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Good news for those of you who managed to order a Nexus 4 last week but were stuck in limbo on shipping -- it looks like another batch has started shipping. Actual delivery date is still kinda up in the air, but that's not unusual for UPS; it can take a few hours for the tracking system to catch up. Check back in the morning.

Either way, this is a step in the right direction. Guess we can lay off the form letters now, eh?

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Another wave of Nexus 4s shipping


I'm going to take this as a sign we are getting closer to a play store stock refresh. #fingerscrossed

Hopefully Google Claus comes early for people. Myself, I'll wait until after the holidays to try and grab one.

Damn it, I thought you said another wave of ordering was opened ... got my hopes up for a sec and then smooshed it.

My N4 is one of these...I talked to someone at Google Play shortly before receiving my 'order has shipped' e-mail, and they said they were using overnight shipping - should be here tomorrow - Tuesday...but we shall see.

Google blatantly lied to me and other customers when they told us to "rest assured that Nexus 4 orders are being delivered based on the order in which they were received" even though there is unquestionable proof that this is not the case. If we want form letters, we'll write form letters.

My Nexus 4 is on the way!! I got my order in at 10:35 am CST. I went overboard and ordered a Nexus 10 on Friday. I'm totally returning the unopened package. That's about $1200 in devices over the past week. I also bought a Lumia 920 on Saturday. I hear Phil's jealousy.

I am holding a race between my screen protector and the Nexus4/10 shipment. The screen protector has already left LA and the Nexii I have no idea about.

LMAO!! Me too! My screen protector will be here on the 21sst and my case on the 26th! Let see what happens!!!

I'm getting 18mb down on my One S which is only hspa21. I'm looking forward to doubling that on my Nexus 4. It all depends on location. Verizon has LTE in my area, but T-Mobile blows away AT&T where I live.

Im getting about 8-10Mbps down, thats inside my house with Tmobile, I dont have a need for wifi or USB tethering so LTE would be overkill for me, besides the idea behind getting a Nex 4 is to save money, and not having to be stuck to the same phone with a ridiculous 2 year contract.

Called Google Customer service: They said I'd have it within the next 24 to 48 hours HOWEVER, I still haven't received any email notification that it has even shipped and Google Play still shows EST Shipping 11/15 and Wallett still shows as 'pending'.

"Someone's lying and it's not me; They're twisting my words" ~MLWTTKK

Rep lied - called again this morning on my way home from work: This guys said: Nope, not happening this time.

Just like Pinocchio; Can't get a story straight!

Whatever just don't lie to me - bad enough they F*'d up with the launch and the orders - don't make it worse by lying to me.

Anyhow, this was a big fail from google. A one that should not be repeated again ever. It looks very similar to the past messy launches google had and we thought they was going to be different :)

Do not forget limbo 3 people. They are still out of luck with no shipments to them from google yet.

It seems that Google used overnight shipping to get these limbo orders out to us!! My Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are both out for delivery today.

With a million members on Android Central, this site could actually get Google's attention by posting a negative article about the entire Nexus 4 "limbo" issue. However given Phil's cutesy "Guess we can lay off the form letters now, eh", it appears the site is too afraid to bite the hand that feeds and refuses to actually call Google to task for this mess.

Constantly apologizing for Google's mess and telling people to "just be patient" really won't help Google improve in customer service. The lack of negative press around Google's fiasco is very disturbing. It's payola-journalism at it's worst. Let's not upset Google, they may not send us anymore phones to test.

They report what they want to report. Get over it. If you want to complain to Google, you can do so. Also, there have been hundreds of comments and press about the bad launch. They know what a crap fest the launch was.

BTW, my Nexus 4 was just delivered by UPS!

I'm referring to the lack of negative press from tech sites including this one. This forum is supposed to be made great because of the users. There are multiple threads of complaints from users regarding Google, yet no official editorial from the editor here calling out Google. Who does this site serve, the users or Google?

Hundreds of comments and bad press about the launch? The biggest "bad press" stories are something to the effect of "Google had technical issues and back ordered many customers orders" They speak nothing of the total lack of communication or transparency that Google has with it's customers. Had this same scenario played out with Apple there would be literally thousands of negative press articles forcing an official statement from Apple. Google seems to get a pass.

This is such an awesome phone! Unlocked GSM & powerful processor to fully take advantage of unlimited 4G data, talk & txt. That's the kind of service that I get for only $49/mo or less! :) Check out the 1-min video intro at: