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And we're glad to have you, too


I hope that is sarcasim, otherwise you are way too paranoid. Chill and be glad for the opportunity to show an apple-ite just how cool we are.

I am here to help android users and very rarely i ask question.
Dont care about ifruit trolls here but very glad i could help people who had real questions.

Glad I made the right choice buying an Android tablet over an iPad.
I sure have an iPhone 4 for daily work, but it served its comparing purposes and will soon be replaced with either the new Nexus or a Galaxy Note 2.
I encourage any iTroll to actually try and compare both Operating Systems before filling forums with his blind hate.

Sharon. Sorry to disappoint you. Getting the most out of your Android product is going to be a lot easier and lot more fun than you can imagine. And you can take it at your own pace. And I am going to have to warn you.....once you get into Jelly Bean and a premium Android will leave most of your Apple world behind you. Android OS is reaching such a level...that even if the hardware has some will still WOW you. Try a Motorola product with Smart Actions...if you want to see what I mean.

Everyone just say hello and welcome to Sharon. There is no need to gloat about which
product is better. I have both apple and android phones and tablets and I love both
platforms. Not everyone is looking to compare the two. Some people just buy and
enjoy. :)