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Samsung's One UI 2 Beta is currently underway, and with one of the latest updates that's gone out, we've gotten a sneak speak at what's likely a future feature for the company's upcoming flagships.

The beta has a page for enabling a 120Hz display, and while this obviously doesn't do anything on any of Samsung's existing phones, it is a strong indication that devices like the Galaxy S11 and Note 11 will come equipped with a faster refresh rate for their screens.

Looking through the AC forums, this already has a lot of people talking.


Hot dogs this is exciting!! If S11 gets a 120HZ, Note 11 will too. Sweet heavens lol


I don't know about minimal hit to the battery but I do hope the rumors are true for a much larger battery to accommodate the 120hz. I also, hope you have the option to choose between 60, 90 and 120hz.


Let's see how Samsung optimizes the phone so its battery life doesn't take a significant hit. With the Note 11 any such issues should have been dealt with.


We'd now like to hear from you — Would you buy a Samsung phone with a 120Hz display?

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