Nexus 4 and Palm Touchstone

One Nexus 4 question we're getting above all others (except perhaps how loud the speaker is) has to do with wireless charging. Namely, will it work with the Palm Touchstone? 

Facts is facts -- with the demise of Palm, many a user has migrated to Android, and there are tons of the little hockey puck chargers just laying around. (And if you ever got to use one, you know how awesome it was.) Plus, you can pick one up on Amazon for just a couple bucks.

The sad news, though is that the Palm Touchstone does not work with the LG Nexus 4. For one thing, they use different charging mechanisms. The Nexus 4 uses Qi, where the Palm line of phones did not. For another thing, the Touchstone magnetically held the Pre/Pixi phones in place on the the charger -- kind of an important thing since the phones would rest at an angle. The Nexus 4 just slides right off the Touchstone. There's a little bit of a magnetic hold, but not enough to keep the phone in place. That'd be bad.

The good news is that Qi charging systems, which still not exactly mainstream, aren't exactly hard to come by. We last took a look at one back in the HTC ThunderBolt days, so they're certainly available. 

Google says it will offer a Qi-standard wireless charging orb for the Nexus 4, but no pricing or avialability has been announced.

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mintvilla says:

thanks for the post, i did hear you say that on your latest podcast.

I think in preperation for when i order my nexus on the 13th am going to get a different Qi charging dock.

is there any you can recomend?

MG386 says:

What is a typical charge rate using induction? Can we expect the full 1000mAh like the ac charger?

westex#WP says:

It has been previously reported that the Nexus 4 does indeed have magnets inside it. Is that correct? If it does, shouldn't the phone be held in place like the Pre?

There's a slight pull, but not enough to keep the Nexus 4 in place.

dss2000 says:

That's too bad. I was hoping to see car docks that would be held in place with the magnet. Would be great for a universal charging car dock and not need to be for specific phones/tablet whether in a case or not. Perhaps stronger magnets could be used in something like a car dock. Or I might have to fabricate one using a 3D printer.

mintvilla says:

i dont think you understand, this is for the palm wireless touch device. Theres no reason why when the nexus one comes out, you wouldnt be able to mod that to use in your car

mwara244 says:

If Google wanted the Qi to succeed, they should have made it Universal so all android phones could use it, instead of being device specific. You would think to sell more units they would have figured this out. It would be nice if all Nexus devices could use this, and maybe some HTC Samsung, Moto phones too

John-Smith says:

Does anyone know how much the palm touchstone was when it was released? I would like an idea of how much the charging orb will cost from google.

I read somewhere that it will be around $90, but I find that highly improbable since that is almost a third of the phones price..

If it is around $30-40 I will get one as soon as it comes out.

And then I will wait till they are down to $10-15 and buy a couple more for around the house :)

glazedfaith says:

The original touchstone kit went for $70, which included a wireless charging back cover and the actual charging puck.

AEli81 says:

So how loud is the speaker

Jayshmay says:

Yes! A good speaker on a smartphone is very important! I watch a lot of news videos, FOX NEWS & CNN, so a good speaker is very important!

EvanKr says:

FOX NEWS? I thought that would be considered comedy...

tbonepat11 says:

Witty response. I am surprised you didn't go with the oh so original Faux News. Comedy is the Daily Show. People tend to think that is news which makes me sad for the future of our society. Fox has time and time again been proven to have the fairest coverage of every election. Pretty much a 50/50 split of +/- coverage of both candidates. But hey...who wants to agree with data and facts.

mech1164 says:

Hey it never stopped MSNBC one bit. The Truth, Facts, and Data are not things that they use to make their point. What they do use is awhole other matter.

d2globalinc says:

google will offer them? is that like they offer the nexus7 dock with pogo pins?

wmurch3 says:

My thoughts exactly. They have a terrible track record with accessories.

dscribe says:

Better than watching one of the NBC's though, those are not comedy, more like horror.

vinny jr says:

I seen a Nexus 4 Video on YouTube, I think it was done by someone from Engadget, they had received with their test Nexus 4 the wireless charger that comes with the phone. Looks like there is a rubber seal that just sticks to the glass back of the phone. That probably means no cases on the phone while charging. With all that glass I think a case is mandatory.

E_man says:

Highly unlikely. The Nexus 4 almost certainly doesn't rely on a suction cup to hold it in place. It's just that the magnets are in different places than in the Pre.

Even if it was a suction cup, the glass back isn't the only material that can provide a seal.

E_man says:

Highly unlikely. The Nexus 4 almost certainly doesn't rely on a suction cup to hold it in place. It's just that the magnets are in different places than in the Pre.

Even if it was a suction cup, the glass back isn't the only material that can provide a seal.

prozium40 says:

It held on by friction no magnets... Rubber rings on the charger and the glass back on the nexus that's it....

eli_ao5 says:

I hope the speaker is louder than the Galaxy Nexus.

wingnut89 says:

I will buy the nokia charging pillow for m night desk

Nokia also use the QI standard

E_man says:

Do they have a price? I like the look of the google charger better, but this isn't bad and who knows when the google charger will be available.

reidoreilly says:

wow that looks stupid.

neodoru says:

The good news about the charger is that the one distributed by Google will have magnetic hold... watch the verge's review!

Keldog says:

The Palm Pre had Touchstone-compatible cases, so I'm sure that the Nexus 4 will have something similar, allowing inductive charging.

prozium40 says:

The nexus 4 is held on its charger by friction the glass on the back of the nexus sticks to the rubber rings on the charger... No magnets..

Kevin1ca says:

How does it (if at all) work with the powermat?

ChromeJob says:

A quick search on Amazon for "qi charger" or "charge adapter" yielded some third party Qi chargers on sale, ready to ship. Yowza.

MrBowTi3 says:

Yes Pls