A quick heads-up for those that missed it the first time around -- the official Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit is now back in stock at ShopAndroid.com. The kit, which is based on the Qi wireless charging standard, includes the official charging pad and charging back for Samsung's latest smartphone. After selling out last week, it's once again available to buy from ShopAndroid for $89.95, which is 10 percent off the list price.

If you're undecided, you can check out our full write-up on the GS4 wireless charging kit, which includes photos, video and a thickness comparison versus the standard back cover.

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ConTejas says:

It was sold out? People are buying this? You don't say? Second time I've been wrong. I was always right about the general ignorance of the majority.

s2weden2000 says:

you need a separate room for that ...look at the size of that thing!

Mac58 says:

Is this only for the white back cover, or do you guys also have the black back cover?

JayInNJ says:

Don't waste your money on the back cover. Get one of the receiver pads from ebay for $12. It slides under your current cover.

Mac58 says:

I have already done this ^-^ however, it just seems that shop android should note that the back cover is either only white or black, because its confusing for someone who is intending to buy one, and can make for a unhappy purchase if the wrong color is shipped. Seemed like a logical thing to do to me

AJC1973 says:

90 dollars? Wtf... Go to ebay.. Buy the back for 15...

I bought a Nokia qi charging plate at vzw for 50...

Shop around omg...

I am shocked that no carrier is throwing this in for free. This thing is great for when you come in from a night of drinking and is too drunk to find/connect your phone to the wired micro USB port.
/Once you try it you'll never go back