Galaxy Tab in Canada

Good news Canadian readers, Rogers and Bell have both stepped forward and said they plan to carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  We really had little doubt that the new tablet would receive the same worldwide attention that the Galaxy S series of phones has, but confirmation is always a good thing.

No word about pricing or release dates from either carrier as of yet, just the standard 'coming soon' tagline.  While you wait, check out all of our hands on videos and stories from both Berlin and New York to get your mouth watering.  [Bell, Rogers]


Reader comments

Bell and Rogers to carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab


I think this will be bigger than the iPad. All those carriers tripping all over themselves to handle this device.

Sammy must be a lot easier to deal with than Uncle Steve.

Still, I can't justify another line of service for this device, and probably nobody but the geeks really can.

What about news on a GSM version of the Droid X for canada like the milestone

or more news about the milestone2 release date in canada