The Impossible Level Game

Games in the Android Market are growing, both in number and in quality, by leaps and bounds, and now we have a top notch logic puzzle to waste countless hours on -- the Impossible Level Game.  The concept is simple enough, you do something unique to go on to the next level.  As you progress, that something gets harder, and harder AND HARDER!  The developers have a seriously twisted mind, and I love it.  No two levels are the same, or even close to the same, and some of them are pretty damn ridiculous, which makes for some great head-scratching gameplay. 

Ready for the best news?  Our pals at Hyperbees (check out their developers forum right here) are dropping the price for the next 24 hours, from £0.99 to £0.50.  Yes, you read it right, 50 pence -- about 75 shiny US pennies.  Now how are you going to say no to that?  We've got a video, and the Market links after the break.


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Android Quick App: the Impossible Level Game


I guess I need to research this stuff more, but not sure why it'd need access to "phone state and identity".

A lot of people ask this question. I see a lot of "down ranked" games in the app market from people wondering why an app needs phone access. Typically this is done so that the app can read the phone state, and perform a safe shut down or "pause" if a phone call is coming in or going out. stupid lol! cant seem to get past lvl7 (Fail - Win)
i press win and it says im stupid and sends me back to lvl7. i press fail and it sends me back to lvl6

For the spoon one, there is a tile in the bottom left you can move to uncover a tool that bends the spoon when you drag it toward the spoon. 18 the password is "Loser"

I'm stuck on the slot machine, level 21.

I tried Loser and every form of spelling it, caps and no-caps with and without the !.. nothings being accepted for me.

I have the org moto droid and when I run ilg the screen is not formatted correctly. Most levels are not showing up correctly. Anyone else having this issue?

Well, just burnt my dinner whilst distracted by this game ... thanks a lot, really. Thanks ;). Now where is the take out menu ...