Flash 10.1 beta on the Nexus One

You read that right. Just as quickly as Google debuted the Nexus One, we see Adobe release a nicely produced (read: Made well in advance) demo showing the Flash 10.1 beta running on the phone. How, having a Snapdragon will solve a whole bunch of your processing problems. And it looks like things are moving along OK here. But still unknown: Battery life, and just how stable this will be in the long run. Still a lot of ifs, but nice to see things are moving along. Watch the video after the break. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)


Reader comments

Adobe demos Flash on Nexus One


Have been waiting for this since I bought my first smartphone! Hope they share the wealth with all android OS...especially whatever my Droid has on it at the time!

It is funny that the video focuses a lot of attention on a website's "business model," rather than the benefit to the end user. Hopefully we'd be able to block ads just like in Firefox when it actually gets implemented (if they push it to the Droid as well).

But the guy is right - it's a lot of what's out there on websites today, and it would make a huge difference to be able to natively see flash items in web pages, even if it's just things like navigation.

I wonder if they really need that Snapdragon processor, though - it would be a big shame if we Droid people got left out on this one.

screw flash. resource hog, lousy performance, swiss cheese security... adobe! they've been saying it's coming for android for AT LEAST one year. pfft, says i.