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For whatever reason, Facebook still has not released a Honeycomb-optimized version of its Android app. And we're kind of to the point where we don't care anymore, as third-party apps are doing the job nicely. Here we have Friendcaster, which currently is in beta for Honeycomb tablets.

Friendcaster has your basic Honeycomb design, which splits things up into columns or panes. On the far left you've got all the basic Facebook features -- News Feed, Profile, Friends, Photos, Check-ins, Messages, Groups, Events and Pages. Tap one, and they expand in the next column over. So you'll see your news feed. Or pictures, or messages, etc. Top on an individual update or photo, and they open in the next column over. Nice, simple design.

You've also got all the usual functions -- you can update your status, filter your stream, take a picture, upload a picture, refresh, see your notifications, or get app settings.

Our only real complaint in this beta is that there's a fat banner app that keeps popping up. We'll be more than happy to pay to get rid of it.

We've got download links after the break if you want to give it a go.


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Android Quick App: FriendCaster Tab beta for Honeycomb tablets


For whatever reason, Facebook hasn't released a decent Android app PERIOD! LOL!

If this tablet app is anything like their smartphone app, it will be better than the official Facebook one anyway. I highly recommend FriendCaster.

Unfortunately I don't have a tablet... yet (getting one this weekend)... So I hope someone can answer this. Why would you want a Facebook app instead of just using the website? Isn't the purpose of having the larger screen on the tablet supposed to benefit people to use the website which of course has all the features you need?

You can't be serious? Why use ANY app then? Do you use the browser to get something off of Google Maps or GMail or do you use the apps?

Simple answer is that apps get you where you are going to faster than going through the web to get the same info.

Most apps are touch friendly. Most websites are not. Specifically, this app lays out facebook in a nice, easy-to-use format and it takes up the whole real estate of the screen.

In addition, a lot of apps have the capability to use other functions of a device like the camera while the browser might be limited.

For some reason you can't view certain people's pics or posts so you wind up just going back to the facebook app anyway.

The FriendCaster developer is one of the hardest working developers I’ve seen on Android. The app is constantly being updated and always works great. I think this is truly remarkable considering how difficult Facebook seems to make things for developers.

How does it compare to Friend Me for Facebook from Locomo Labs? I like Friend Me but very often run into situations were I can't see some stuff on a friends profile so I have to go to the web or the Facebook app.

that is a limitation of how facebook allows apps to hook into its API. your friends that are affected by this are ones that do not allow 3rd party apps to view their profile. neither app will allow you to view their profile.

I like it, but it keeps hanging up when I try to view my messages. It is beta, so I do expect some bugs. But, besides that the UI looks nicer than the mobile pro on the tablet.