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The wait is over for you Sprint customers. If you have been anxiously awaiting your chance to put the amazing new Samsung Galaxy S III in your hands, the time is now, you can finally have your very own 32GB model. If you are still on the fence, or looking for a little more assurance that this could be a great move for you, be sure to check out our review of the device and see just how great it really is. So will you be heading off to the local Sprint store to hand over $249 in return for one of these, and if so which color will you be picking up? Be sure to sound off in the comments and hit the forums as well!

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Samsung Galaxy S III at Sprint, 32GB and all


Such comments are getting kinda old, don't you think? Anyone that doesn't know Sprint's LTE hasn't rolled out yet is under a really, really, really big rock.

4G lte!! It`s a big deal? I had VZW and I dropped them off for Sprint, where I work and I live, VZW claiming the have 4gLTE which T-Mobile has better service inside more than the 4Glte... VZW and Sprint both has the same signal inside and outside... The different, between the two is the price.. So here your 4GLTE.. You must be a Gameboy and a music lover... you better go and buy you a IPOD and PSP not a phone.

Verizon uses both 800mhz and 1900mhz for it's 3G signals. Sprint only uses the 1900mhz for their 3g. So no Verizon and Sprint's signal is not the same inside and out. Not to mention that Sprint's 3G is a smaller network and is strained by it's users to the point of extremely slow speeds compared to all other networks. To also claim that T-Mobile's HSDPA+ is as fast as Verizon's 4G is also quite humorous. Let's also not forget the fact that T-Mobile has the smallest network out of the big four in the US. Frankly, to claim that the only difference between Sprint and Verizon "is the price", is crazy and also is a complete lie. If this is what you have to tell yourself to enjoy your slow 3G phone that was marketed as a fast LTE phone (that still has no LTE network to run on), so be it, but keep it off this site as you are not fooling anyone.

As for your statement about "LTE lovers" being gamers and music lovers. I am not really sure what this is supposed to mean. LTE does not provide a single advantage for gaming, nor for streaming music as 3G has been capable of streaming music for years. But I guess this is not too surprising when read with the rest of your uninformed statement.

Well, you are correct about sprint only using 1900mhz for their 3g signals. But Sprint will be using 800mhz within the next couple months to a year after they dismantle the iden network. That is the main reason why sprint is shutting down nextel/iden network, so they can repurpose the 800mhz spectrum and use it for their new improved 3g network and for their new lte network.

Also sprint has announced that on July 15, 5 major cities will be getting lte turned on. So at least they will get started this month. So for now the only reason to be with sprint is to save money but in a couple months it is going to be a really good choice if their lte network starts lighting up all over the price not to mention their improved 3g network.

You are also right about verizon being faster than tmobile hsdpa+. I have 2 friends that speed tested their phones here where I live and tmobile came in around 7mbps while verizon came in around 12mbps. So although sprint is faster for the price that you pay for tmobile its a good idea to look into that if the signal coverage is good in your area.

In the end if speed is not a big thing for you then sprint or tmobile are they way to go, if you want blazing fast data for a good bit of money then choose verizon.
Either way in the end I will be getting the gs3 on sprint and can't wait till lte starts expanding

Not yet, but starting july 15 they will turn on their first 5 cities which is great news. They also said that by end of 2013 most of their 3g network coverage will also have 4g lte coverage which I'm looking forward to. Can't wait to see if samsung or htc come out with another great phone by december of this year otherwise the gs3 is my next phone.

Except some of us are really tired of paying for the old Sprint 4G that we never got, and now with their new plan for LTE, we may never get that, either.

Heck, probably in 2 years, they will explain how the next generation of network, 5G or whatever, is their future plan and it will take 2 years to install that, while they continue to charge for the something people just don't get.

So, I have switched to Verizon, where they actually have LTE running in many places and many more to come.

That's why I just jumped to ATT, despite hating them more than Sprint, because I could get the same type of device with faster 3G and 4g support today.

Then why didn't you jump to Verizon where they have REAL LTE covering most of the country? AT&T just put a spin on a faster 3G and called it 4G, and now, they are FINALLY advertising their LTE in only several areas. It seems like you jumped from one rG to another...why not got to Verizon and REAL 4GLTE?

5-7Mbps HSPA is plenty fast enough until they roll out more LTE coverage. Plus Verizon has crap for phone selection right now (GNEX has serious design and signal issues and the MAXX has a terrible design and screen) plus they gave a much better employer discount. Right now I'm paying less than we were on Sprint.

^This. I also switched from Sprint to AT&T and am saving 20 dollars on my bill. This is also without a employee discount, something I had on Sprint even though I was paying more. The HSDPA on AT&T is good (miles ahead of Sprint's 3G) and LTE is actually being rolled out. Verizon had garbage phones and prices that are extremely high. They just were never an option.

I don't know what discount you get or what plan your on but I doubt your paying less than sprint. And if you are I'm sure your not getting things like unlimited data and unlimited text. Not to mention for those that don't use the free google nav your paying $10/month extra for the att navigator. If you are paying less I would love to know what plan you are on and the percentage of your work discount.

I laugh at ATT haters like you who think it is just a garbage company through and through. do you really think millions and millions of people would be on ATT if it were bad?

The best thing about it is, when you have signal its fast, usually faster than Verizon. not that their signal is bad but its more like V has good signal in the boonies, but I stay in the city so meh. Not to mention, in price, ATT has is lower at least among my friends, so yeah.

also, they did their 4g right. When the LTE drops it will fall back on HSPA which is still fast, when Verizons' LTE drops.....eh

but yeah, it will be a year or two until LTE is nice and thick also I heard that ATT is making its 2G coverage phase out and putting 3G coverage there, which is great

Millions of people go to the DMV every year too, that sure doesn't improve the quality of their service either.


I just got my SGS3 from Sprint today and I have the Galaxy note from AT&T I had faster speed on the SGS3.. Don`t take me wrong, AT&T has better signal in some areas, but remember they has altos of their apps on their device you can`t remove, which it makes the device slower.

Wait speed as in operation or data? Surely you can't be talking about data connections because the most I ever saw on Sprint 3G (with my EVO) was about 750kbps and that was back in 2008. With 2 bars of HSPA on AT&T I see around 5-6Mbps.

I couldn't of said it better. That what I've been saying since the og evo. Now on verizon using 4G... Too many games with sprint. Even though I do love the phones you guys come out with, that's about it.

Please. Sprint's LTE isn't anywhere other then a small segment of markets and even in those markets its not widespread. The "announced" markets for this year are in the teens only. Which translates to the majority of America isn't going to see Sprint LTE go live until 2013 at the earliest. Don't make out Sprint's network to be more then what it is: and that is pathetic. I say this as a 1.5 year old Sprint user that is paying the ETF to get the hell of their craptastic network ASAP.

It is now July and Sprint still has no LTE network to speak of. The people buying these "LTE" device on Sprint are most likely never going to see LTE in the next two years of their contract. What's worse is the majority of Sprint's customers already went through this in the last two years of their last contract as well. How many times can sprint fool it's customers into buying 4G devices that never use 4G? Frankly for this to have been going on over the last 4-5 years with no results for a lot of Sprint's users is as you say getting kinda old.

Your comments are fun times. I think you wake up every morning ready to write the same or similar comment. Sprint will be up to speed soon enough and when they launch the the step with s-LTE we customers that waited and didn't cry and jump ship will sit and watch the other carriers catch up.
You have said your daily peace and now I've said mine.

I had to order online at Sprint. None of the official Sprint stores in my area (SF Bay Area) had the 32GB Model. Only 16GB Blue and White was in stock.

Really, mine came to a final total of $311.87 probably due to the $36 activation fee they don't include in your final total.

Yes NO Sprint store in the US had the 32GBP version. They only offered it on the web period. Saving thing eldest would be miss leading.

Still waiting on Verizon version I preordered. Congrats to my Sprint SIII brothers. I am happy for you guys! :-)

Just found out that you can't put phones on your account no more! You have to pay upfront! The rep told me they did this so iPhones couldn't be purchased fraudulently! If this is true FU Apple! Always ruining something.Nonetheless sent from my crisp SG3!

Just picked up a white 16GB for the wife. Sprint is having provisioning issues so right now my line is out if service and my wife's new gs3 has no data connection! Come on, Sprint!

I pre-ordered my 32GB blue in store as opposed to online. Horrible mistake. The sales rep assured me the in-store phone would arrive before the online orders. That didn't happen. I went in today and they only had 16gb. Took matters into my own hand and ordered one online. Stupid Sales rep looking for commission. And yes, stupid me for believing them.

So much phone, so little network speeds..

Was with sprint for over a decade and left for hspa+ .

It was supposed to launch this year. But this was just the year it was beginning. Network vision is not a 1 switch turn on thing, it is a constant improvement that will go all the way to next year. So far sprint has done a lot of upgrades under their network vision plan and starting july 15 they will FINALLY turn on their LTE in 5 cities. Lucky people! Hopefully cities around me start turning on too.

Not going to happen. The Note will not come to VZW in it's current form. htc has said that they are working on a phablet for big red expected to come at the end of the summer. As for infamous Note2, it probably will not see big red either, unless Samsung has negotiated multiple carrier launches like it has with SGS3...but I a'm not sure that carriers would allow that on an ongoing basis.

BTW, the Note is an incredible phone. I have yet to go a day that I don't regret it. I am looking forward to the 10.1 Note...That wold be the best thing ever!!!

I hope you're wrong (but probably not) as I want that new NOTE 2 (Journal) on Verizon as well. I think the real reason Verizon doesn't carry it is because they don't want too...I think their afraid it will take sales away from their tablets. I hate AT&T, but if they get a LTE verzion of the Note 2, my wife and I may jump ship and buy two!

We may join you.. I can't believe the G-Nex has JellyBean 4.1 ported just like that..The demos on youtube look great.. JellyBean seems to make the G-Nex much smoother and with the Non-Contract Unlocked Phone Price now down to $350.00 it is also a *tempting* deal.. Just stick it on T-Mo with a $30.00 a month pay as you go plan and you are set...

But the G-Note 2 / Journal is the phone of choice at the moment.. Now that its been pushed up to a September release to beat the IPhone 5 to market, we are talking only 80-90 days!!! and you know its going to have either the Qualcomm Quad-Core with intergrated LTE / Adreno 320 GPU or the Exynos 5250 CPU / T604 GPU as it's weapon of choice... That's going to be one badass phone / phablet.


Loving the SG3 pebblE blue I got last Wednesday. Now just need the Nexus 7 that I pre ordered from GameStop.

16 gb blue for me... $3.13 a GB internal vs $.94 external.... extra internal memory is a massive rip off unless you truely need the space..

Yeah but not all apps work well when installed on the external. For an extra $50, I didn't mind the additional internal storage eventhough I probably won't fill it up.

At least it's only $50 extra (vs. $100 @ Apple) or no 32 GB model for the One X on ATT (unless you buy full price Intl version). While 16 GB sounds like plenty I think there is only 10-11 GB left for data. And while micro SD cards are great (I have a 32 GB version in my Dinc 2) they are SIGNIFICANTLY SLOWER than internal memory (even though my SD card is class 10 it definitely slows down my phone). I ordered a 32 GB version and I can always add the memory if I need it (like for movies when I'm traveling).

Do you really plan on filling up the internal partition with more than 10-11GB of data?

The 16GB version is fine. Keep your primary apps on your internal memory and store your once-in-a-blue-moon apps on your SD. Keep your videos and music on your SD too.

Never pay for an up-charge in storage unless you're getting a device that doesn't have a MicroSD slot.

Its called backups. And cache. I do a full on backup of my entire phone once per month, at about a GB a pop and keep 4 backups. Then you have app backups that I do weekly overnight while I sleep. That you can add another couple GB per month between apps and data.

You are going to run out of storage as android's apps start getting more and more robust. example being cached maps. You have to keep in mind that most of us are going to have these phones for 2+ years. I've watched apps grow as the platform has grown. My G1 days apps were 500KB - 2MB. Now? You have games that can easily be 100MB in size. You have apps that stream video and have the cache on the local storage. You have music that is stored locally. (I've got about 20GB of music in Google Music that I normally cache for offline.)
And I hate to break this to you but even a class 10 (The fastest you can get.) MicroSD card won't beat out internal storage when it comes to overall speed. If you think that doesn't impact the speed of your overall device when you are storing apps on external storage, think again.
I'm sorry but your thinking is based on short term use of a device. Not a device that needs to be usable in 2014-2015. Long term wise, I'll take the extra storage for whatever comes my way. Especially when you are talking a $50 price difference.

If you're frugal in where you store your apps, that $50 is a waste.

I'd rather spend that $50 on a 64GB MicroSD that will be useful long after my phone bites the dust.

Do you need to store your backups on the internal drive? No.
Does it help? No.

Do you need to store your movies or music on the internal drive? No.
Does it help? No.

Do you need to store every app on the internal drive? No.
Does it help? It only helps apps you run every day or that run in the background.

I've been using a Galaxy S for the past two years, with its anemic 600MB data partition, and I never hit a storage roadblock. I understand that the trend is to have larger apps, and as a gamer, I will be seeing these larger apps hit the system. Still, because I practice common sense and good storage habits, I'm not at risk of running out of space.

If you need to justify spending $50 extra, go for it. It's definitely not for me.

Its not a rip off when you have speeds that are aprox double to triple in speed. Internal memory is more expensive for a reason.

I'm a Sprint customer and I've been waiting ever since the beginning of June. I got turned off by the whole deal of waiting and high demand for the phone that I decided to stick with my Nexus (and boy ain't I glad I did). I saved myself the money and got me the Nexus 7 instead. Speed is one thing but when it comes to everything being "Pure Google", I aim for stability and reliability and performance. Especially when its coming straight from Google. The Nexus is Google's own baby and they will aim to take care of it! I can wait for the next Galaxy Nexus whenever that we be. I'm completely happy with what I got.

*shakes head* People like you are the epitome of Americans with zero self control and act like 8 year old kids who throw a temper tantrum when they don't get what they want. NOW! NOW NOW NOW! Patience is rewarded.

awesome that it finally in stores. Congrats to everyone that picked one up. that's one heck of a phone.


Sprint 4G LTE coming to Dallas Tx 7/15/12. I couldn't hold out for the SG3 I folded and got the EVO. It takes Slow Motion Video!! Not even the SG3 has that. Perfect for X-gamers

Some of you people annoy the shit out of me. Arguing which carrier is better? Reminds me of the message board days of Sony and Nintendo and which system was better, psx or 64. Grow up.

Very true. They way I see it is you go with the company that works best and the one your willing to pay money to. In my town verizon is fastest with tmobile coming in 2nd and att 3rd and sprint last. I chose sprint due to the great discount I get but if I had to choose another one, i'd choose tmobile before verizon. In my town the difference in speed between verizon lte and tmobile hsdpa+ is about 3-4mbps which wont make a difference for me.

Pre ordered the evo 4g lte and the gs3 32bg. I have them both. I like gs3 better when it comes to software and I like evo better when it comes to build quality.

why not wait 6 months and get the galaxy 4? i had the galaxy 3 and sent it back and went back to my epic touch. there was no difference.cmon now.

Troll post is troll obvious. No difference...pfft. Maybe if you are blind, and dumb. Sure. And there is no difference between a Pentium 90 with Windows 3.11 and a i7 with Windows 7. Completely identical in every sense of the meaning.