Nexus One

As we continue to wait for the eventual public launch of the Nexus One, we're starting to see more and more of the infamous HTC device. After the break is a new five-minute video with the phone that is expected to be Google's second reference device (the G1 was the first).

The video is regrettably shaky and blurry, but it is another good look at the Nexus One. And we'll take all that we can get. Click on through. (Thanks, Thomas!)


Reader comments

Another five (blurry) minutes with the Nexus One


You "don't need a data plan" if, and only when, you have access to WiFi. GoogleVoice integration would allow full use of it as a phone without data plan, but only when connected to a wifi network.

So, is it 100% Google Voice, or is there a cellular radio in it for calls. It would be cool if it was data only and you could just pay the same as you would for a laptop aircard. That would also mean that you could use it just at Wifi Hotspots without any cellular plan. Or a home phone for example, using your existing broadband.

It's about time they get rid of the data plan requirement to activate an android device. (G1 & Mytouch 3G). It was annoying as hell for people to get it to work on another network even though the GSM bands are compatible. I had to unlock my old mytouch 3G, put in at&t card with data plan to activate it, then put in my tmobile no-data plan sim card to use regularly (wifi data only which is free & enough for me). I plan to do the same with the nexus one if the no-contract price is right.

Analyzing this video for really small, meaningless things, I noticed that at 5:11, the volume level indicator has a curve to the yellow part. Currently in 2.0.1, that part is curved. This means that Google is putting more work into polishing every aspect of the OS.

Feel free to bash me for pointing out something that is literally meaningless now. ;)

Ha... did you hear the distortion it caused on the camera when he picked up the call? Wow, GSM really sucks. Google really didn't make a good choice when it comes to carriers. it me or does this seem like a slight redo of an htc hero/eris? i'm thinking that when 2.1 hits the hero/eris, we'll be looking the nexus in a different light. i'm sure i'm wrong but...

You are VERY wrong. Most of HTC's look alike but Google has specifically overseen what has gone into this phone as far as hardware goes (1Ghz snapdragon processor, dual microphones for noise cancellation, etc...)

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My question is that if I buy nexus phone, For gift do I have to buy data plan or not...does it ask for to purchase data plan