HTC ChaCha!

Let's offer a little context right off the bat -- Taiwanese tech rumor site Digitimes has an at-best patchy record when it comes to reports on unannounced devices. So naturally we'd recommend taking these latest Samsung and HTC rumors with a hearty pinch of salt.

First off, it's reported that Samsung has once again been chosen by Google to produce its next Nexus handset -- the follow-up to the Galaxy Nexus that's expected to appear in late 2012. ​Digitimes ​says that Samsung's position as the leading Android smartphone manufacturer means Google will continue to co-operate with it on future Nexus phones, leveraging "its ability to control the supply of key components", according to the site's sources. This is the first rumored (and of course entirely unconfirmed) information we've heard regarding the 2012 Nexus, which would be the third Google flagship phone to come out of Samsung. The phone would presumably be the reference device for the next version of Android, said to be codenamed "Jelly Bean."

In other news, ​Digitimes​ also reports that HTC and Facebook are preparing to team up on another Facebook phone, which will come to market "in the third quarter of 2012 at the earliest." The two companies co-operated on the HTC ChaCha (Status) and Salsa last year, though neither device was met with much success. The new phone, which is said to be running Android, "will have a platform exclusive to Facebook to enable and integrate all functions available on the social networking site", according to the site's sources. That's pretty vague, but based on the direction Facebook's taking its official Android app, we wouldn't be surprised to see Facebook integration baked into the native camera and messaging apps, at the very least.

So there you have it -- two rumors, both completely unconfirmed. We'll have to see how things pan out in the months ahead, but we wouldn't be too shocked if either of these turned out to be legit. We've seen some pretty aggressive expansion out of Facebook recently, and we're sure no-one would be surprised to see yet another Samsung Nexus.

Be sure to give us your take on this latest batch of rumors down in the comments.

Source: Digitimes


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Fresh rumors on next Samsung Nexus, new HTC Facebook phone offered by Digitimes


That's too bad about the next nexus phone being another Samsung. I doubt it will be better than the GS3 or One X anyway.

God please no....Samsung has already screwed the Nexus twice. Neither one of Samsung's nexi have been been as great as the original Nexus was. Please for the love of all things holy don't let them do it. Hand that torch to Moto or at least HTC.

Samsung in no way "screwed" the past two Nexus devices.

At the time of he Nexus One manufacturer spec races were nothing like they are today. Regardless of who builds it there will never be another Nexus that is so far ahead of the game when it comes to specs as the N1 was, all the manufacturers are just moving way to fast and trying too hard for that to happen now.

This isn't Samsungs' fault, the pace of the industry has just changed too much.

I agree. No more Samsung Nexus.

At best their phones have been mediocre, and there's no reason to give the industry leader even more heads up lead time over the competition. They drag their feet on production while they smuggle all the new features into their own phones.

Let HTC or Moto do it.

But more importantly, NO MORE VERIZON NEXUS.
Google doesn't need another knife in the back.

Me too - don't let Samsung do it. The GNex is already more Samsung than Google. I want something Pure Google, not Samsung. Think about it. Samsung "takes" the phone from Google but screws, spoils it and treats it poorly. Worst thing to happen ever.

sorry HTC fanboys HTC hardware is inferior to samsungs hardware. theres a reason they have produced 2 nexis. oh and that "build quality and design" that HTC boasts isnt gonna fool google thats only for the masses and fanboys

Honestly I haven't purchased a Nexus device because it has bent a sammy. I want the phone to by HTC and I want it to be ahead of its time. It seems like when they announce a nexus phone, it is barely on level with what is already out. Right now, the One X as well as the SSGIII are already better. The nexus one was revolutionary. Make it that!

Ok, let's be reasonable here. The One X is 6 months newer; that's a lifetime in terms of smartphones. And we still don't know anything real about the GS3; obviously it'll be better than the last. But you can't honestly think that the Nexus could be the best device for very long, no matter who makes it. It's all about new technologies and adoption rates. The Galaxy Nexus came out long before (not to mention, development of the device doesn't happen overnight)the current processors and screens were available (e.g. Qualcomm S4, Tegra 3, new Exynos). Its ridiculous to think that any phone can stay top of the line for any longer than a couple of months, IF that, flagship or not.

What's to say that it won't come with an A15 Quad Core CPU? They are expected to be out around late 2012 so if that's the case, it'll be better than the One X in every single way and probably better than the SIII if its based on A9. There is every possibility that the new Nexus phone is probably going to be the phone that forces HTC to bring out a new phone.

There's nothing bad about it. I also own a GSM gnex (yakju) and I've enjoyed just about everything it has to offer (except for the camera lol) . I think a lot of people that don't want to see another Samsung made nexus, never actually used a Samsung made nexus. Or they think, " oh it made out of plastic ? So it must be cheaply made." Which we know is untrue. There's nothing wrong with the build quality, I actually prefer the durable-lightweight plastic of Samsung phones. So I say , if Samsung does make the next nexus, I will most likely buy it. But I would also buy it if HTC made it. I just don't "get" all this Samsung hatred .

Chill, JC! Google is right: Samsung is in a very good position to compete with Apple as it controls most of the supply chain in procuring parts to make their phones. Hardly any reason to cause delay in the manufacturing process. I am quite happy with my GN. Yes, the camera is not top-notch but it's good enough to take some random photos here and there. Last but not least, I am able to achieve at least 24 hours on a full charge on the Samsung branded extended battery. This is with normal use and turning off all wireless devices/syncing at night.

As much as I love Samsung and my Galaxy Nexus, I'd prefer if HTC made the next Nexus. They really impressed me with the One X, and would love to see what they would do with a Nexus. But I get why they go with Samsung -- they're the leading OEM and their devices are built mostly In-house.

How about we give Motorola a chance. They do make some of the best hardware, they just spoil it on the software end of things.

Great.. Let's brace for the arrival of the Nexus Note! There's a monster in your pocket.. no, it's just a phone. I think it's a phone, it's pretty big for a phone, I just assumed monster.

Lol, I like how in the end of the first paragraph it says; "...we'd recommend taking these latest Samsung and HTC rumors with a hearty pinch of salt,"

BUT Almost all the comments above are reactions like it has been announced that Samsung is the make of the next Nexus, until GOOGLE announces it... STOP THE CRIES OF WOE. I'll admit I don't want Samsung to make the next Nexus, but I'm not gonna moan and cry because a rumor says they are. So just relax, take a minute to breathe.

We don't work for the government, HTC, or Wall Street, so it's ok for us to blindly woe in blind speculation. :)


Also, I'm not a hater of Samsung, I love my Epic 4G Touch, I just want to see what Moto, HTC, Sony, or LG can do for a Nexus phone.

I think because the Nexus One was such a great phone for a very long time. They want people buying phones more often than that ;)

because samsung is better. theres a reason there number 1. people stop crying google is gonna pick the best for there flagship and thats samsung deal with it

If this supposed-new 'Facebook Phone' arrives, I hope no one goes for that one, either. Why people think they need a single button to get to Facebook when they've got a perfectly good app for that is beyond me. It'd be like making an Instagram phone when you've got the camera button/app right there in front of you. In the immortal words of Gedde Watanabe in 'UHF': SO STOOPID!!!!

They way I see it - if it happens again - they hope by tying FB into the hardware plataform they may stymie the growth of competiors like G+ among Android users.

Frankly I agree is a ridiculous move, especially on light of their prior attempts at this.

We don't know all the details behind the hardware. Maybe there were a lot more hardware issues with HTC. Maybe screens are dirt cheap with Samsung making them and other parts are cheaper, giving them more profit per device than they could have gotten with HTC.

So possibly better yields, less support issues, and higher margins = Google wants Samsung to do it.

Google doesn't build Nexus phones for either volume or margin.
You've totally missed the point of the nexus line.

The nexus line is for pushing out new technology into the hands of developers.
It's not designed to sell millions of handsets.

Having owned two HTC (Hero, Evo 4G) and two Samsung (Epic 4G, Nexus S 4G) android phones, I would also prefer the next Nexus to be HTC, or at least not Samsung.

My reason is I find the radios (cell/3G/GPS) to be weaker on the Samsung variety as compared to the HTC on the same network. I am not sure if the fault lies with the hardware they choose or the radio drivers (or both), but enough connectivity issues do exists with my variants of Samsung as compared to HTC to prefer the latter.

I agree wholeheartedly. I "upgraded" from the EVO 4G to the Nexus S4G and, while I love a lot of things about the Nexus, I've been very disappointed with the reception. Side by side, the EVO always has better speedtest scores, locks onto GPS faster, and has a better range on wi-fi. I haven't owned a Motorola since the old RAZR clamshell, but it seems to be common knowledge that their radios are among the best. Since not everyone will be able to use LTE right away, solid 3G connectivity would be an important factor for me. But alas, us Sprint subscribers aren't the only customers Google needs to placate.

What we clearly need is a Facebook Nexus phone made by Motorola with TouchWiz. Pure unadulterated Facebook.

they can't even make a proper app for android and now they're trying to do an android phone? weird. silly.

While I do love my galaxy nexus, I really do feel that Samsung either held back or has even mildly sabotaged it in order to make their next (SGS3?) phone seem way better.

5Mpx camera is a joke considering that they already have a very good 8MPx in the SGS2.
The 720p pentile Amoled is lovely - but why not RGB? And we know they can do ultra-high res RGB screens as they supply the screen for the iPad3 at way beyond the specs of the Galaxy nexus (as an LCD - but still). No doubt the SGS3 will have 720P in full RGB.

The whole different flavors of Yakju debacle.

Lack of accessories that use the pogo pins. They are a strong feature of the phone any yet there is only 1 hideously expensive desktop dock available for it and constant excuses as to when the car dock will arrive. Again - I expect a full set of SGS3 accessories to be available at launch.

Nexus phones can and should be about more than just the newest Android build.
They can be built with little compromise and can have the halo effect that can attract the general public, not just developers and enthusiasts.