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Nary a moment too soon, word in our Nexus 4 forums is that another batch of the hard-to-buy (and harder-to-ship, apparently) smartphone is on its way to the good boys and girls. The phone's still sold out on Google Play, both in the 8- and 16-gigabyte versions, as are the rubber bumpers. (Interesting, though, is that it's saying we've reached our limit for bumper purchases, not that they're sold out. Apparently we're consider bumper horders or something.)

Anyhoo. Be on the lookout for a shipping e-mail if you haven't gotten on already.

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Another new wave of Nexus 4s shipping


I love using it with S note which is why this is the first phone I haven't switched to CM ASAP...still want to tho...oh well.

For me, it is simply not an option until they either add an SD card slot or offer a model with a reasonable amount of storage (32/64). Let's hope...

Probably never going to happen. This is a developer device and developers don't need any of that.

This has been discussed many time .. The reason why it has no SD is to avoid the entire problem of running out of space for apps and since not all apps support being installed on SD it becomes a problem ... and for the price i can settle for 16GB, heck even 8GB since i count with cloud storage

Yes, it has been discussed many times. And the issues still remain.

1) SD does not create problems with apps because JB doesn't support apps on the SD card anyway... but that still leaves space for everything else that is big.

2) "Cloud" is not under the user's control and does not assure availability, security, nor privacy.

3) "Cloud" does not work when there is no signal.

4) "Cloud" can be miserably slow.

It is almost 2013; adding additional storage is *CHEAP* and no doing so is just stupid and restricting, SD slot or not.

Hey by all means,
please find me another device that is as powerful with the extra bells and whistles for that price?

You either buy it or not.

Its a pretty simple concept.

Nice! I ordered mine on Dec. 4th so hopefully lots of orders placed before mine will get theirs so I can get mine shipped soon. It is sad how much I check Google Play for a status change on my order! Congrats to everyone that gets their Nexus shipped out!

December 6th order here. Still waiting for word. Maybe the new year will bring me some luck :)

So not to long after posting this my order Changed from the 6th to Dec 28th and my account has been charged :)

Mine too!, my order was December 1st and now it says Dec 28th. But i haven't received any shipment confirmation yet, and my order status still has pre-ordered D:

I am actually really glad Google botched the nexus 4 launch, it made me realize how good my s2 is and made me love it. Saved allot of money. Of course, I hope every one else gets there order quick. Heck I will probably buy a nexus 4 in 6 months or an s3 for a business phone, but still can't decide.

They charged my card, so my fingers are loosely crossed... It's been weird to have a bumper without the phone.

Same here. Everyday I stare at the Bumper, and Invisible Shield screen protectors I got for my phone and wonder when it is going to ship.


You seem to be much smarter than anyone else here!

You think the charge going through means shipment is only moments away?

I see my card was charged at 12:01:58 today.

J Vroom

Should be no more than a pending charge.

Google Ships out with the Charge, if any problems were to happen with the order. Your pending charge would fall off shortly after.

It may not be newsworthy to anyone that did not order it or already has one. But to everyone still waiting for their N4, it is definitely newsworthy.

That's not my point. They made a point of saying, in reply to a criticism that they weren't making these kind of posts, that they didn't think these kind of posts were of value.

I may or may not agree that there is value or not, I'm just pointing out that they're now doing something they recently said they wouldn't be doing.

I was very close to getting my nexus 4 shipped,unfortunately I my bank didn't allow the charge to go through, so my order say put on hold. After I got everything cleared up with the bank, I called Google, and I was told that my order had gone through, but that it would take up to 6 weeks to ship bc they were out of stock. In other words, it seems like I was sent to the back of the line.

Me too, however, I found two at a Walmart approximately 30 miles away and was able to hook up.I found them through the WalMart App. It located them, I called and verified they were in stock, and wahla! Very Nice Tablet by the way. One of the reviews complained about light bleed but I haven't experienced any. Must be an isheep! Good Luck!!

Same here... closest local place that has them in stock for me is about an hour and a half drive, and I"m not going through that for any electronic device due to the hassle it would cause if I needed to return/exchange it.

Google, y u no take our monies?

My local Walmart and Staples both have them in stock. Walmart had 4 in stock last time I was there.

That photo makes the back look entirely black. It would look way better that way. Sorry off topic...

I think I will just wait until March. Hopefully the rush will have calmed down. Six weeks for shipping is ridiculous!

This phone should've came in a 32GB version. Don't bother with any explanations of why it doesn't. I already read enough excuses and none of them are good enough.. & the cloud is only good with a good signal & unlimited (or at least a significant amout of) data.

Got an email yesterday that said it's been shipped, checked TNT's website this morning it said 'out for delivery' at 8 am, so waited in all day at 6 pm checked the website it said 'held in depot', then at 8 pm its changed to 'held awaiting customs clearance' so don't know when it will arrive.

Mine changed to 28DEC12 too and my card was charged again! Only can mean one thing...I don't have to wait until the end of Jan!!! =) No shipping email yet, but what I am seeing is better than nothing!!

Maybe some hope here for up to November 30th order dates. I received an email around 5-6 AM today (Friday: Dec. 28th)that my Nexus 4 16GB Had shipped out. The phone was ordered on Nov. 30th. We paid extra $ for two day shipping and the arrival will Monday.

Yippee to me!!

Subject: Your Google Play Order from Nov 30, 2012 Has Shipped
From: Google Play

Thank you.
Great news! Your order on Google Play has shipped. Track the status of your package UPS #xxxxxxxx. Note that it may take 24 hours for your tracking number to return any information.

Picked mine up from a T-Mobile store 40 minutes away. Good news is I got a 16GB Nexus 4, the bad news is I will be paying $500 for it plus I signed a contract.

WEll looks like all is true...card was charged last night, and this morning my shipping email was sent to me...Im soo happy, due to the fact that I sold my S3 a couple of weeks ago and now using a Sammy Vibrant...this phone is driving me crazy with al its bugs. I ordered on Dec 7th.

Ordered on December 3rd, and was given a 5-6 week estimate.

Became depressed due to the fact that 3 more weeks felt like eternity.

Received shipping confirmation from Google randomly.

In a nutshell, I rejoiced.

I had placed order on 5th December. Still no news of the phone. Expected latest shipping date was 16th jan but even that is passed.