AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab

A reminder that AT&T's version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is available starting today. You'll be buying it without a contract -- that means unsubsidized, and that means you'll be paying $649.99. Data is $14.99 a month for 250MB, or $25 for 2GB. That's a lot of money, but you get a lot of hardware -- a 7-inch Android 2.2. tablet with 1GHz processor and dual cameras. Who's buying? [AT&T]


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AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Tab available today for $649.99 outright


Well that's only $20 more for a product that has a fraction of the iPad's app base, less screen resolution, and huge judder problems! Sign me up!

Is AT&T on crack?

More to the point, is Samsung on crack?

Carriers DO NOT determine the retail cost of a device. The retailers choose to subsidize a device if you are to sign a contract. The retail pricing is set by the manufacturers based upon cost of the materials and labor, and hey, they also have to make a buck to make a living. But still, PRICEY!!!!

I'd still like to see a authoritative BOM on this device.
If 10 inch tabs can be had for half the price there must be some significant profit margin built into the price.

Makes sense early in the product cycle, but they will not be able to survive at that price point much beyond January/February time frame.

Too many tabs arriving on the market.

Nice looking product. However the pricing model employed by Samsung and the USA carriers is abusive to American consumers -especially early adopters.

Is this what the American consumer has been reduced too? An Idiot that will spend top dollar for crippled products (in this case no voice calling).

I don't think so. Therefore I will steer clear of this device.

Blame it on the carriers. As they spend the money on infrastructure to run these devices, they need to recoup their costs some way or another no? They in the business to make money after all.

ooooh wow- $650 for a small 7" screen and proprietary connectors with specs not really any better than my 4.3" Evo!!! Pass

Has higher resolution.
You call 7" small? Go to best buy and compare your 4.3 EVO.
Gaming experience bring a whole new experience. Matter of fact the entire user experience is improved dramatically.

Agree, the video, and web browsing experience on the Tab is far superior to a smartphone, even a smartphone with a 4.3" screen. As suggested by ConceptVBS, go to BB, and try it.

I bought the sprint version, and tether it to my epic... I couldn't wait for them to decide to release the wifi only soooo. haha

on topic though... WTF is with AT&T's being $50 more than any other carrier to buy outright? Does anyone actually think that AT&T's service is worth it? ROFL!!

You can buy a decent COMPUTER at this price.
Why are they making these things so expensive? I hope no one buys this, this is a ridiculous price and just sets precedence that people are willing to pay outrageous prices for these things.

Why does everyone think these things are priced too high? It's just like a mobile phone, without a contract they are $500. I don't know if I'm sold on buying the Tab outright with the option of getting a data plan whenever you want. Either you wait for an wifi version or you get the version that needs a data plan. I highly doubt that someone who buys it off contract and adds a data plan is going to be adding/canceling data like no tomorrow.

If you look at the iPad, the 3G version is priced at $649, with wifi being $499.

Well, I think that most folks think it's too high because they don't want to have yet another data plan in order to buy it. Speaking for myself, I already pay for 5 phones with data and am only interested in using something like this if it's wifi only - in which case I can buy this outright or buy two netbooks. :)

I've had mine (Bell Tab, same model SGH-I987) for five days now.

Without a doubt, this is among the best gadgets I've spent money on in YEARS. I also paid $650 (CAD)+ tax for the Tab, and don't regret a penny of it.

Would have liked it if they left the voice phone features functional on the NAM models, and wish they had at least added a spare 30 pin cable, but overall I'm loving this thing.

I do think this is somewhat too high, and somewhat upset over the price AT&T is charging over the other US carriers. But still thinking of getting one, have an ipad 3g with the unlimited plan. I can get one them micro sim to regular sim adaptors and use my ipads data package with it. Yes, I did ask. I also think AT&T has a price match policy, well if not, at least its worth trying to save $50.00. Try and get a price match with what VZW is charging.