A new York-based watchdog called China Labor Watch has uncovered at least five cases of child labor at a factory that is contracted by Samsung in China.

Earlier this month, Samsung commissioned an independent survey to determine whether its suppliers were complying with Chinese regulations. The results of the survey indicated that most suppliers failed to meet adequate safety criteria, with a few factories letting workers under the age of 18 handling hazardous chemicals.

While there was no evidence of child labor in Samsung's survey, China Labor Watch's investigation revealed that a factory called Shinyang Electronics was hiring minors and underage students, making them work 11 hours a day without overtime pay or insurance. Samsung resounded in a statement to The Next Web stating that it was investigating the issue:

We are urgently looking into the latest allegations and will take appropriate measures in accordance with our policies to prevent any cases of child labor in our suppliers.

For the supplier in question, we have conducted a thorough audit in March 2013 which was followed by a third party inspection in August 2013, and yet another one in June 2014. No cases of child labor were found during these audits.

Back in 2012, the watchdog revealed that Samsung was hiring underage workers in a factory in South Korea, which promoted the manufacturer to issue corrective measures and a more rigorous hiring process. As for the latest allegations, it remains to be seen as to how Samsung handles the issue.

Source: China Labor Watch


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Child labor allegations surface at a factory contracted by Samsung in China


Hey I mean if they're getting paid and want to work let them. But the lack of overtime and insurance (to me) is the real problem. Even though insurance couldn't apply to them lol.

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Who cares? It's a China problem not a Samsung problem. Where else are you going to find small hands to work with all of those tiny parts?

Yep. Consumers don't give a crap anyway. Once they do, we might see some change in big corporate business.

"And nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care." - G. Carline

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Look at apple factories they had to put nets outside of its factory cause people jumped to their deaths. Look at all of the companies and see the shady things they do

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Is this true or just saying? That's awesome.... Lol find me a article. Who gives their life for Apple. Maybe for a android partner... But for Apple? Must be on Crack

The conditions were so horrible that people were jumping to their deaths from the dorms next to the factory. They were made to work mandatory 12 hour days, could not leave the premises, and basically sold as slaves from the Chinese Government to work there. Not to mention that employees had to make sure each phone built came to like 97% perfect in build, and would allow 3% of imperfections per device or some type of punishment would occur.

Easy article to find if you Google it, apple and foxxconn slave labor

Give those kids a raise. They make great phones! But all kidding aside child labour is bad. Let's hope it is not true.

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Not child labor, just that laws exist that you have to be a certain age, because of maturity and education and physical development, to handle toxic cleanups properly, and also because handling toxic spills could impair growth on the human body and or physically harm them. Remember the human body is still growing when a teenager still, especially the brain.

The only reason Samsung is mentioned in the headlines is to makes the story more sensational for reporters, the press and the reading public.

Let's be honest here, most people are more concerned when their Facebook photos don't load properly then with child labor infractions in China. If the headline had read "Child Labor Laws are being investigated at Shinyang Electronics" then hardly know one would have clicked on the article or read past the first line.

Myself included, we are such hypocrites.

no surprise there I bet all the phone companies violate humans rights in one way or another how apple manufacturers its products is no secret the hypocrisy of a capitalist so called democratic society

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Good to see the media focus on others and not just single out Apple! All the products we use are made in many of the same factories. I've had people tell me they only buy things that apple hasnt made because of this. Of course the others know full well that they have the same issue and dont have the damage control to deal with and dont take the measures to protect children like they should be.

This is happening all across the industry, be it electronics, textile, or anything else that you buy that is being manufactured over seas, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, even in your good old USA.
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