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Sad news breaking this afternoon for anyone in the UK -- or abroad if you just couldn't wait -- that has pre-ordered a new Samsung Galaxy S III from Clove Technology. Just over 24 hours before the first appearance of the phone, the latest update from Clove has put the shipping dates back for both white and blue versions of the latest Samsung flagship. 

If you've ordered a white one, the delay is less. Instead of shipping on May 30, they will now begin shipping the following day, June 1, instead. It's the Pebble Blue variant that has a slight ring of alarm bells around it. But only slight. 

The first stock is now expected to arrive at Clove from June 5. The uneasy part, is that this date is still to be confirmed. 

For now, lets try not to panic too much. Yes, there have been rumors all over the interwebs about issues with the Pebble Blue Galaxy S III, and subsequent delays because of said rumored issues. At the moment, it is only Clove that have published details of any stock delays. 

We've reached out to our friends over at Clove to see if we can dig out some more details on this one. But, in the UK it's now out of office hours, so we may have to wait until morning. Sit tight folks. 

Update: The plot thickens, as it's now becoming clear this is a widespread delay --

  • Things are the same over at HandTec. They're on track for a May 31 release of the white version, but have no date available for the Pebble Blue. 
  • ​Digging through the UK carriers, it's clear that there is a blanket delay on the Pebble Blues. Three are showing a pre-order button for the white version, but "out of stock" next to the blue. O2 is the same story. Orange haven't changed from "coming soon" since the product page first went up, and T-Mobile still seem to be taking pre-orders for both versions. Over at Vodafone, the blue Galaxy S III is on back-order, with the aim to deliver within 2-4 weeks.
  • There are some small nuggets of good news though. The official Samsung store at Westfield has told us that they will still be holding their early launch for pre-order customers tomorrow, ahead of general release on May 30.
  • A press release from Carphone Warehouse today indicates that the retailer plans to stage an "early" launch on the evening of May 30, ahead of the Galaxy S III's general launch across its stores nationwide on May 31. No word on which colors will be available.
  • Supermarket giant Tesco -- who also have a phone network -- have added the following message to their website: “Please note: we have been advised by Samsung that stock of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Blue has been delayed. We will despatch your pre-order as soon as stock is available.”

Keep it locked to Android Central, we'll keep you posted as anything new comes in.

Source: Clove Technology


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Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III delayed across the UK


Ive still had no answer to my stock question from Dialaphone (part of Phones4U). Earlier in they day they said it was all going to plan.

This is a major mess up, someone must have known before now that there would be no stock. I wont know now until tomorrow whether im getting my phone or not. The day before its due to be released is unacceptable.

Yep, and it's not like this hasn't happened before. If you recall, it was the same with the Galaxy Nexus launch last year. The launch only ended up happening on-time at one store in London.  Then the official launch partner, Phones4U, made the incredibly scummy decision to jack up the price by $160 for the general launch throughout the country the next day.

It's pretty simple guys.

By letting people know the day before, they capitalise on getting as many pre-orders in as possible before they have to make a disappointing announcement that is likely to curb orders till release day. It's purely business, and decisions companies make to survive. Get over it and f**king wait like everyone else.

Well its failed since there are a large number of order cancellations going on. If people dont think they are going to get there phone for a month they want their money back.

Vodafone's customer service line is rammed. Guessing everybody got the email and started raging; I'm calling to see if I can switch my preorder to a white model. 2-4 week delay just isn't acceptable for me on the basis that I am renewing a 24 month contract.

Smart thinking Batman. Just phoned them and they've refunded my first full month's line rental as an apology for the inconvenience. Small consolation though, I was hoping to get it by the end of this week as I'm travelling Europe all next month. Conveniently they can no longer cancel the order as there are less than 7 days to the phone's official launch (even though this release date is clearly going to be missed).

Breaking News: Apple has filed an infringement suit on the color and texture of "Pebble Blue" Apparently Sky Blue and Candy Apple Red are also named in the suit. More at 11:00...

Still no news from anyone with an order with Phones4U. They were launch partners for the S2 and Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully they have the stock that made it in to the UK.

Here we go again! This is ridiculous, these manufacturers and partners just cnt seem
to get on the same page. Only affecting the consumer, i bet they are all rocking their new sg3.
What a bunch of silly clowns. Ppl might need to stop pre-ordering and just wait till the phones hit
the shelves. Such rookie moves these guys make
over and over and over. Im glad im not waiting for
any of these phones that have been through this
foolishness evo lte, one x, sg3 what a shame.

Well not meaning they are the exact same issue, js something always comes last minute to delay products from getting to the consumer on time as planned. Then i read nashtrucks post and it totally makes sense from a business standpoint who knows though.

Three Sweden have updated their internal listing to "Delayed, delivery 4th of june. Covers all orders"

Off Topic Rant: Guys, I will seriously be your copy editor. The day after May 30th is May 31st, not June 1st. There are 31 days in May... /Off Topic Rant
No disrespect guys, I love your website; I've just been noticing a lot of easily catchable and often confusing articles, hopefully, I can contribute in some way.

Back on-topic, sucks for y'all in UK, but at least you're still getting it way ahead of us in the United States. We're probably not even going to see it in June when they said, and it'll probably be an AT&T exclusive for 6 months before the other carriers get it...

Off opic rant: rdybala I will seriously be your copy editor. I hope you learn the proper use the word "hopefully". ;)