Best Android Apps for March 2014

We’ve got the best social, utility, and customization apps for Android launched in the last 30 days right here

In our ongoing quest to bring y’all the bestest the Google Play Store has to offer, we’re going to start rounding up our favorite Android releases every month.

Often these round-ups will include big releases that you might have missed throughout Android Central news stories or our picks of the week, but we’ll try to dig up some hidden gems for you too. We’ve already rounded up the month’s games, if you’re looking for more.

For March 2014, we've got a nice spread of apps. A bit of learning, a bit personalization, and a bit of social to check out. Go ahead and dive in!


Facets for Android

I regularly get comments from folks asking where I get the awesome wallpapers for some of my hero photos. I’ve stayed quiet because it’s as close to being an exclusive fashionista as I can bring myself to be, but now that the artist has his own app out, complete with Muzei support, he deserves a big shout-out. Facets for Android showcases 365 high-res wallpapers by Australian artist Justin Maller. He’s been churning out one every day for a year, each in a signature 3D style. The bulk of them are abstract, but he’s got quite a few excellent pieces of animals, objects, and people. You can sort through the collection based on filters for mood, concept, and the month the image was released. It’s worth giving this guy a buck for these excellent wallpapers, and if you find something particularly striking, be sure to order a print from within the app.

Link Bubble

Link Bubble is a surprisingly simple but useful app that loads up web pages in the background, so you aren’t constantly bounced around with redirections or pulled away from what you’re currently reading. When you click a link, a Facebook Chat Head style bubble pops up on the side, showing the loading progress. When it’s done, it’s automatically opened, or you can move that bubble to a Pocket icon to read it later. The free version lets you open three tabs at a time from one app, while the premium version works with all apps and has unlimited tab support. If you spend a lot of time reading web content on your phone, this will make your life much, much better.


Coursera for Android

Coursera launched a full-fledged, totally free video education app on Android this month. You can catch lectures from proper educational institutions on a wide range of topics, including computer sciences, humanities, engineering, and everything in between. Courses are broken up into multiple lectures, users take interactive quizzes, and ultimately learn something new. Assignments are peer-reviewed, but you’re mostly on the honor system when it comes to whether or not you cheat to complete them. Ultimately, this is a fantastic way to learn on your own time without dropping a ton of cash.


Timehop for Android

Timehop is an interesting little social app that lets you see what you were up to on your social networks in years past. It pulls updates from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram from exactly one, two, and three years ago to the day. It’s a simple premise, but a nice way to get a casual, daily dose of nostalgia, assuming you’re active on these social networks.


Fiverr is a service that’s been around for awhile as a matchmaker between those looking to do odd jobs and those willing to pay them. Originally, these were micro-tasks valued at five bucks each, but the service has since expanded to include bigger payouts. The recently-launched Android app allows users to stay in touch with their employers, post jobs, find gigs, and get important notifications. If you’re looking to make some quick money on the side, or need a small job done fast, Fiverr’s a good place to start.

Milk Music is also worth checking out if you’re in the U.S. That’s about it for March’s Android apps, but be sure to leave a comment with your favorite new releases from the last 30 days.


Reader comments

Best Android Apps for March 2014


I don't understand why people put so much hype into Nexus phones. I keep reading complaints about them not running many apps in the comment section of apps, in the Play store. This is why I won't move from the Galaxy S line anytime soon. Good luck.

Posted via Android Central App

Nexus phones are not allowed on Verizon. I dislike Verizon the corporation as much as anyone, but in my area it has the best signal coverage, by far. There isn't much point in having a great phone if you can't make calls or access the internet.
Posted via Android Central App

I get where you're coming from but I also had a Galaxy S1 and Galaxy S2. Bloat city and it hasn't gotten better. As far as apps not working this one does on my Nexus 5 so I'm not sure why the Play Store is telling him that. I checked just now and it still shows itself as compatible.

Btw the only time Nexus users complain about apps not working as far as I'm aware are when new versions of Android come out and the devs haven't updated their code yet. It's a wash though as some devs will release apps that only work on the newest version of Android, Dashclock comes to mind.

Unless you want someone to make you a video or do some data entry, you're not missing anything...

Posted via Android Central App

I really think Link Bubble is a great app but at $4.99, I think it is a little expensive. I have recommended the app several times now and when I tell them the price for the full version is $5 interest wanes almost immediately.

CourseraCast (not to be confused with the reviewed Coursera app) casts Coursera videos to Chromecast. Right now CourseraCast is my most used Chromecast app. CourseraCast is also free with no ads. I recommend it highly.
Posted via Android Central App

Link bubble is great.. Using it a lot while browsing thru twitter app.

FYI - Milk music is exclusive to Galaxy devices.

Posted via Android Central App

No disrespect here, but it's amazing to me, how people can spend nearly $5 bucks for a Starbucks coffee, something that only last for several minutes.

Ok, perhaps a fancy delicious cup of coffee is a bad simile, but you get the point.

Yet will say, a one time $4.99 app is over priced or cost too much to purchase, and a good app they can daily use, over and over again.

For a good app, thats a good deal, and it keeps app developers grinding for better innovations.

Maybe in some minds, they don't want to pay anything for an app?

Posted via Android Central App

Link Bubble's my pick for the week. Been looking for something like this. Perfect app.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Installed Fiver, browsed it for 5 minutes and uninstalled it, pretty useless. I have linkbubble, but it doesn't work with Google Now links, which is where at least half of my linking happens. Facets looks cool, might give it a try on my S5 when it arrives.