greatly and also removed it from your app drawer. It puts those app in a "Turned Off" tab in applications manager.

jakedsnk says:

Digging mine so far!

teomor says:

I would advise, the first thing to do to: Throw it away :)
But if you can't, at least throw away that stupid skinned Android and install CM!!!

Shadowpdx says:

got my phone yesterday (4/10). Have been in geek heaven setting it up. Great article!

Why dont add. Download apex/nova or any other launcher to hide the hideous ugly touchwiz. Seriously the new touchwiz is even more ugly and inconsistent. The color combination is seriously messed up.

tysartor says:

Preordered it and it came in on the 9th. Took it back the very next day and exchanged it for the m8... So glad I did. Runs much better and not gimmicky. To those that buy the s5, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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JCompMan says:

Don't Flame me, BUT... I can NOT justify the expense of the S5. I have the S2, WHICH by the way does most of the SAME things the S5 does. I can turn off my sound, I've been doing this for the last 2 years. I can pop in an SD card ( which is 64 gigs ), I just had to format it for the OS and I can access ALL 64 gigs, though Samsung says I should ONLY be able to access UP TO 32 gigs. As long as I'm not on a custom rom, TW only, I can access my Samsung acct, I just don't have fingerprint scanner, and a better camera, BUT my phone does what I want it to do, AND I don't have to PAY the outrageous price for a NEW phone. Mine still works fine Just my $.02 worth...

deh2002 says:

I'm going with 1 thing, take it back and get an htc one m8

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A2theC says:

WHA!!?!?! How is //_root_ NOT on this list, should be like #3
1.) Plastic crap off, check
2.) SDcard in, check (right after battery)
3.) ROOT!!
4.) Profit

It makes me so sad to see that there is already a help page for this thing, are we in an age of idiots that can't learn or read?....(yes)

Fillyo says:

I thought Android vs. Apple was bad, half the people commenting in here are just as bad, if you don't like the S5, go away. What kind of loser trolls a thread for something they dont' own, trust me, I have spend zero time in any forum for any device I don't own, nor would I feel the need to chime in something negative on it, what's the point, Android is different strokes for different folks.

SirBobaFett says:

1. Destroy it.
2. Profit.

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goldfndr says:

Do keep in mind, however, that there is a difference between an SD card and a microSD size SDHC or SDXC card. Woe be to anyone who merely reads what Phil wrote without looking at the accompanying picture.

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acelucero75 says:

I'm using an S3 running 4.3 it's a great phone. As soon as I'm eligible I'm either upgrading to an S5 or a Note 3. I find it amusing how people find anything to complain about.
Posted via Android Central App

Poor Phil is in a situation of damned if you do damned if you don't. for all those who say Phil hates Samsung, I have seen him in a podcast defend Samsung and get excited about some of the features of their phones, because he says something you don't like does not make him biased it just means you are really sensitive to what he said. Personally I think the S5 is the best consumer Android phone out there. That doesn't make it the best phone, but its the one I could give to a new smartphone owner and they would be happy and impressed by all it does.

scottbeamer says:

#6 Install a third-party launcher (e.g. Nova, Apex, Action, Smart, Aviate, etc).

trenton_5 says:

Am I dense or can you not zoom with the camera using the volume rocker? I can't find the setting for this....

Love Android central gs5

rshewmaker says:

Five months of crappy pictures with the S4 just to realize that was an actual sticker on the lens.

Anyone wonder if they made this phone so slippery like a fish so we drop it and it breaks. Then they can see more units? Just throwing it out there

jstoddard365 says:

Nexus 5 is aight, but not up to par with many new phones. Sorry fanboys. Nexus 7 is still hanging, but they need to update it pretty quick to remain relevant.

#6 Install Google Now Launcher so that you don't need a Google search widget to take up a quarter of the screen and can have hot voice activation from all screens.