Fantasy football apps for Android

The kickoff to the 2014 NFL season is rapidly approaching, and no doubt a lot of you are eager to get in on the action. Fantasy football is one of the best ways to do that, so we've gathered up our favorite fantasy football apps for Android.

If you're interested in keeping tabs on scores, be sure to take a look at our roundup of NFL apps for Android.


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The best fantasy football apps for Android


It's a ball game played on foot, hence the name football.

How about I start calling association football kickball?

As opposed to being a ball game played on... aeroplanes? wheelchairs? pogo sticks? Of course it's played on foot. Saying that doesn't make it any more valid to call a game where the ball is carried Football.

ESPN has been god awful in the past but this app looks like its changed it up. Really looking forward to checking it out.

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