It's finally time. Our grand plan to announce the winners of my and Dieter's Nexus Ones may have been dashed, but we shall soldier on. And so. After a month of entries, 15 finalists and several days of voting by you, the readers, the winners are ... (after the break)

Rob and his crazy eating habbits

Ed and his one-man band

Congrats, guys, and much love to everybody for all the great entries.

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ralcos says:

great job guys! enjoy!

thanks... always promoting android on my country (even without one T_T)...
currently developing <<< to track companies on Guatemala & Android. (currently no content on the site, making some modifications .... on construction)

miniZ says:

Congrats guys! The contest was a fun one!

gbhil#AC says:

Nice. Congrats guys!

ecaggiani says:

YAY! I'm so happy! Thanks Phil! And thanks AndroidCentral!

congrats to the two winners...
Hey phil nothing in the prize closet for us other finalist :-)

callison.168 says:


megagamer44 says:

Man well good job guys

makya53 says:


moosc says:

Nice job congrats

w0rdie says:

Love the song.... lol

bduschel says:

Congrats winners!!