Avivo Galaxy S4 case.

A unique three-piece design and countless color combinations offer both protection and great looks

Avivo has been selling their very stylish and unique cases for a while now, and the good news is that they are about to release a line specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone is a thundering success, and with so many of them out there it's only natural for some of the "designer" premium case manufacturers to offer their top-of-the-line gear for the Galaxy S4. And that's exactly what Avivo did with the new RAIL Carbonate cases.

Jump past the break, and let's have a good look at what Avivo is bringing to the table.


Avivo Galaxy S4 case.

They offer everything you want from a case covering your S4. They protect the corners, they lift the screen if you place them face-down, all the cut-outs for ports and mechanisms for the buttons are flawless, and it will provide you with protection from every day scratches and bumps that always happen. But the RAIL Carbonate cases do it with extra style and function.

The case is a three-piece design. You have what they call the Jacket, which is a full cover for the rear that snaps into place — they sent us both a black and white model with a very nicely detailed weave pattern. You can choose to use just the Jacket if you prefer a slim design that's easy to get on and off. You can add the RAIL — which is a soft-touch frame that encircles the phone and snaps onto the Jacket for superior protection on the sides and some room to keep the glass off the table when laying face-down. The RAIL is also precision cut and has gold highlights for the button mechanisms to match the accents on the Jacket. While this combo isn't something you would want to use out in the field or on the jobsite, it's plenty tough enough to withstand normal everyday use for those of us who don't need that extra (protection and bulk) that something like an OtterBox offers.

There's also a third option. Included with the packaging is what Avivo calls the Frame. It's a thin and light piece that snaps around the edges of your S4, and provides a point of attachment for the RAIL. When used together, you have a bumper-style case that looks great and is pretty tough.

Avivo Galaxy S4 case.

As mentioned, we've tried the Jackets in both black and white, but Avivo also sent some samples of their colored RAILS. In our base kit the black RAIL was included, but we also had pink, baby blue and purple to have a look at. These RAILS not only attach to the Frame for the bumper-look, they also incorporate with the Jacket the same way the bundled piece does. This gave us a ton of different looks to try, and we think they all look really great. I'm especially fond of what I call the "Tuxedo Look" — the white Jacket and the black RAIL, as pictured below. 

Avivo Galaxy S4 case.

The Avivo cases are scheduled to be officially announced this week, so expect availability and pricing information them. In the meantime, take it from me — and I'm not a big case guy — these are some of the nicest cases I've used, and the look is spectacular. You can check out the current line-up for the iPhone at Avivostyle.com, and I've put together a massive gallery (you'll need to view the full desktop version of the site to see it, be warned it's huge!) below with some pictures of the details and color combinations.


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Avivo is releasing some Galaxy S4 cases that are just plain sexy


The thick caseology that you can put a credit card at the back and also the Spigen Slim Armor (hybrid: TPU + Polycarb) still allow me to charge wirelessly.

I bet the above case should give no problem.

That looks like something out of Mass Effect or some other Sci-Fi game, but not in a gimmicky way, in an awesome way. I still have a GNex, but I want that case.

I really love these. They match my desk set up (my pc case and all my computer components have a similar color scheme/design going on). No GS4 here, so here's hoping they design it for other phones someday!

LOVE the tux look, as you called it. But I'm not sure about those gold accents. Have they offered a choice to have, say, silver/chrome accents instead of the gold? If so, I would say shut up and take my money....

I never understand tech being referred to as "sexy"...you know what sexy is, boobs, that's what sexy is!!! Not plastic, silicon, lithium, and glass.

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Wow, thank you for a great review!

I read your article and wished that I had those rails/bumpers/and case a while back. I have managed to drop my phone about three or four times from tables mostly,and while screen and body are still perfect, the side trim faux-metal band now has a slight ding/bend on one corner that I can feel with my fingers whenever I pick up the phone.

I am not much of a case person (just have the Samsung Galaxy S4 S-view cover), but those cases do look sharp and complement the phone nicely.

Great information -thanks again!