With Black Friday well on its way, a lot of retailers are gearing up to drop prices. Best Buy is no different and this year they've decided to layout Android devices, some for only $1. Keep in mind though, new contracts will still apply to the purchases. Devices available? Check the list by carriers:


  • Samsung Transform - $69.99 with 2 year contract
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab - $549.99
  • LG Optimus S (Charcoal and Purple) - $1 with 2 year contract


  • HTC Droid Incredible - $1 with 2 year contract
  • Samsung Fascinate - $1 with 2 year contract
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab -$549.99

Great time to pick up a new Android device if you've been waiting. Surely more ads will leak out as well, so that you may plot your plan of attack. Check for additional images after the break.  Thanks nate1dawgg and jblank0! [BFAds]

Best Buy Black Friday: Fascinate for a Dollar

Best Buy Black Friday: Galaxy Tab Price Drop, Samsung Transform for 70



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Black Friday deals from Best Buy all about Android


I think that Toys R Us advertised tab is hardly worth mentioning, lol. It's specs and support look pretty dismal...

Sometimes I really hate being a Sprint customer.

Verizon gets awesome hardware like the Droid Incredible or Fascinate for $1... Sprint has the LG piece-o-crap for $1 and the sketchy Transform for a whopping $69?!

Come on...

Sprint better come up with some new HTC 3G goodness soon, cause I'm not paying for 4G when I can't get it.

I think I saw in the BF RadioShack Adscans that the Transform was for free, someone correct me if I am wrong...

Transform will be free from Radioshack come black Friday. What's wrong wit the Optimus S? Some of us don't want a 4+ inch screen, the Optimus is the best alternative to a non 4G android phone.

Excuse my ignorance - if I have a secondary line on a Family share eligible for an upgrade can I get a Facinate or DInc. for $1 or does that only apply for new customers and/or primary lines?

*also - what would y'all choose between the DInc. and the Fascinate? The Fascinate has that fantastic screen and it's a bit newer, but the Bing + the slow updates and rough rooting route makes me think I'd have more fun on the DInc. which is much more hackable.
DInc.'s main downside that I can see is the battery life. Fascinate much better with this and is the Fascinate tons faster?

If I had to choose, I would pick the Fascinate. Faster GPU and superior display. But they are both awesome phones. Also, the Fascinate has a glass screen like the Droid 1...I think the incredible's screen is plastic like the Droid x?

Bing? I thought I heard that Bing could be uninstalled as of the 2.2 update. But even so, it is rootable, so you can get rid of it either way.

The Fascinate's GPU is much faster than the incredible, and it's CPU is probably a little faster as well.

Yes, this does apply to secondary lines on family plans as long as they're eligible. That's what I was told at Best Buy today.

I am amazed people would pay $550 for a small 7" tablet, with proprietary connectors, running 2.1, and probably be locked into a service agreement on top of that.

Hey, no love for the Pandigital Novel E-Reader? It's running Android, right? Thinking about picking that little guy up.

www.tigerdirect.com has the pre-black friday going on NOW - Incredible is FREE with FREE shippping for new and eligable renewals

for those that don't know Tiger Direct has a few stores in the southeast including Flordia and combined with what used to be CompUSA.

The phone is not FREE you @#$@. Subsidizing a phone by signing a contract is not "FREE" ....I guess you flunked math too....