Abby and Lloyd hang out in Arizona

*UPDATE* The contest is closed, and we're sorting through the approximately 200 entries now. We'll have a blog post up in the next couple of days with the announcement of who won!

Lloyd likes to travel, and with summer upon us he is itching to break out and see the world. Last year he jumped in your suitcases and pockets and traveled to all sorts of fun places, our favorite being the Googleplex in California, his birthplace if you will. So we think it's time to help curb Lloyd's craving for adventure in far off places, and at the same time give you guys a chance to win the brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S III. But wait… we're not giving away just one of these, we're giving away FOUR of them! That's right, four Samsung Galaxy S IIIs are on the line one for each of the major carriers releasing the phone in the coming weeks. (That'd be Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile).

So how do you enter? It's easy. Maybe too easy.

  • Download Lloyd from this link, then print him out and put him on a stick or something. Do not just Photoshop him into a picture.
  • Take a picture with yourself and Lloyd. No, not just Lloyd. We want to see you, too. If you're not in the picture, you're not in the running.
  • If you submit a picture of yourself in a Lloyd T-shirt, we'll accept that, too. Buying a shirt's not a requirement for this contest, though.
  • E-mail your shots in. Use the subject line "SGS3 Contest".
  • You may email us more than one picture, but this is a contest, so make sure you send in the best of the best.
  • We'll accept entries through June 27. That gives you a little over two weeks to get your shots in.
  • We'll pick our favorites, or we'll put it up to the group for a vote if we get a lot of great entries, which I'm betting we will.
  • Remember, we're giving you a phone -- you're on your own for service.
  • The winners will get to choose which SGSIII they want and we'll ship it out after the contest ends. The contest is open internationally, however please note the carrier choices. It's on you to pick which model will work in your country and take care of any unlocking that may be required. We are also not responsible for any customs duties/fees that may arise.

So that's it. Grab Lloyd and head out into the wild. Show him a good time. Then win a Samsung Galaxy S III. Epic. 


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Contest: Take Lloyd on an adventure and win 1 of 4 Samsung Galaxy S IIIs!


I just finished a hike to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I bet Lloyd would have liked to be at the tallest point in Africa. Too bad this contest didn't come a little sooner! :(

"Why no international version?" [2]

seriously? can I apply from UK or is that closed for US residents?
Those details should be better explained about promotions.

Last point:
.... The contest is open internationally, however please note the carrier choices (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile). It's on you to pick which model will work in your country and take care of any unlocking that may be required. We are also not responsible for any customs duties/fees that may arise.

I was going to ask the same but then I read the post twice. Though I didn't find this one, is shipping included or it depends?


Shipping is always included. But if an international entry wins, we have no control over any customs fees that may arise. Normally there isn't a problem as it would be marked as a 'gift', but once or twice there have been charges.

I'm going to Kazakhstan next month but I'd like to see some residency requirements before I'm photographed at the border wearing nothing but a Lloyd T-shirt and a Borat mankini. I'd also hate to end up with the Verizon model in Spain after all that.

"We'll pick our favorites, or we'll put it up to the group for a vote if we get a lot of great entries, which I'm betting we will."

If we are already on our vacation and dont have a shirt or access to a printer , can we draw him and use that?

You guys are overthinking it. :)

Take a picture with Lloyd somewhere cool. We don't care what color. Sure, you can draw him if you absolutely can't print it out -- as long as it still looks like Lloyd, lol.

just finished listening to the podcast, they said that u decide which sgs3 carrier to send. but here in the contest post it is written "he winners will get to choose which SGSIII they want". so which one is it?

I'm confused.

We are allowed to submit multiple pictures, but they say to choose the best of the best. Does this imply we're only allowed one entry? Or will AC go through our multiple pictures and choose the best one, THEN add it to the pool of possible winners? Giving everyone one shot?

Basically if you send in a few pics, we pick our favorite from those as your entry so each person gets one entry regardless of how many pictures they send in. However, I'd like to mention that if you send in like 50 pictures (unless there is a damn good reason to do so), that would be annoying, hence the "best of the best" part. :)

Damn it, why did i first see this now. I would have taken a picture of me and Lloyd from the rapelling tower inside the local army base >.<. Now I have to find somewhere else in the town that might be interesting.

Doh!, I just got back from two weeks in South America. I could have got a shot of Me in one hemisphere and Lloyd in the other!

Not sure if it is just common knowledge or what not, but I never see it posted under rules, can I apply although I am under 18?

BOOOO these rules suck. what if a person is handicapped and can't exactly take a picture of him/herself? what if a person is unable to draw due to said handicap and doesn't have a printer or camera due to limited funds?

this should just be like past contests... make a simple comment in a thread or just submit an email to be randomly picked.

this extra jumping through hoops is unfair to some people. this seems like it is just for your own enjoyment of getting fun pics with your mascot.

p.s. you guys suck, no longer a fan.

So you are upset because one contest, out of the hundreds they have featured, actually makes you DO SOMETHING? I think this contest is awesome because it isn't just left to chance and the winner isn't a post that said simply "Pick me."

Good thing this contest isn't a capitalization contest. You surely wouldn't win then.

Look, take it easy and come back next week when they offer up another awesome prize just for posting a comment. It'll be ok. Just relax.

When you said the group will choose who is the group? And just out of curiosity about how many entries have there been?

There are approximately 70 entries so far, maybe a few less since some didn't follow the guidelines and Photoshopped Lloyd into the picture. The group is Android Central writers/mods and maybe a few from other Mobile Nations sites, if they choose to join in. :)

Try living in Chenoa......our town takes up less than 1.6 miles.

"Move along now, nothing to see here!" Literally

Wait...there is this ONE place...

Good day, We are from Russia, would like to participate in this wonderful fotokonkurse.Primite our work for consideration? Thank you.

Fired up for this contest! I'm glad you guys are mixing it up. Although my kids probably aren't too happy about it. I made my daughters go on a pretty long hike for the photo I submitted last night. haha

It's pretty awesome that you'll have them for the different carriers too. I'm on Sprint but what the hell- I'd probably switch carriers for a free S3 (not to mention Sprint 3G is c r a w l i n g in LA)! ;)

i used my wife in some of the pics...i hope this is OK.... i am really trying to win this phone for her because her phone was recently stolen!

The guys are AC are great, I'm sure they will share the news soon enough :) There are probably lots of great entries!

In the meantime I can say I'm diggin all the juicy Google IO Coverage :)

Submitted mine last week, I am excited for everybody! This is an amazing prize for showing Lloyd a good time. I took him to one of the most interesting places I could think of here in Alabama.

I took Lloyd to what I felt would be the most appropriate party in spirit on this GS3 contest. I hope you like the pics, and ofcourse hopefully enough to be one of the four winning pics~!!

I sent in a frame taken from a video I recorded on my current phone. It was an action shot that would be nearly impossible to predict the right 'click' moment. I was in the picture and so was Lloyd. All that sound legit? Good luck to all (but I think I have ya beat!)

Haha, nice. Good luck to you brother. I took a pretty awesome night time photo at the Griffith observatory. It came out great but who knows what will tickle their fancy!?

Good luck to everyone (especially me) haha! Either way, loving the AC.

Cool! I had to take an action shot too, i got some good shots but the camera was messed up and it blurred out a lot of the good pictures. Your idea seems like it might have worked. Do you mind telling me what you took a picture of?

Not that I'm aware of. But AC is good with this so I believe that they will within the next few days *hopefully :)

We had approximately 200 entries so it's going to take a bit to get through them all. You'll see a blog post go up with the names of the winners. :)

oh, that's a good one. Now I'm going to be checking AC's FB feed everyday for a post. I have a strong feeling I might actually win this one, and replace my godawful Droid3.. but so fearful at the same time of what others may have submitted.

but as others have said, my sentiments are mutual, can't wait to see some awesome places where Lloyd has been~!!

That's exactly what I feel like, checking AC all the time for the past 3 days! I'm pretty sure I got a good shot too. Good Luck! :)

Anyone else stalking the android central feed and their email to see if you won?

I sure would like to take a new SGS3 with me on vacation this Saturday - - I might even have to take Lloyd if I win :)

I have received an email from Michelle on the 10th of July, i replied.
still waiting for her answer!!!